Sermon 1938. The Master Key-Opening the Gate of Heaven

Sermon 1939. Shaved and Shorn, But Not Beyond Hope

Sermon 1940. The Best Bread

Sermon 1941. Grace For Communion

Sermon 1942. Salt For Sacrifice

Sermon 1943. Love Joying In Love

Sermon 1944. Might Have Been, or May Be

Sermon 1945. Christ's Work No Failure

Sermon 1946. Eternal Life Within Present Grasp

Sermon 1947. Who Is This?

Sermon 1948. The Hedge of Thorns and the Plain Way

Sermon 1949. A Sermon for the Worst Man on Earth

Sermon 1950. Earthquake But Not Heartquake

Sermon 1951. The Pleading of the Last Messenger

Sermon 1952. The Holy Spirit-the Need of the Age

Sermon 1953. A Testimony To Free and Sovereign Grace

Sermon 1954. The Breaker and the Flock

Sermon 1955. Jesus Declining the Legions

Sermon 1956. On the Cross After Death

Sermon 1957. The Lord's Own View of His Church and People

Sermon 1958. The First Appearance of the Risen Lord to the Eleven

Sermon 1959. The Watchword For Today-"Stand Fast"

Sermon 1960. The Servants and the Pounds

Sermon 1961. S. S.-or, the Sinner Saved

Sermon 1962. The Friend of God

Sermon 1963. The Search For Faith

Sermon 1964. Why Is Faith So Feeble?

Sermon 1965. God's Thoughts Of Peace and Our Expected End

Sermon 1966. The Death of Moses

Sermon 1967. Plain Gospel For Plain People

Sermon 1968. Jubilee Joy-or, Believers Joyful In Their King

Sermon 1969. Pleading Prayer

Sermon 1970. Loving Persuasion

Sermon 1971. The Blood Shed For Many

Sermon 1972. A Bit of History for Old and Young

Sermon 1973. God's Nearness To Us

Sermon 1974. The Suffering Savior's Sympathy

Sermon 1975. The Covenanter

Sermon 1976. Lessons from the Christ of Patmos

Sermon 1977. The Blind Beggar of the Temple and His Wonderful Cure

Sermon 1978. Untitled Sermon

Sermon 1979. Three Sights Worth Seeing

Sermon 1980. Folly of Unbelief

Sermon 1981. God the Wonder-Worker

Sermon 1982. Love at Its Utmost

Sermon 1983. How Hearts Are Softened

Sermon 1984. Man, Whose Breath Is In His Nostrils

Sermon 1985. The Child Of Light Walking In Darkness

Sermon 1986. The Child Of Light Walking In Light

Sermon 1987. "Behold the Lamb of God"

Sermon 1988. The Blood of Sprinkling and the Children

Sermon 1989. "He Comes With Clouds"

Sermon 1990. A Sermon for the Time Present

Sermon 1991. "Sitting By"

Sermon 1992. Song for the Free-Hope for the Bound

Sermon 1993. Driving the Vultures Away from the Sacrifice

Sermon 1994. Sweet Peace For Tried Believers

Sermon 1995. The Heart-a Gift for God

Sermon 1996. Public Testimony-a Debt To God and Man

Sermon 1997. God's Longsuffering: An Appeal to the Conscience

Sermon 1998. Not Bound Yet

Sermon 1999. Small Rain for Tender Herbs

Sermon 2000. Number Two-thousand-Healing by the Stripes of Jesus