Bold Christian Businessman Bill Keller is ready to take on the rulers of late-night TV with his no-nonsense, in-your-face talk-show, call-in format. 

March 20, 2006 ( JACKSONVILLE , FL) -- The most successful online Christian outreach in history is preparing to go national with its late-night national talk show. Florida businessman Bill Keller, founder of, says he expects the program, "Liveprayer With Bill Keller," to immediately pull in one million viewers.
When Keller launched in 1999 he had no idea the dramatic success the online Christian outreach was in for. But in the last seven years, with a volunteer staff of a mere 700 retired clergy, Keller and have personally responded to over 60 million requests for prayer worldwide.
Now Keller has his determination set on succeeding in nationwide late-night television. "At Liveprayer we want to be where those in need – the lonely, the rejected, the marginalized – congregate," explained Keller. "By and large they are not heading to the church. But you will find them surfing the Internet, and our research shows that they are channel surfing on TV late at night."
In 2003, Keller launched an hour-long television talk show called "Live Prayer With Bill Keller" on select TV stations in Florida . (For a complete "Liveprayer With Bill Keller" broadcast listing or to view online, visit The show, during which Keller offers prayer and advice to callers and spiritual exhortation to viewers, boasts an astounding quarter million viewers per night in Florida alone.
With the program slated for a national launch in July on PAX TV, Keller has no doubt that it will give other secular talk shows a run for their money. He noted that "Larry King Live" pulls in about one million viewers nightly and "The O’Reilly Factor," which is the top-rated program on cable, has about two million viewers per night. "Once we are on nationwide, we are optimistic that we will immediately be at one million viewers per night," predicted Keller. "And within that first year we will be up around two million viewers."
In addition to, Keller sends out a daily devotional to 2.1 million e-mail subscribers, a number he expects to increase by three million additional subscribers with the national TV launch. "By the end of the first year, we expect to be reaching a minimum of two million people every night on TV and over five million every day through," an enthusiastic Keller said. “We are convinced that with our national launch on PAX, Liveprayer will be one of the most cutting-edge outreach ministries in the world – and we say that with all humility because it has been God’s leading the entire way.”
Along with his team of retired pastors, Keller and Liveprayer personally respond to an amazing 40,000 daily requests for prayer. Since its launch approximately 110,000 people have made commitments to Christ, and an amazing 1.8 million "praise reports" have come in to for prayers answered.
"Everyone comes to Christ at different times, in different ways, and for different reasons. By being there each day on the Internet and five nights a week on television around the nation, we will have an unparalleled opportunity to bring Christ to the masses and reach people at that point in their life when they are prime to turn to Him."
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