Popular Talk Show Host Bill Keller calls Baigent’s ’Jesus Papers’ Utter Rubbish

2006-04-13 -- (St. Petersburg, FL) -- Popular gospel communicator and TV talk show host Bill Keller calls it "trash." And of course that’s putting it politely. “What author Michael Baigent has come up with in his "The Jesus Papers" is utter rubbish of the worst order,” says Keller.

"Michael Baigent has co-authored numerous books over the years where he proffers his own personal theories that directly contradict the Bible,” says Keller. “He was of the first who came up with the ridiculous theory 20 years ago that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, a theory Dan Brown carried forth in his book the ‘Da Vinci Code’. Now Baigent is riding on Brown’s coattails’, says Keller. Not that that should surprise anyone, including Brown.”

Keller further states that "the lynchpin ‘theory’ in ‘The Jesus Papers’ is that Jesus survived the crucifixion, meaning he did NOT die on the cross, did NOT die for the sins of all mankind, was NOT God, and was nothing more than a conman. Not only does the Bible, but contemporaneous historians like Josephus, Pliny, and Tacitus confirm the death of Jesus, so Baigent’s ‘Jesus did not die’ theory makes them all part of some grand conspiracy."

”When it comes to biblical truth, Keller is not only on top of it, he’s all over it,” say’s faith and media expert, Susan Zahn of the PR firm WDC Media. "Baigent’s hyped-up, imaginary theory denying the deity of Christ, Bill can rip to shreds in a hot New York minute,” states Zahn.

Bill Keller is the founder of Liveprayer.com and host of the late-night talk show, "LivePrayer with Bill Keller." He is watched by over 250,000 viewers nightly in Florida, and his broadcast is slated to go national in July on PAX TV. His website has received over 60 million prayer requests making it the world’s most successful online ministry in history. He writes a daily spiritual commentary that is sent to over 2.1 million email subscribers daily.

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