Sermon 1816. Sermon for New Year's-Day

Sermon 1817. The Ascension and the Second Advent Practically Considered

Sermon 1818. The Song of a City, and the Pearl of Peace

Sermon 1819. A Sweet Silver Bell Ringing in Each Believer's Heart

Sermon 1820. Fallen Angels a Lesson To Fallen Men

Sermon 1821. Cords and Cart-Ropes

Sermon 1822. Certain Curious Calculations About Loaves and Fishes

Sermon 1823. Peter's Blunder-a Lesson for Ourselves

Sermon 1824. The History of Sundry Fools

Sermon 1825. An Inscription for the Mausoleum of the Saints

Sermon 1826. The Horns of the Altar

Sermon 1827. Exceeding Gladness

Sermon 1828. How "The Unspeakable" is Spoken of

Sermon 1829. The Singular Origin of a Christian

Sermon 1830. All Or None-or, Compromises Refused- a Sermon With Five Texts

Sermon 1831. Smoking Flax

Sermon 1832. Elijah's Plea

Sermon 1833. A Proclamation from the King of Kings

Sermon 1834. To Lovers of Jesus-an Example

Sermon 1835. The Man Christ Jesus

Sermon 1836. First Healing and then Service

Sermon 1837. A Great Gospel for Great Sinners

Sermon 1838. The Good Ananias-a Lesson for Believers

Sermon 1839. Delight in the Almighty

Sermon 1840. The Bond of the Covenant

Sermon 1841. Divine Forgiveness Admired and Imitated

Sermon 1842. The Private Tutor

Sermon 1843. A Question for a Questioner

Sermon 1844. Israel And Britain. A Note of Warning

Sermon 1845. The Pity of the Lord-the Comfort of the Afflicted

Sermon 1846. The Purging of the Conscience

Sermon 1847. Before Sermon, At Sermon and After Sermon

Sermon 1848. The Looking Glass

Sermon 1849. Coming Judgment of the Secrets of Men

Sermon 1850. Immeasurable Love

Sermon 1851. Ruth's Reward-or, Cheer for Converts

Sermon 1852. The Modern Dead Sea and the Living Waters

Sermon 1853. Up from the Country and Pressed Into Service

Sermon 1854. The Foundation and Its Seal-a Sermon for the Times

Sermon 1855. What is the Verdict?

Sermon 1856. The History of Little-Faith

Sermon 1857. The Necessity of Growing Faith

Sermon 1858. God Our Continual Resort

Sermon 1859. The Cross Our Glory

Sermon 1860. "Behold, He Prays"

Sermon 1861. The Lowly King

Sermon 1862. The True Tabernacle, and Its Glory of Grace and Peace

Sermon 1863. Departed Saints Yet Living

Sermon 1864. First Things First

Sermon 1865. The Nobleman's Faith

Sermon 1866. The Sunday School and the Scriptures

Sermon 1867. Untitled Sermon

Sermon 1868. Death and Life-the Wage and the Gift

Sermon 1869. Hagar at the Fountain

Sermon 1870. But a Step

Sermon 1871. Love's Transformations-a Communion Meditation

Sermon 1872. My Comfort In Affliction

Sermon 1873. The Dream of the Barley Cake

Sermon 1874. A Discourse Upon True Blessedness Here and Hereafter

Sermon 1875. The Preacher's Last Sermon for the Season