A man, Christian preacher, pastor and evangelist, Bill Keller with LivePrayer posing for the press in front of a bookcase.


Florida Evangelist's 'Live Prayer' Web Site Wins Souls Online (Worldwide Kingdom/Revival NEWS)
LivePrayer's Television Program Focuses on Healing (Webwire)
A spiritual Internet connection (Bay News 9)
Evangelist Wins Souls Online (Charisma Magazine)
Bold Christian Businessman Bill Keller is ready to take on the rulers of late-night TV (WDC Media News)
Prayer Times 60 Million? You Do the Math! (MichNews)
A Prodigal Son Turns Preacher (Liberty University)
LivePrayer.com has responded to 60 million requests for personalized prayers since its launch in 1999 (Christian Post)
"Live Prayer With Bill Keller" Launches Nationally on i Network July 3rd (PRWeb)
TV preacher aims at the multitudes (Miami Herald)
'Dr. Phil' of prayer to hit national TV (World Net Daily)
God's Man For The Internet Age (Weekly Planet)
"Live Prayer AM With Bill Keller" To Debut On WTTA TV 38 In Tampa Bay, FL (ClickPress)
Liveprayer.com Announces Christian Music Artist Search (Christian News Wire)


Liveprayer's Keller Challenges Terror Leader al-Baghdali to Modern Day 'Mt. Carmel' Showdown (Christian News Wire)
U.S. evangelist launches swine attack on Muslims (World Net Daily)
Switcheroo: American minister sends video to Osama - Says he's damned to hell if he doesn't repent, convert (World Net Daily)
TV station pulls plug on Keller due to pressure from Muslim group. (St. Pete Times)
Bill Keller, World's Largest Internet Evangelist, Challenges Terror Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki to a Debate (Christian News Wire)


Evangelist Laments Billy Graham's Support of Romney, Says Mormon "Lies" Spreading (Christian Post)
Any Christian Supporting Romney Is a 'Modern Day Judas' Says Evangelist (Christian Post)
Republicans Pray To Satan At The GOP Convention As Romney And Surrogates Lie (Special Guests, Inc.)
2012 Presidential Election will be Satan vs. Satan (Christian News Wire)
What Romney Really Believes About Race, God, Jesus, the Bible and Christians (Christian News Wire)
Why are Christians Following a Cult Member Named Glenn Beck? (Christian News Wire)
Mormonism is a Cult and No More Christian Than Islam (Christian News Wire)
LivePrayer's Keller Calls for Boycott of TBN, Hagee, and Barton for Supporting Mormon Beck's Israel Scam (Christian News Wire)
"Vote for Romney is Vote for Satan" - Christian leader follows up Sharpton attack on Mormons (World Net Daily)
World's Leading Internet Evangelist Blasts Dobson and 'Focus on the Family' (Christian News Wire)
'Romney's Speech Nothing but a Lie,' Says Evangelical Leader Bill Keller (Christian News Wire)
LivePrayer's Bill Keller Calls Out Beck (Christian News Wire)
LivePrayer's Bill Keller Calls Mormon Cult Member Beck's Israel Rally a SCAM on Christians (Christian News Wire)


Evangelist in hot water over Romney remark. (Boston Globe)
Separation of Church and State and Tax Exemptions (Washington Post)
The Limits Of Lobbying (Forbes)
Challenging the I.R.S. (New York Times)

Ground Zero

9-11 Christian Center Keller says Rauf Has No Intention of Building Mosque (Christian News Wire)
Fiery Preacher Takes on Project51 with Launch of Christian Center (Christian Post)
From the Other Side of Ground Zero, Anti-Muslim Venom (New York Times)
Ground Zero Christian Center Kicks Off with Fire and Brimstone (Newsweek)
Firebrand televangelist sets up Christian centre to 'combat evil Ground Zero mosque proposal' (DailyMail.com)
Muslim-bashing televangelist Bill Keller to bring inflammatory brand of worship to Ground Zero (NY Daily News)
Press Supports Mosque but Condemns 9-11 Christian Center (Christian News Wire)
9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero Opens this Sunday (Christian News Wire)
LivePrayer's Bill Keller Upset Pres. Obama Endorses 'Victory Mosque' but not his Christian Center (Christian News Wire)
Holy turf wars at Ground Zero - 9-11 Christian Center planned as permanent protest to mosque (World Net Daily)


Founder of LivePrayer.com Condemns Obscene Depictions of Jesus Christ (Christian News Wire)
Popular TV Talk Show Host Says Don't Boycott "DaVinci Code," Get Educated on Facts (WDC Media News)
Bill Keller Puts "Jesus Papers" In File Thirteen - Talk show host calls "Jesus Papers" utter rubbish of the worst order (Google)
Popular Talk Show Host Bill Keller calls Baigent's "Jesus Papers" Utter Rubbish (WDC Media News)
World's Leading Internet Evangelist Bill Keller 'Debates' Oprah, the High Priestess of the New Age Movement (Sope-Bocks)
Internet Evangelist Lambastes Obama's $1 Trillion Stimulus Package (Canada Free Press)
Bill Keller Offers an Inauguration Prayer - The One Rick Warren Ought to be Making (Christian News Wire)
Rick Warren, U.S. Poster Child for Compromise (Christian News Wire)
Evangelist seeks national prayer day for economy (World Net Daily)
Is God Using the Economy to Judge the Nation's Sins (Christian News Wire)
Bill Keller, Founder of LivePrayer.com Comments on Rick Warren's Civil Forum (Christian News Wire)
Senator Obama is Hiding, While Dobson Again Fails to Lead (Christian News Wire)
'Internet Evangelist' Challenges Anti-Religious Bill Maher to Debate (Christian Post)
O'Reilly facing $10,000 Put Up or Shut Up (World Net Daily)
Cooper, Maddow, DeGeneres, and the Media are Responsible for the Death of Rutgers Student Tyler Clementi (Christian News Wire)
World's Leading Internet Evangelist Issues a $10,000 'Bounty' on Al Sharpton in Trayvon Martin Tragedy (Christian News Wire)
Cooper, Maddow, DeGeneres, The Media, Responsible for the Suicide of Hubley (Christian News Wire)
Internet Evangelist Offers $10,000 Challenge to Maddow (Christian News Wire)

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