Sermon 2760. A King Sent in Love

Sermon 2761. The Free Agency of Christ

Sermon 2762. Taking Hold of God's Covenant

Sermon 2763. The Glory of Grace

Sermon 2764. The Cloud of Doves

Sermon 2765. Marvelous Light

Sermon 2766. The Sluggard's Reproof

Sermon 2767. Jesus in Gethsemane

Sermon 2768. Debtors and Debtors

Sermon 2769. The Weakened Christ Strengthened

Sermon 2770. 'Go in Peace'

Sermon 2771. Peter's Fall and Restoration

Sermon 2772. The Minister's Trumpet Blast and Church Member's Warning

Sermon 2773. For or Against?

Sermon 2774. Love Pledging Fidelity

Sermon 2775. David Warned and Rewarded

Sermon 2776. The Church a Mother

Sermon 2777. The Queen of Sheba, a Sign

Sermon 2778. Consulting With Jesus

Sermon 2779. Heart-communing

Sermon 2780. The Sojourn in Mesech

Sermon 2781. Jesus Calling

Sermon 2782. Love's Lamentation

Sermon 2783. A Worthy Theme for Thought

Sermon 2784. 'Non Nobis, Domine!'

Sermon 2785. Christ's Love for His Vineyard

Sermon 2786. The Soul's Best Food

Sermon 2787. Christ's Triple Character

Sermon 2788. Prayer for the Church

Sermon 2789. Perfect Justification and Perfect Pardon

Sermon 2790. Our Lord's Substitution

Sermon 2791. A High Day in Heaven

Sermon 2792. A Psalmist's Question and Answer

Sermon 2793. Five Divine Declarations

Sermon 2794. A Refreshing Canticle

Sermon 2795. The Double Drawing Near

Sermon 2796. A Man of God Alone With God

Sermon 2797. The Need and Nature of Conversion

Sermon 2798. Sweet Stimulants for the Fainting Soul

Sermon 2799. The Church Encouraged and Exhorted

Sermon 2800. 'Pray, Always Pray'

Sermon 2801. A Fear to Be Desired

Sermon 2802. Lukewarmness

Sermon 2803. The Saddest Cry From the Cross

Sermon 2804. Disobedience to the Gospel

Sermon 2805. 'Life for a Look'

Sermon 2806. 'Jesus Our Lord'

Sermon 2807. Spared!

Sermon 2808. The Disowned

Sermon 2809. Faith-life

Sermon 2810. 'Nevertheless at Your Word'

Sermon 2811. Moving