Sermon 3178. The Preparatory Prayers of Christ

Sermon 3179. A Comprehensive Benediction

Sermon 3180. Christ the Creator

Sermon 3181. A Sermon for a Winter's Evening

Sermon 3182. Boldness at the Throne

Sermon 3183. Cheer for Despondency

Sermon 3184. Maroth-or, the Disappointed

Sermon 3185. 'A Song of My Beloved'

Sermon 3186. Peter's Shortest Prayer

Sermon 3187. The Great Pot and the Twenty Loaves

Sermon 3188. Discipline in Christ's Army

Sermon 3189. The Tenderness of God's Comfort

Sermon 3190. Christ in Gethsemane

Sermon 3191. The True Aim of Preaching

Sermon 3192. The Soul's Food and Drink

Sermon 3193. The Man Whose Hand Stuck to His Sword

Sermon 3194. A Look and Its Lessons

Sermon 3195. Christ Loosens From Infirmities

Sermon 3196. Noah's Eminence

Sermon 3197. The Sweetness of God's Word

Sermon 3198. What Christians Were and Are

Sermon 3199. How the Lambs Feed

Sermon 3200. Faith Justifying Speech

Sermon 3201. Mercy for the Meanest of the Flock

Sermon 3202. 'It Pleased God'

Sermon 3203. Christ Made Sin

Sermon 3204. The Saints' Riches

Sermon 3205. Scales Taken From the Eyes

Sermon 3206. 'The Church of the First-born'

Sermon 3207. Secret Disciples Encouraged

Sermon 3208. The Faithful Olive Tree

Sermon 3209. The Priceless Prize

Sermon 3210. Clinging to Christ

Sermon 3211. 'Feed My Sheep'

Sermon 3212. A Command and a Promise

Sermon 3213. Blessings Traced to Their Source

Sermon 3214. Two Wilderness Incidents

Sermon 3215. Black Clouds and Bright Blessings

Sermon 3216. The Two Gatherings

Sermon 3217. An Earnest Warning Against Unbelief

Sermon 3218. Preaching Christ Crucified

Sermon 3219. 'He Blessed Him There'

Sermon 3220. 'A Time to Love'

Sermon 3221. 'Yet There Is Room'

Sermon 3222. 'The Lamb of God'

Sermon 3223. Salvation As It Is Now Received

Sermon 3224. 'Repentance and Remission'

Sermon 3225. Finding and Following Christ

Sermon 3226. Figs and Olives

Sermon 3227. The Secret of Happiness

Sermon 3228. 'Oh, How He Loves!'

Sermon 3229. The Royal Savior

Sermon 3230. The Last Message for the Year