Bible In One Year Study Resources

Daily Bible Reading

Reading the Bible consistently can be a challenge. We can help! Our Daily Bible Reading will take you through the whole Bible in order from Genesis through Revelation in one year. Read each portion here daily Start your personal Bible study now!

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Daily Audio Bible

Do you prefer variety in your Bible study? Our Daily Audio Bible, read by Tom Dooley, explores a reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Psalms and Proverbs each day with commentary on each reading to complete the whole Bible in one year. The daily Bible reading is also available by phone by calling (864) 777-2938.

Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 2:12-3:39, John 13:1-30, Psalm 119:1-16, Proverbs 15:29-30.

Today's Bible Reading is narrated by Tom Dooley. Available on CD from our friends at MasterMedia.

General Bible Study Resources

A woman by the water reading and studying passages from different translations of the Bible.

Read The Bible

Choose from several different translations of the Bible to read and study in whatever order you prefer as much or as little as you want. Read one passage today, a few passages tomorrow, and a whole book the next day. Or select random passages to see what God offers for your focus today. The choices are yours!

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Listen To The Bible

If you prefer to listen to the Bible instead of reading, the button below will open a pop-up player which will allow you to listen to any chapter of the King James version without interupting your browsing experience.

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Search The Bible

If your Bible study is more spontaneous and you need the flexibility to search the entire Bible, then everything you need is here. Search by keyword through several different translations of the Bible to find relevant passages. You can search for whatever you like as often as you need whenever you want to without waiting.


Topical Reference of the Bible

For an in depth study of the Bible, search thousands of names, places, words, and topics and find all scriptural references to that concept in the Bible. Topical study gives a complete picture of God's Word on any particular subject. Knowing God’s word intimately and accurately is a crucial part of serious Bible study..


Bible Dictionary

Sometimes you need as much detail as you can find on a particular subject in the Bible. Our Bible Dictionary lists and explains history, places, relationships, and more with specific scriptural references. From people to cities, we have you covered with extraordinarily detailed explanations.