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Florida Evangelist's 'Live Prayer' Web Site Wins Souls Online
A businessman-turned-preacher is winning souls one click at a time. Bill Keller is one of many missionaries on the Internet who claim hundreds of thousands -- even millions -- of salvations, healings and answers to prayer from their online ministries.

Keller's is one of the most successful examples. It finished up its 64th month online at the end of 2004 with 100,000 reported decisions for Christ, a daily devotional subscriber list of roughly 2 million and more than 40,000 prayer requests sent in every day. A volunteer team of more than 700 retired pastors responds personally to each request.

"Three to four times a month I will share an invitation for salvation in my daily devotional, and we mail out a booklet to those who let us know they responded," Bill Keller, who runs, told "Charisma" magazine in the April issue, out now. The full story on Internet evangelists can be found in the magazine. "As of the end of December, we sent out our 100,000th booklet," he added. offers video clips of people praying for finances, health and relationships, plus a 24-hour live video feed that usually features someone sitting at a computer reading prayer requests and praying aloud over them. A former salesman who claims to have amassed and lost several fortunes before finding the Lord, Keller believes that mainstream television and the Internet are the ways to reach lost souls today.

Keller started and two years ago launched a live call-in TV show, "Live Prayer With Biller Keller" which airs from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday on the UPN station in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area.