Sermon 1757. The New Year's Guest

Sermon 1758. The Pastor's Life Wrapped Up with His People's Steadfastness a Pleading Reminder for th

Sermon 1759. The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption

Sermon 1760. "He Shall Be Great"

Sermon 1761. The Lord with Two or Three

Sermon 1762. High Doctrine And Broad Doctrine

Sermon 1763. Knowledge. Worship. Gratitude.

Sermon 1764. The Rocky Fortress and Its Inhabitant

Sermon 1765. An Astounding Miracle

Sermon 1766. A Waiting God and a Waiting People

Sermon 1767. Faith Among Mockers

Sermon 1768. First, King of Righteousness, and after That, King of Peace

Sermon 1769. Before Daybreak with Christ

Sermon 1770. Recruits for King Jesus

Sermon 1771. Putting the Hand Upon the Head of the Sacrifice

Sermon 1772. Slaying the Sacrifice

Sermon 1773. What Is Your Life?

Sermon 1774. God's Work Upon Minister and Convert

Sermon 1775. "My Lord and My God!"

Sermon 1776. Unbinding Lazarus

Sermon 1777. Esther's Exaltation-or, Who Knows?

Sermon 1778. A Heavenly Pattern for Our Earthly Life

Sermon 1779. Grappling Irons

Sermon 1780. The Sprinkling of the Blood of the Sacrifice

Sermon 1781. Two Pauls and a Blinded Sorcerer

Sermon 1782. The First Fruit of the Spirit

Sermon 1783. Pentecost

Sermon 1784. Unbelief Condemned and Faith Commended

Sermon 1785. The Children and Their Hosannas

Sermon 1786. Our Sanctuary

Sermon 1787. Humility, the Friend of Prayer

Sermon 1788. The Proof of Our Ministry

Sermon 1789. Joseph of Arimathaea

Sermon 1790. Receiving the Holy Spirit

Sermon 1791. Helps to Full Assurance

Sermon 1792. Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?

Sermon 1793. The Glory in the Rear

Sermon 1794. "Return, Return, O Shulamite; Return, Return!"

Sermon 1795. Pleading and Encouragement

Sermon 1796. Concerning Saints

Sermon 1797. How To Meet the Doctrine of Election

Sermon 1798. Sight For Those Who See Not

Sermon 1799. Though He Were Dead

Sermon 1800. Heaven Below

Sermon 1801. The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Sermon 1802. Thought-Reading Extraordinary

Sermon 1803. Jehovah-Jireh

Sermon 1804. Obadiah; or, Early Piety Eminent Piety

Sermon 1805. Strength And Recovery

Sermon 1806. A Summary of Experience and a Body of Divinity

Sermon 1807. A Call to the Lord's Own Flock

Sermon 1808. The Threshing Floor of Ornan

Sermon 1809. May I?

Sermon 1810. The Lion and the Bear-Trophies Hung Up

Sermon 1811. The Road to Honor

Sermon 1812. A Wonder Explained By Greater Wonders

Sermon 1813. Jonah's Resolve-or, 'Look Again!'

Sermon 1814. Commendation for the Steadfast

Sermon 1815. The Great Birthday and Our Coming of Age