NY skyline from the water with twin towers of light at Ground Zero after violent Muslim terrorist attacks on September 11th.
If the Muslims could without conscience attempt to build a "Victory Mosque" to propagate their religion of violence, hatred, and death a block away from where their Islamic brothers perpetrated the greatest act of terror on U.S. soil, killing 3,000 innocent souls in the process, then we could build an Evangelistic Center where people could come to hear the truth of the Bible and learn about the peace, love, and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The only answer to the threat of the Ground Zero Mosque was the life transforming love of Jesus Christ. The mission was simple: to create a place at Ground Zero where people could come to hear the real, uncompromised truth right from God's Word and find the only true hope there is - faith in Jesus Christ.

Having secured a location for the LivePrayer Evangelistic Center two doors down from where the proposed "Victory Mosque" was to be built, we held our grand opening service and eight subsequent Sundays of evangelistic services in the ballroom of the New York Marriott Downtown by Ground Zero.

It turned out, however, that Imam Feisal Rauf, the initiator of the Ground Zero Mosque, was nothing but a scam artist. After raising untold millions worldwide for his project, Imam Rauf ended up NOT building the Ground Zero Mosque. The LivePrayer Board of Directors determined that without the mosque and the traffic it would attract, it was not a good use of ministry resources to continue with this project.

The 9-11 Christian Center may no longer be a physical location, but it resides nonetheless in our hearts and memories as a triumph of Christian fortitude over the lies of Islam.

9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero
in New York

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Bill Keller's Sermon at the Opening of the
9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero

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9-11 Christian Center Opens

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