Sermon 728. Good Cheer for the New Year

Sermon 729. Cheering Words and Solemn Warnings

Sermon 730. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Sermon 731. A Word in Season

Sermon 732. The Heart-a Den of Evil

Sermon 733. Unstaggering Faith

Sermon 734. The Dawn of Revival, or Prayer Speedily Answered

Sermon 735. Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers

Sermon 736. A Happy Christian

Sermon 737. God-All in All

Sermon 738. Grieve Not the Holy Spirit

Sermon 739. The Sin Offering

Sermon 740. Stephen's Martyrdom

Sermon 741. A Troubled Prayer

Sermon 742. A Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion

Sermon 743. Ephraim Bemoaning Himself

Sermon 744. Jesus At Bethesda-or, Waiting Changed for Believing

Sermon 745. The Unsearchable Riches Of christ

Sermon 746. The End of the Righteous Desired

Sermon 747. 'Make This Valley Full of Ditches'

Sermon 748. Self-Humbling

Sermon 749. The Righteous Holding On His Way

Sermon 750. A Triumphal Entrance

Sermon 751. More Than Conquerors

Sermon 752. The King In His Beauty

Sermon 753. Nazareth-or Jesus, Rejected by His Friends

Sermon 754. The Saint and the Spirit

Sermon 755. Alive or Dead-Which?

Sermon 756. Work

Sermon 757. In the Hay Field

Sermon 758. The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God

Sermon 759. Jesus Putting Away Sin

Sermon 760. The Sweet Harp of Consolation

Sermon 761. The Shrill Trumpet of Admonition

Sermon 762. The Relationship of Marriage

Sermon 763. Songs of Deliverance

Sermon 764. Our Life, Our Work, Our Change

Sermon 765. Grace-the One Way of Salvation

Sermon 766. Believing To See No.

Sermon 767. The Echo

Sermon 768. A Prayer for the Church Militant

Sermon 769. Serving the Lord With Gladness

Sermon 770. The Water of Life

Sermon 771. Seeing Jesus

Sermon 772. Delay Is Dangerous

Sermon 773. David's Holy Wonder at The Lord's Great Goodness

Sermon 774. A Sharp Knife for the Vine Branches

Sermon 775. The Great Attraction

Sermon 776. A Song at the Wellhead

Sermon 777. Helps

Sermon 778. Plain Words With the Careless

Sermon 779. God's Foreknowledge of Man's Sin

Sermon 780. The Secret Spot

Sermon 781. Christus Et Ego

Sermon 782. Saving Knowledge

Sermon 783. Sermons From Saintly Deathbeds No. 783

Sermon 784. The Rose and the Lily

Sermon 785. Wanted, A Guest Chamber!

Sermon 786. The Great Mystery of Godliness

Sermon 787. A Song, A solace, A Sermon and a Summons