Sermon 744. Jesus At Bethesda-or, Waiting Changed for Believing

A sermon

(No. 744)

Delivered on Lord's-day Morning, APRIL 7, 1867, by


At the Agricultural Hall, Newington

"After this there was a feast of the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market,a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk,of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool andtroubled the water: whoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatever disease he had.And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty-and-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew thathe had been now a long time in that case, He said unto him, Willyou be made whole? The impotent man answered him, Sir, I haveno man, when the water is troubled, to putme into thepool: but while Iam coming, another steps down before me. Jesus saidunto him, Rise, take up your bed, and walk. And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked: and onthe same day was the Sabbath."- John 5:1-9.

THE scene of this miracle was Bethesda, a pool, according to the Evangelist, adjoining the sheep market, or near the sheepgate-the place through which, I suppose, the cattle consumed by the inhabitants of Jerusalem would be driven- and the poolwhere, perhaps, the sheep intended for sale to the offerers in the temple were washed. So common was sickness in the daysof the Savior that the infirmities of men intruded upon the place which had been allotted to cattle! And the place where sheephad been washed became the spot where sick folk congregated in great multitudes, longing for a cure. We do not hear that anyoneremonstrated at the intrusion, or that public opinion was shocked. The needs of mankind must override all considerations oftaste. A hospital must have preference over a sheep market.

This day you have another case in point. If the physical infirmities of Jerusalem intruded into the sheep market, I shallask no excuse if, on these Sundays, the spiritual sickness of London should demand that this spacious place, which has upto now been given up to the lowing of cattle and to the bleating of sheep, should be consecrated to the preaching of the Gospel-tothe manifestation of the healing virtue of Christ Jesus among the spiritually sick!

This day there is, by the sheep market, a pool, and impotent folk are here in exceeding great multitudes. We might never haveheard of Bethesda if an august visitor had not condescended to honor it with His Presence-Jesus, the Son of God, walked inthe five porches by the pool. It was the place where we might expect to meet Him, for where should the Great Physician befound if not in the place where the sick are gathered? Here was work for Jesus' healing hand and restoring word. It was butnatural that the Son of Man, who "came to seek and to save that which was lost," should make His way to the laver-house bythe side of the pool. That gracious visit is Bethesda's glory.

This has lifted up the name of this pool out of the common rank of the springs and waters of the earth! O that King Jesusmight come into this place this morning! This would be the glory of this Hall for which it should be famous in eternity! IfJesus would be here to heal, the remarkable size of the congregation would cease to be a wonder! The renown of Jesus and Hissaving love would eclipse all else, as the sun puts out the stars. My Brethren, Jesus will be here, for there are those whoknow Him and have power with Him, who have been asking for His Presence. The Lord's favored people, by prevailing cries andtears, have won from Him His consent to be in our midst this day, and He is walking amid this throng as ready to heal andas mighty to save as in the days of His flesh!

"Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world," is an assurance which comforts the preacher's heart this morning!A present Savior-present in the power of the Holy Spirit-shall make this day to be remembered by many

who shall be made whole. I ask the earnest attention of all, and I entreat of Believers their fervent assisting prayers whileI first bid you observe the sick man. Secondly, direct your attentive eye to the Great Physician. And, thirdly, make an applicationof the whole narrative to the present case.

I. In order to observe THE PATIENT, I shall ask you to go with me to the pool with the five porches, around which the sickare lying. Walk tenderly among the groups of lame and blind! No, do not close your eyes. It will do you good to see the sorrowfulsight-to mark what sin has done and to what sorrows our father Adam has made us heirs. Why are they all here? They are herebecause sometimes the waters bubble up with a healing virtue. Whether visibly stirred by an angel or not it is not necessaryfor us to discuss. But it was generally believed that an angel descended and touched the water-this rumor attracted the sickfrom all quarters.

As soon as the stir was seen in the waters the whole mass probably leaped into the pool-those who could not leap themselveswere pushed in by their attendants. Alas, how small the result! Many were disappointed. Only one was rewarded for the leap!Whoever first stepped in was healed, but only the first. For the poor and meager chance of winning this cure, the sick folklingered in Bethesda's arches year after year. The impotent man in the narrative had most likely spent the better part ofhis 38 years in waiting at this famous pool, buoyed up by the slender hope that he might one day be first of the throng.

On the Sunday mentioned in the text, the angel had not come to him, but something better had come, for Jesus Christ, the angel'sMaster was there! Note concerning this man that he was fully aware of his sickness. He did not dispute the failure of hishealth-he was an impotent man-he felt it and he admitted it. He was not like some present this morning who are lost by nature,but who do not know it, or will not confess it. He was conscious that he needed heavenly help, and his waiting at the poolshowed it.

Are there not many in this assembly who are equally convinced on this point? You have for a long time felt that you are asinner and have known that unless Divine Grace shall save you, you can never be saved. You are no atheist, no denier of theGospel-on the contrary, you firmly believe the Bible and heartily wish that you had a saving part in Christ Jesus-but forthe present you have advanced no further than to feel that you are sick, to desire to be healed, and to admit that the caremust come from above. So far, so good, but it is not good to stop here. The impotent man, thus desiring to be healed, waitedby the pool expecting some sign and wonder. He hoped that an angel would suddenly burst open the golden gates and touch thewaters which were now calm and stagnant, and that he then might be healed.

This, too, my dear Hearers, is the thought of many of those who feel their sins and who desire salvation. They accept thatunscriptural and dangerous advice given to them by a certain class of ministers-they wait at the pool of Be-thesda-they perseverein the formal use of means and ordinances, and continue in unbelief, expecting some great thing. They abide in a continuedrefusal to obey the Gospel and yet expect that all of a sudden they will experience some strange emotions, feelings, or remarkableimpressions! They hope to see a vision, or hear a supernatural voice, or be alarmed with deliriums of horror.

Now, dear Friends, we shall not deny that a few persons have been saved by very singular interpositions of God's hand in amanner altogether out of the ordinary modes of Divine procedure. We should be very foolish if we were, for instance, to disputethe truth of such a conversion as that of Colonel Gardiner, who, the very night when he made an appointment to commit sin,was arrested and converted by a vision of Christ upon the Cross, which, at any rate, he thought he saw, and by hearing orimagining that he heard the voice of the Savior tenderly pleading with him. It were idle to dispute that such cases have occurred,do occur, and may occur again.

I must, however, beg unconverted people not to look for such interpositions in their own cases. When the Lord bids you believein Jesus, what right have you to demand signs and wonders instead? Jesus Himself is the greatest of all wonders! My dear Hearer,for you to wait for remarkable experiences is as futile as was the waiting of the multitude who lingered at Bethesda waitingfor the long-expected angel, when He who could heal them stood already in their midst, neglected and despised by them!

What a piteous spectacle, to see them gazing into the clouds when the Physician who could heal them was present! But theyoffered Him no petitions and sought no mercy at His hands. In dealing with the method of waiting to see or to feel some greatthing, we remark that it is not the way which God has bid His servants preach. I challenge the whole world to find any Gospelof God in which an unconverted man is told to abide in unbelief Where is the sinner told to

wait upon God in the use of ordinances so that he may be saved? The Gospel of our salvation is this-"Believe in the Lord JesusChrist, and you shall be saved."

When our Lord gave His commission to His disciples, He said, "Go you into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."And what was that Gospel? Tell them to wait in their unbelief in the use of means and ordinances till they see some greatthing? Tell them to be diligent in prayer and read the Word of God, until they feel better? Not an atom of it! Thus says theLord, "He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be damned." This was the Gospel andthe only Gospel which Jesus Christ ever bade His ministers preach! They who say, "Wait for feelings! Wait for impressions!Wait for wonders!" preach another Gospel which is not another!

The lifting up of Christ on the Cross is the saving work of the Gospel ministry, and in the Cross of Jesus lies the hope ofmen! "Look unto Me and be you saved, all the ends of the earth," is God's Gospel. "Wait at the pool," is man's Gospel, andhas destroyed its thousands. This ungospel-like gospel of waiting is immensely popular. I should not wonder if well near halfof you are satisfied with it. O my Hearers, you do not refuse to fill the seats in our places of worship! You are seldom absentwhen the doors are open! And there you sit in confirmed unbelief-waiting for windows to be made in Heaven-and neglecting theGospel of your salvation! The great command of God, "Believe and live," has no response from you but a deaf ear and a stonyheart while you quiet your consciences with outward religious observances!

If God had said, "Sit in those seats and wait," I would be bold to urge it upon you with tears. But God has not said so! Hehas said, "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return unto the Lord, and Hewill have mercy upon him." He has not said, "Wait," but He Has said, "Seek you the Lord while He may be found, call you uponHim while He is near." "Today if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts." I find Jesus saying nothing to sinnersabout waiting, but very much about coming. "Come unto Me, all you that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.""If any man thirsts, let him come unto Me and drink." "The Spirit and the bride say, come. And let him that hears say, Come.And let him that is thirsty come. And whoever will, let him take the water of life


Why is this "signs and wonders" way so popular? It is because it administers to the conscience. When the minister preacheswith power and the hearer's heart is touched, the devil says, "Wait for a more convenient season." Thus the arch enemy pourshis deadly drug into the soul and the sinner, instead of trusting in Jesus on the spot, or falling on bended knees, with tearfuleyes crying for mercy, flatters himself because he is in the use of the means. Which use of means is well enough as far asit goes, but which is bad as bad can be when it comes into the place of Christ Crucified! A child ought to hear its parent'scommand, but what if the child puts hearing into the place of obeying? God forbid that I should glory in your listening tothe Gospel if you are hearers only-my glory is in the Cross-and unless you look to the Cross, it were better for you thatyou had never been born!

I ask the candid attention of everyone who has thus been waiting while I mention one or two points. My dear Friend, is notthis waiting a very hopeless business, after all? Out of those who waited at Bethesda, how very few were ever healed? He whostepped down first into the pool was cured, but all the rest came up from the pool just as they went in. Ah, my Hearers, Itremble for some of you-you Chapel-goers and Church-goers, who have for years been waiting- how few of you get saved! Thousandsof you die in your sins, waiting in wicked unbelief. A few are snatched like brands from the burning, but the most of thosewho are hardened waiters, wait, and wait till they die in their sins. I solemnly warn you that, pleasing to the flesh as waitingin unbelief may be, it is not one which any reasonable man would long persevere in!

For, my Friend, are not you in your own person an instance of its hopelessness? You have been waiting for years! You can scarcelyremember when you first went to a place of worship. Your mother carried you there in her arms, and you have been nurturedunder the shadow of the sanctuary like the swallows that build their nests under God's altars- and what has your unbelievingwaiting done for you? Has it made you a Christian? No! You are still without God, without Christ, without hope! I shall putit to you in God's name-what right have you to expect that if you wait another thirty years you will be at all different fromwhat you are now? Are not the probabilities most strong that at 60 you will be as graceless as you are at thirty?

Let me say it-and I dare say it without egotism-some of you have listened to the Gospel preached to you in no mincing manner.My dear Hearers, I have been as plain with you as I know how to be! I have never shunned to declare the

whole counsel of God, nor even to pick out an individual case and deal with it closely. Short of actually mentioning people'snames, I have hardly stopped. I have sought to commend the Gospel to the conscience of every man as in the sight of God. Rememberthe warnings you had in Exeter Hall-some of you remember how you broke down in the Surrey Gardens! [See first six volumes(7he New Park Street Pulpit)]

Remember the invitations which have already come to you in this very Hall! And if all these have failed, what more is to bedone in the way of hearing and waiting? Many of you have listened to other preachers, equally earnest, equally tender, perhapsmore so. Now, if all these have had no effect upon you-if waiting at the pool has done nothing for you-is it not a forlornand helpless mode of procedure? Is it not time that something better were tried than merely waiting for the troubling of thewater? Is it not time that you remembered that Jesus Christ is ready to save you NOW, and that if you now trust in Him, youshall this day have everlasting life?

There lies our poor friend, still waiting at the water's edge. I do not blame him for waiting, for Jesus had not been therebefore and it was right for him to seize even the most slender chance of a cure. But it was sad that Jesus should have beenso slighted. There He went, threading His way among the blind, and the halt, and the lame, and looking benignly upon themall, but none looking up to Him! Now, in other places, soon as Jesus made His appearance they brought the sick in their bedsand laid them at His feet and as He went along He healed them all, scattering mercies with both His hands!

A blindness had come over these people at the pool. There they were, and there was Christ who could heal them, but not a singleone of them sought Him! Their eyes were fixed on the water-expecting it to be troubled! They were so taken up with their ownchosen way that the true way was neglected. No mercies were distributed, for none were sought. Ah, my Friends, my sorrowfulquestion is-shall it be so this morning? The living Christ is still among us in the energy of His eternal Spirit! Will yoube looking to your good works? Will you be trusting to your Church attendance and your Chapel-goings? Will you rely upon expectedemotions, impressions, and fits of terror-and let Christ, who is able to save to the uttermost-have no glimpse of faith fromany eye, no prayer of desire from any heart? If it shall be so, it is heartbreaking to think of it!

Men, with an Almighty Physician in their house, dying while they are amused with a hopeless quackery of their own inventing!O poor Souls, shall Bethesda be repeated here this morning, and Jesus Christ, the present Savior, be again neglected? If aking should give to one of his subjects a ring, and say to him, "When you are in distress or disgrace, simply send me thatring and I will do all for you that is needful"-if that man should willfully refuse to send it, but purchase presents, orgo about to do some singular feats of valor in order to win his monarch's favor, you would say, "What a fool he is! Here isa simple way, but he will not avail himself of it! He wastes his wits in inventing new devices and toils away his life infollowing out plans that must end in disappointment." Is not this the case with all those who refuse to trust Christ? TheLord has assured them that if they trust Jesus they shall be saved-but they go about after ten thousand imaginings, and lettheir God, their Savior, go!

Meanwhile the sick man, so often disappointed, was growing into deep despair. Moreover he was becoming old, for 38 years isa long time out of a man's life. He felt that he should soon die. The brittle thread was nearly snapped, and so as the daysand nights wearily wore on, though he waits, it became heavy work to wait. My Friend, is not this your case? Life is wearingaway with you. Are there not gray hairs here and there? You have waited all this while in vain, and I warn you that you havesinfully waited. You have seen others saved. Your child is saved, your wife is converted, but you are not. You are waiting,and will wait, I fear, till the tune of, "Earth to earth, dust to dust, ashes to ashes," and the mold shall rattle on yourcoffin lid, and your soul shall be in Hell!

Do not, I pray you, play with time any longer. Say not, "There is time enough," for the wise man knows that time enough islittle enough. Be not like the foolish drunkard who, staggering home one night, saw his candle lit for him. "Two candles!"he said, for his drunkenness made him see double, "I will blow out one," and as he blew it out, in a moment he was in thedark. Many a man sees double through the drunkenness of sin-he thinks that he has one life to sow his wild oats in-and thenthe last part of life in which to turn to God. And, like a fool, he blows out the only candle that he has, and in the darkhe will have to lie down forever. Hasten, Traveler! You have but one sun, and when that sets, you will never reach your home.God help you to make haste now!

II. Let us look at THE PHYSICIAN Himself. As we have already seen, our Lord, on this occasion walked, forgotten and neglected,through that throng of impotent folk, no one crying, "Son of David, have mercy upon me!" No struggling woman seeking to touchthe hem of His garment that she might be made whole! All were desirous of being healed, but, either no one knew or no onetrusted Him. What a strange, soul-sickening sight it was, for Jesus was quite able and willing to heal and to do it all withoutfee or reward! And yet none sought Him.

Is this scene to be repeated this morning? Jesus Christ is able to save you, my Hearers. There is no heart so hard that Hecannot soften it. There is no man among you so lost that Jesus cannot save him. Blessed be my dear Master, no case ever diddefeat Him! His mighty power reaches beyond the uttermost of all the depths of human sin and folly. If there is a harlot here,Christ can cleanse her! If there is a drunkard or a thief here, the blood of Jesus can make him white as snow! If you haveany desire towards Him, you have not gone beyond the reach of His pierced hands If you are not saved, it is certainly notfor want of power in the Savior!

Moreover, your poverty is no hindrance, for my Master asks nothing from you-the poorer the wretch, the more welcome to Christ!My Master is no covetous priest who demands pay for what He does-He forgives us freely-He wants none of your merits, nothingwhatever from you! Come as you are to Him, for He is willing to receive you as you are. But here is my sorrow and complaint-thisblessed Lord Jesus, though present to heal-receives no attention from the most of men! They are looking another way, and haveno eyes for Him. Yet Jesus was not angry. I do not find that He upbraided one of those who lay in the porches, or that Heeven thought a hard thought of them. I am sure that He pitied them, and said in His heart, "Alas, poor Souls, that they shouldnot know when mercy is so near!"

My Master is not wrathful with you who forget Him and neglect Him, but He pities you from His heart. I am but His poor servant,but I pity from my inmost heart those of you who live without Christ. I would gladly weep for you who are trying other waysof salvation, for they will all end in disappointment. And if continued in, will prove to be your eternal destruction! Observevery carefully what the Savior did. Looking around among the whole company, He made an election. He had a right to make whatchoice He pleased, and He exercised that sovereign prerogative! The Lord is not bound to give His mercy to everyone, or toanyone! He has freely proclaimed it to you all-but as you reject it He has now a double right to bless His chosen ones bymaking them willing in the day of His power.

The Savior selected that man out of the great multitude, we know not why, but certainly for a reason founded in Divine Grace.If we might venture to give a reason for His choice it may be that He selected him because his was the worst case, and hehad waited the longest of all. This man's case was in everybody's mouth. They said, "This man has been there 38 years." OurLord acted according to His own eternal purpose, doing as He pleased with His own. He fixed the eyes of His electing loveupon that one man, and, going up to him, He gazed upon him. He knew all his history. He knew that he had been a long timein that case and therefore He pitied him much. He thought of those dreary months and years of painful disappointment whichthe impotent man had suffered, and the tears were in the Master's eyes. He looked and looked again at that man, and His heartyearned towards him.

Now, I know not whom Christ intends to save this morning by His effectual Grace. I am bound to give the general call, it isall that I can do! I know not where the Lord will give the effectual call which alone can make the Word saving. I should notwonder if He should call some of you who have been waiting long. I will bless His name if He does. I should not marvel ifelecting love should pitch upon the chief of sinners this day! If Jesus should look on some of you who never looked on Him,His look shall make you look, and His pity shall make you have pity upon yourselves, and His Irresistible Grace shall makeyou come to Him that you may be saved!

Jesus performed an act of Sovereign distinguishing Grace. I pray you do not kick at this doctrine! If you do, I cannot helpit, for it is true. I have preached the Gospel to every one of you as freely as man can do it, and surely you who reject itought not to quarrel with God for bestowing on others that which you do not care to receive! If you desire His mercy, He willnot deny it to you. If you seek Him He will be found of you. But if you will not seek mercy, rail not at the Lord if He bestowsit upon others! Jesus, having looked upon this man with a special eye of regard, said to Him, "Will you be made whole?" Ihave already hinted that this was not said because Christ wanted information, but because He wished to arouse the man's attention.

On account of its being a Sunday, the man was not thinking of being cured, for to the Jew it seemed a most unlikely thingthat cures should be worked on a Sunday. Jesus, therefore, brought his thoughts back to the matter in hand, for,

mark you, the work of Divine Grace is a work upon a conscious mind, not upon senseless matter. Though Puseyites pretend toregenerate unconscious children by sprinkling their faces with water, Jesus never attempted such a thing-Jesus saves men whohave the use of their senses-and His salvation is a work upon a quickened intellect and awakened affections. Jesus broughtback the wandering mind with the question, "Will you be made whole?" "Indeed," the man might have said, "indeed, I desireit above all things-I long for it-I pant for it."

Now, my dear Hearer, I will ask the same question of you. "Will you be made whole? Do you desire to be saved? Do you knowwhat being saved is?" "Oh," you say, "it is escaping from Hell." No, no, no! That is the result of being saved, but beingsaved is a different thing. Do you want to be saved from the power of sin? Do you desire to be saved from being covetous,worldly-minded, bad-tempered, unjust, ungodly, domineering, drunken, or profane? Are you willing to give up the sin that isdearest to you? "No," says one, "I cannot honestly say I desire all that." Then you are not the man I am seeking this morning!

But is there one here who says, "Yes, I long to be rid of sin, root and branch. I desire, by God's Grace, this very day tobecome a Christian and to be saved from sin." Well, then, as you are already in a state of thoughtfulness, let us go a stepfurther and observe what the Savior did. He gave the word of command, saying, "Rise! Take up your bed and walk." The powerby which the man arose was not in himself, but in Jesus! It was not the mere sound of the words which made him rise-it wasthe Divine power which went with it. I believe that Jesus still speaks through His ministers. I trust that He speaks throughme at this moment, when in His name I say to you who have been waiting at the pool, wait no longer, but this moment believein Jesus Christ! Trust Him now!

I know that my words will not make you do it, but if the Holy Spirit works through the words, you will believe. Trust Christnow, poor Sinner! Believe that He is able to save you. Believe it now! Rely upon Him to save you this moment. Repose uponHim now! If you are enabled to believe, the power will come from Him, not from you, and your salvation will be effected, notby the sound of the word, but by the secret power of the Holy Spirit which goes with that word. I pray you observe that althoughnothing is said about faith in the text, yet the man must have had faith. Suppose you had been unable to move hand or footfor 38 years, and someone said at your bedside, "Rise"? You would not think of trying to rise, you would know it to be impossible!

You must have faith in the person who uttered the word, or else you would not make the attempt. I think I see the poor man-therehe is, a heap, a writhing bundle of tortured nerves and powerless muscles-yet Jesus says, "Rise!" and up he rises in a moment!"Take up your bed," says the Master, and the bed is carried! Here was the man's faith! The man was a Jew and he knew that,according to the Pharisees, it would be a very wicked thing for him to roll up his mattress and carry it on Sunday. But becauseJesus told him, he asked no questions, but doubled up his couch and walked. He did what he was told to do because he believedin Him who spoke. Have you such faith in Jesus, poor Sinner? Do you believe that Christ can save you? If you do, then I sayto you in His name, trust Him! Trust Him now! If you trust Jesus, you shall be saved this morning-saved on the spot, and savedforever!

Observe, beloved Friends, that the cure which Christ worked was perfect. The man could carry His bed! The restoration wasproved to a demonstration! The cure was manifest! All could see it! Moreover, the cure was immediate. He was not told to takea lump of figs and put it on the sore and wait. He was not carried home by his friends and laid up for a month or two, andgradually nursed into vital energy. Oh, no! He was cured then and there! Half our professing Christian imagine that regenerationcannot take place in a moment, and, therefore, they say to poor sinners, "Go and lie at Bethesda's pool. Wait in the use ofordinances. Humble yourself. Seek for deeper repentance."

Beloved, away with such teaching! The Cross! The Cross! The Cross! THERE hangs a sinner's hope! You must not rely on whatyou can do, nor on what angels can do, nor on visions and dreams, nor on feelings and strange emotions, and horrible deliriums!You must rest in the blood of my Master and my God, once slain for sinners! There is life in a look at the Crucified One,and there is life nowhere else! I come to the same point, then, upon the second head as the first. Thus says the Lord, "Lookunto Me, and be you saved, all the ends of the earth."

III. Thirdly, we have to APPLY THE INSTANCE IN THE TEXT TO THE PRESENT OCCASION. I hope, Believers, your hearts are goingup in prayer this morning. What a scene is before us! If someone had told us that this mass of people would have gatheredto listen to the Gospel, are there not hundreds who would have doubted it? Mark this, we have had nothing novel to attractthis multitude-nothing by way of gorgeous ceremony-there is not even the swell of

the organ! I declined its pealing notes lest we should seem to depend in the slightest degree from a thread even to a shoelace, upon anything but the preaching of the Gospel!

The preaching of the Cross is enough to draw the people, and enough to save the people, and if we take to anything else welose our power and shear away the locks which make us strong. The application of the text, this morning, is just this-Whyshould we not, on this very spot, have instantaneous cures of sick souls? Why should there not be scores, hundreds, thousands,who shall this morning hear the gracious words, "Arise, take up your bed and walk"? I believe it is possible! I hope it willbe done!

Let me talk with you who doubt this matter. You still think that you must wait-you have had a sufficient spell of waiting,and you are getting tolerably weary-but still you stick to the old plan. Hopeless as it is, you still catch at it as drowningmen do at straws. But I want to show you that this is all wrong. Regeneration is an instantaneous work, and Justificationan instantaneous gift. Man fell in a moment. When Eve plucked the fruit, and Adam ate it, it did not require six months tobring them into a state of condemnation. It did not require several years of continued sin to cast them out of Paradise. Theireyes were opened by the forbidden fruit. They saw that they were naked and they hid themselves from God. Surely, surely, Christis not to be longer about His work than the devil was about his! Shall the devil destroy us in a moment and Jesus be unableto save us in a moment?

Ah, glory be to God, He has power to deliver far more than any which Satan uses for man's destruction. Look at the Biblicalillustrations of what salvation is. I will only mention three. Noah built an ark-that was a type of salvation. Now, when wasNoah saved? Christ has built the ark for us. We have nothing to do with building it. But when was Noah saved? Does anyonesay, "He was safe after he had been in the ark a month and had arranged all the things and looked out on the deluge and felthis danger." No! The moment Noah went through the door, and the Lord shut him in, Noah was safe. When he had been in the arka second he was as secure as when he had been there a month.

Take the case of the Passover. When were the Jews safe from the destroying angel who went through the land of Egypt? Werethey safe after the blood which was sprinkled on the door had been looked upon and considered for a week or two? Oh, no, Beloved!The moment the blood was sprinkled, the house was secured. And the moment a sinner believes and trusts in the crucified Sonof God he is pardoned at once-he receives salvation in full through Christ's blood. One more instance, the bronze serpent.When the bronze serpent was lifted up, what were the wounded to do? Were they told to wait till the bronze serpent was pushedinto their faces, or until the venom of the serpent showed certain symptoms in their flesh?

No, they were commanded to look. They did look. Were they healed in six months time? I read not so, but as soon as their eyesmet the serpent of brass, the cure was worked! And as soon as your eyes meets Christ, poor Trembler, you are saved! Thoughyesterday you were deep in your cups, and up to your neck in sin, yet if this morning you look to my once slain but now exaltedMaster, you shall find eternal life! Again take Biblical instances. Did the dying thief wait at the pool of the ordinances?You know how soon his believing prayer was heard, and Jesus said, "Today you shall be with Me in Paradise." The three thousandat Pentecost, did they wait for some great thing? No, they believed, and were baptized!

Look at the jailer of Philippi. It was the dead of the night, the prison was shaken, and the jailer was alarmed, and said,"Sir, what must I do to be saved?" Did Paul say, "Well, you must use the means and look for a blessing upon the ordinances"?No! He said, "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved, and your house," and that very night he baptized him.Paul did not take the time about it that some think so exceedingly necessary. He believed as I do, that there is life in alook at Jesus. He bade men look, and looking they lived! Possibly you will see this still more clearly if I remind you thatthe work of salvation is all done. There is nothing for a sinner to do in order to be saved-it is all done for him.

You need washing. The bath does not need filling. "There is a fountain filled with blood." You need clothing. You have notto make the garment, the robe is ready. The garment of Christ's righteousness is woven from the top throughout-all that isneeded is to have it put on. If some work remained for you to do it might be a lengthened process, but all the doing is accomplishedby Christ. Salvation is not of works, but of Grace, and to accept what Christ presents you is not a work of time. Once more,let me say to you that regeneration itself cannot be a work of a long time, because, even where it seems to be most gradual,when looked at closely, it turns out in its essence to be the work of a moment.

There is a dead man. Now, if that man is raised from the dead there must be an instant in which he was dead, and another instantin which he was alive! The actual quickening must be the work of a moment. I grant you that at the first the life may be veryfeeble, but there must be a time when it begins. There must be a line-we cannot always see it ourselves, but God must seeit-there must be a line between life and death. A man cannot be somewhere between dead and alive. He either is alive or heis dead. And so you are either dead in sin or alive unto God, and quickening cannot involve a long period of time.

Finally, my Hearers, for God to say, "I forgive you," takes not a century nor a year. The judge pronounces the sentence, andthe criminal is acquitted. If God shall say to you this morning, "I absolve you," you are absolved, and you may go in peace.I must bear faithful witness as to my own case. I never found mercy by waiting. I never obtained a gleam of hope by dependingupon ordinances. I found salvation by believing. I heard a simple minister of the Gospel say, "Look and live! Look to Jesus!He bleeds in the garden, He dies on the tree! Trust Him! Trust to what He suffered instead of you. And if you trust Him, youshall be saved."

The Lord knows I had heard that Gospel many times before, but I had not obeyed it. It came, however, with power to my soul,and I did look, and the moment I looked to Christ, I lost my burden. "But," says one, "how do you know?" Did you ever carrya burden yourself? "Oh, yes," you say. Did you know when it was off? How did you know? "Oh," you say, "I felt so different.I knew when my burden was on, and, consequently, I knew when it was off." It was so in my case, too. I only wish some of youfelt the burden of sin as I felt it when I was waiting at the pool of Bethesda. I wonder that such waiting had not landedme in Hell! But, when I heard the word, "Look!" I looked, and my burden was gone! I wondered where it had gone-I have neverseen it since, and I never shall see it again! It went into the Master's tomb, and it lies forever buried there.

God has said it, "I have blotted out like a cloud your iniquities, and like a thick cloud your sins." Oh, come, you needy,come to my Master! You that have been disappointed with rites and ceremonies, and feelings, and impressions, and all the hopesof the flesh-come at my Master's command, and look up to Him! He is not here in the flesh, for He has risen. But He has risento plead for sinners, and, "He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever lives to makeintercession for them." Oh, if I could know how to preach the Gospel so that you would feel it, I would go to any school tolearn! The Lord knows I would willingly consent to lose these eyes to get greater power in my ministry. Yes, and to lose arms,legs, and all my members!

I would be willing to die if I could but be honored by the Holy Spirit to win this mass of souls to God! I implore you, myBrothers and Sisters, you who have power in prayer, pray the Lord to bring sinners to Christ! Let me say, solemnly, to youwho have heard the Word of God this day, I have told you the plan of salvation plainly. If you do not accept it, I am clearof your blood, I shake my garments of the blood of your souls. If you come not to my Lord and Master, I must bear swift witnessagainst you at the Day of Judgment!

I have told you the way-I cannot tell you it more simply-I beseech you to follow it! I entreat you to look to Jesus! But ifyou refuse it, at any rate, when you shall rise from the dead and stand before the Great White Throne, do me the justice tosay that I did entreat and persuade you to escape, I did impress upon you to flee from the wrath to come! The Lord save eachone of you, and His shall be the praise ever more. Amen.