Sermon 3533. Recruits for the King

(No. 3533)




"David, therefore, departed from there, and escaped to the Cave Adullam; and when his brothers and all his father's househeard it, they went down there to him. And everyone that was in distress, and everyone that was in debt, and everyone thatwas discontented, gathered themselves unto him, and he became captain over them: and there were with him about four hundredmen." 1 Samuel 22:1-2.

DAVID in the caverns of Adullam is a type of our Lord Jesus Christ despised and rejected among the sons of men. Christ isthe Lord's Anointed, but men perceive not the anointing. He is persecuted by His great enemy, the world, as David was persecutedby Saul, and he now rather dwells in the Cave of Adullam than sits upon his throne. Just as when David was in his dishonor,it was the time for his true friends to rally around him. And so at this hour, when the name of Christ is associated withmuch of dishonor and rebuke, now is the time for the true followers of the Savior to rally around His banner and to espouseHis cause. To come to David after he had been crowned king was poor work-the sons of Belial could do that-but to ally themselvesto David when he was obliged to hide himself in mountain caves from his cruel enemies, this proved men to be David's truefriends and loyal subjects. Blessed are they to whom it shall be given to enlist under the banner of Christ at this presenttime, who shall not be ashamed to confess Him before the sons of men, or to boldly take up His Cross and to suffer such lossand persecution as it may please His Providence to ordain for them to bear. As it is not concerning David, but concerningDavid's greater Son, I propose to address you this evening, let me say a few words at the outset to-


Foremost among those of David's troop were his brothers and all his father's house. So, too, Beloved in Christ, we who havebeen called by Divine Grace are regarded by Him as His brethren and all His Father's house. Looking round upon His discipleswhen He was here below, our blessed Master said, "Behold My mother and My brethren! For whoever shall do the will of God,the same is My brother, and My sister, and mother." Such His condescension that He is not ashamed to call us brethren. Asmany of us as have given our hearts to Him, rely upon Him and love Him, are really and truly His brethren and of His Father'shouse. His Father is our Father, His joy is our joy, and His Heaven shall be our Heaven before long! Now, what shall I sayto you, my Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, but this-Let us take care that we boldly avow our kinship with David, ourLord! Let us never blush to defend the cause of Christ. There are different ways of playing the coward-let us seek to avoidthem all. The minister who is bold enough when he preaches before the multitude may feel his lips quiver when he has to speakface to face with one individual. O God, save Your servants from this form of cowardice! Or some of you may be able to speakto one or two persons, but if, perchance, you are thrown into a little promiscuous company, where you ought to avow your allegianceto your Lord, you hold your tongue and lose the opportunity for lack of courage. God deliver His servants from this form ofcowardice, also! In all companies, on all occasions and under all circumstances, be faithful to your Master-deny Him not,but openly avow Him before the sons of men! How He deserves to be acknowledged by us since He has taken knowledge of us andrecognized us when we were infinitely beneath His notice! Oh, ten thousand blushes should cover our faces, to think that wecould ever at any time think it hard to acknowledge that He is our Lord and Master! Pray for courage, my Brothers and Sisters-Iam sure it is needed! It seems to come to Christians naturally in persecuting times, but in these soft, silken days of pipingpeace you mingle in society, so called, with such deference to fashion, and you go in and out of your drawing rooms with suchdainty conceits, you converse so complacently with your friends, you are such well-bred ladies and gentlemen in

your own estimation, that you often forget that you are Christians-in honor bound to keep the faith and bear the testimonyto Christ! It is, perhaps, easier for the poor to be bold in confessing the Redeemer's name than it is for those in more affluentcircumstances. Alas, alas, if good fortune imperils your faithfulness! This is wicked, indeed! It is a sorry rebuke to utterfrom a Christian pulpit! It ought to be the very reverse. Your pecuniary independence ought not to enslave you. God deliveryou who love Christ from anything like shamefacedness in connection with the Kingdom of your exalted Head!

Let me urge you, also, as you boldly confess Him, to leave the world in order to join Him. His brethren and His father's house,we are told, concerning David, left Saul's territory and went away to Adullam to be with the hunted ones. Let us do the same!Ah, there is too much worldly conformity about everyone among us! I will not attempt to point any finger at any of my Brothersand Sisters, or expose their faults, but a man must be blind not to perceive that many Christians do their utmost to be asworldly as they can be consistently with their idea of getting to Heaven at last. Are there not many who in their dress, inthe fitting up of their houses, in the conduct of their business, conform so closely to the times and the fashions, that ifthey were not known to be Christians by some other evidences, they would not be classed by any observers with those who areon the Lord's side? I do not think it possible for us to be too thoroughly nonconformist in respect to the maxims, the usagesand vanities of this present evil world! What does this text mean? "Come you out from among them." Is not that enough? No!"Be you separate." Is not that enough? No! "Touch not the unclean thing." So thorough is to be the separation that there mustbe a coming out, a snapping of every link that maintains a connection with evil and the renewal of that communion by evenso much as a touch is to be avoided by us! Take David's part, you that love David. Renounce everything for David! Oh, youChristian men and women, if you love Jesus, you must know He is worth ten thousand worlds! He is to be esteemed before allthe pomp and gaiety of this poor world, were its charms and allurements multiplied a million times! He is infinitely to bepreferred rather than to court the smiles of the great, or to enjoy the love of your friends, or to be flattered by the goodopinions of your relatives! Therefore, I pray you, leave all to follow Him and forsake all other to cleave to Him, and Himalone!

But am I not speaking to many who have confessed Him, who are confessing Him, and who do, more or less every day of theirlives, practice a self-denying nonconformity to the world? Oh, Brothers and Sisters, I long that our sense of duty shouldkindle to an ardent enthusiasm! Can we not do something heroic, or dare something perilous, in token of our loyalty to Christ?Oftentimes my heart grows big with a strong desire that I might see a Church in this place, pre-eminent for consecration tothe Captain of our Salvation! I prayed for this just now-nor was it for the first time I offered that prayer. If we did butgive of our ample property, or of our scanty pittance, at the rate which all of us should give-or if we did but work for Christat the rate which He deserves of us, or anything at all like it-if we did but live for Jesus in any measure as gratitude mightprompt, what a front we would present-what a power we would exert!

As a great Church, how we might tell upon this great city! What a mark we might leave upon our age! But why am I talking aboutthe whole community? I have not yet attained unto this pure devotion myself! Still, God knows I am wishing to press onward.I aim to forget that which is behind, while reaching forward and pressing onward. Beloved, you remember the story of thosethree strong men who, when David sighed for a drink from the well of Bethlehem, risked their lives to procure it for him?Are there no strong men here-men of faith, men of valor-who will dare exploits for my Master? He cries out for the conversionof souls-will none of you consecrate yourselves to that work? Will none of you break through the conventionalities of societyin quest of seekers? He says, "Give Me a drink," just as He said to the woman at Samaria's well-and His thirst is satisfiedwhen He sees His Father's will accomplished! Are there not men here strong, brave, and chivalrous, who can preach Christ whereHe has never been preached before? There were others among David's followers who did exploits like these-one of them slewa lion in a pit, in winter time, while of another we are told that he slew the Philistines, and the Lord worked a great victory!And can we not do something that shall exceed and excel the ordinary service of modern Christianity? I blush for modern Christianity!Its gold has become dim. Its most fine gold is changed. Its glory has departed. The early Christians were full of an enthusiasmwhich could not have tolerated the languid indifference of these times! They were so devoted, so intense, so passionate, sofull of Divine furor for the extension of the Redeemer's Kingdom that they made their influence felt wherever they dwelt,or even sojourned for a short season! God send us some of this sacred zeal now! We need more of the enthusiasm which burnedin the hearts of Wesley and of Whitfield! Where shall we look for the glowing ardor and the untiring labors of the Apostle

Paul? Where are the disciples that emulate the zeal of the blessed Master, whose meat and whose drink it was to do the willof Him who sent him? May this be given to us all! God send it to us-send it to us, now, send it to us here, send it to me,send it to you, my Brothers and Sisters-and send it to you henceforth throughout your lives!

I do not think I need say more, unless it is to entreat you to keep up your courage when you know that you are engaged inthe cause of Christ. There is a great struggle going on around us. This entire nation is from time to time convulsed withserious questions in which the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ is greatly concerned. Let all those who love Him stand forthwith unflinching integrity! Expediency is the mean word that describes the lax morals of the age, but righteousness'is theundeviating, the eternal principle by which the universe is governed! The Kingdom of Christ is not of this world. Be it oursto help the oppressed, to succor the weak and to give liberty of conscience to all men. May God defend the right! Defend theright He will! If our names are cast out as evil. If we are misunderstood and misinterpreted, belied and slandered, let itbe so-we are neither surprised nor dismayed! The right has always to be maintained in the teeth of slander and abuse. But,in God's name, let us not be cowards! Let us always do our duty manfully and lawfully. Let us cheerfully hold fast our profession.Let us adhere with confidence and steadfastness to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Star of David is in the ascendant-thehouse of Saul is growing weaker and weaker. Having thus addressed the soldiers, I am now coming for a few minutes to-


Besides his own relatives, there were others who joined with David. Now, why did they join him? For much the same reason,I may answer, that has influenced many of us. It was because they had need of him. They ought to have gone to David becausehis character was so good and his conduct so upright. They ought to have helped him because his disposition was so kind andsympathizing. They might well have rallied to his standard because he was the Lord's Anointed. They might, as wise men, havecast in their lot with him because there was prophecy and promise of his triumph and his reign over the nation. But they werereally swayed by other motives. They went to him for three reasons-because they were distressed, because they were in debtand because they were discontented. Through dire dismay they sought shelter and succor.

Now perhaps it were well should I tell you of the sweet Character of the Lord Jesus, but if I did, you would not come to Him.It were well did I tell you of the prowess of my Master, and how He conquered Goliath and slew the foemen who tyrannized overus. It might be well were I to tell you that He is God's appointed Savior, that He is destined to reign as King, and thatthey who confess Him, now, shall be exalted with Him when He comes in His Kingdom. Attractive as all this might be to someminds, the master attraction always is that He becomes suitable to you in your present necessities-in those dilemmas whichjust now press heavily on your souls. So I propose to address the three sorts of people who are most likely to come to Jesus,hoping that they will seize this propitious hour and enlist under His banner at once, without hesitation or delay!

The first sort who came to David were distressed. They were "hard up," as we say. They had spent their substance. They werebankrupts-their means and their hopes alike exhausted-therefore they went to David. They seemed to say, "Our case is so badthat it cannot be worse-it may be better if we go to David." Their case was like yours, so well described in our hymn-

"I can but perish if I go, I am resolved to try- For if I stay away, I know I must forever die."

I know there are some distressed ones here! I have come to enlist them in my Master's ragged regiment! 'Tis thus despair willvanish and thus will hope revive, for being enlisted under Him, their courage may rally while they fight His battles and receiveHis blessing!

You are distressed because you feel you have no merit of your own. That feeling is very right, for you have none! You neverhad and you never will have any! At one time you thought you were as good as other people, or perhaps you even thought youwere better. That vain thought has now gone. Your good works, your merits, your best endeavors, your choicest prayers alldissolve-nor dare you glory in any one of them! Come, then, to Christ! He has merits for those who have none. His cause isgood, though yours is bad. You are the very sort of people whom He came to rescue, for whom He died! He came, not to callthe righteous, but sinners to repentance! Inasmuch as you are evidently sinners, come! Come to

the sinner's Savior! Put your trust in Him and live! Others are distressed because they feel they have not any power. Youcannot believe, you say. You cannot repent. In fact, you cannot do anything as you would! The more you try, the more powerlessyou find yourselves to be. You would pray, but you cannot! You feel so dead, so cold. If you attempt to move, it seems allto end in disappointment. Well, my dear Hearers, Jesus Christ died for them who have no strength, for thus is it written,"In due time, when we were yet without strength, Christ died for the ungodly." Oh, you that have no power, take heart, becauseChrist is the Power of God! There is ability enough in Him to make up for all your impotency! Come and cast yourselves withall your weakness upon His irresistible might, and you shall have a full supply of all that your souls need!

But I know there are some here who are distressed, because, in addition to their having no merit and no power, they have nosensibility. "I do not feel my need as I ought," says one. "I have not such a sense of my sin and danger as I would like,"says another. Oh, Beloved, Jesus Christ came to raise the dead! He came to give sensibility to those who are callous and careless,to turn hearts of stone into flesh! I believe those persons who think they do not feel their need are those who do reallyfeel their need the most. There is no sense of need so great as when a man feels that he does not feel and thinks that hedoes not apprehend the depth of his own need, for then he is evidently alive to his true condition! You may possibly havemore of the work of the Holy Spirit in you than some others whose sense of need appears more lively, though it proves lesslasting. That deep, awful solicitude which makes you fear because you do not feel, and makes you groan because you cannotgrieve, is not to be despised, for it is an experience often associated with gracious operations of the Spirit of God! Whetherit is so or not in your case, give no place to despondency, but believe that Christ can save you, for He is able and willingto do so! If you cannot come with a broken heart, come fra broken heart. If you cannot come to Him repenting, come to Himto get repentance, for He is exalted on high to give repentance as well as remission of sins. He does not require any preparationin you. All the preparation He requires, He prepares Himself, and that is the work of His Spirit in your souls! Come, then,you who are distressed and distrustful, you who have not any good thing to recommend you as creatures, nor any good desireto extenuate you as sinners-you who are so consciously bad that there could not be found a good apology for you, even in yourown estimation, if you were racked over and over again! Come to Jesus, lost, ruined, undone, poverty-stricken, as you are!Come and trust my Master, the Son of David! The way to be enlisted, you know, into Her Majesty's service, is to take the shilling.The way to enlist in Christ's service is simply to trust Him! You need not bring anything nor take anything, but simply trustin Him and you shall become a soldier of the Cross!

The next persons mentioned in the text in coming to David were those who were in debt. I would gladly ask those in debt tocome to Jesus. The man thus in debt says, "I have got to pay my life. I have sinned and God has said that the sinner shalldie. Yet I cannot afford to forfeit my life. How can I dare to die? I have no hope, no trust, no confidence with which topass the iron gates of death! And then, after death, there is the terror ofjudgment for my soul since I have broken God'sLaw-and the Law condemns me and demands my banishment from His Presence, and my final destruction. What shall I do? I cannotpay the debt, the thought of being put into prison forever is terrible to me. How, how! Oh, tell me, how can I escape?" Ah,well, I should be glad, indeed, if there were some here who should thus admit their debts and their inability to pay them.Happy preacher to have to address such an awakened audience! Happy hearers to be dismayed with such hopeful anxieties! Blessed,indeed, were our work if we always had those before us who knew the debt of sin, who felt its grievous demerit and fearedits glaring doom! Take counsel, then-whatever debt you owe, whether it is great or small-come and trust in Jesus and you shallbe relieved of the responsibility! Come and rely on Him who suffered in the sinner's place and was punished for the ungodly-bearingtheir iniquities in His own body on the Cross! A look at Him, one look of faith, will disclose to you the transfer of everydebt and every sin from you to Him! You shall see how He casts them into the Red Sea of His atoning blood, where, though theymay be sought for, they shall never more be found. I would gladly enlist you, poor debtor, and take you out of the Debtor'sPrison, and introduce you to my Master's table! Bankrupt debtors make good soldiers for the King! Come, then, without moreado, and be enlisted in the King's army!

Another class that came to David was those who were discontented. Such there are, nor have we far to go to seek them out.Yonder is one, to whom I would now speak. But a little while ago you were a happy young fellow. You could go into all kindsof revelry and little reckon the sin, so fully did you enjoy them all! You cannot do so now. You do not

understand the reason why, but the keen edge of your appetite seems to have been blunted-your taste for dissipation is gone.Those companions who were once such rare jolly fellows have ceased to cheer you with their talk. You do not enjoy their gabblenow, it seems so flat, and stale, and foolish! You cannot laugh at their lewd jests, or quaff their sparkling cup as onceyou used to do. You have been behind the scenes of this poor world and you have pitied the pale cheeks that are painted withthe hue of blooming youth-you have heard the heavy sighs of those that raise the merry laugh-and you have witnessed so muchwanton disguise that it has filled you with woeful disgust! You have seen enough to know how it will all end. No marvel thatyou are discontented! You are the man for me! Yours is the ear I want to catch! Yours the heart I love to reach! A blessedcase it is when a man gets discontented with this vain world, for then, perhaps, he may seek after another world, a brighter,better sphere! When he is out at elbows with himself and all his foolish companions, then, perhaps, he will make acquaintancewith the exiled, but anointed Man of Bethlehem, and find in Him a Friend, a Counselor who will be his Helper, speaking kindly,advising wisely and leading on triumphantly till He calls you to participate in the Kingdom of His Glory! You are discontentedwith yourselves. Your own reflections bitterly reprove you. When you sit down and think a little-a habit into which, perhaps,you have but lately fallen-you discover that things are out of the square. You cannot feel satisfied. Strange strivings andmanifold misgivings perplex you and you get no peace. For my part, I am thankful, a thousand times thankful, that you havecome to be so ill at ease when there was so much cause for disquiet! Now there is some hope that you will trust your futureand your fate to the Son of David! Close in with the offers of His Grace and be saved by Him!

I recollect an old sailor who, after having been for nearly 60 years a drunkard and a swearer, and everything that was bad,heard a Gospel sermon that touched his heart. And when he came forward to make a profession of his faith in Christ, he said,"I have been sailing 60 years under a very bad owner, and under a very bad flag, but now I have taken on board a new cargoand am running for a very different port, and under quite a different flag." So I trust it will be with some of you, soon,that you will change your cargo, change your flag and change everything! After preaching in the Wes-leyan chapel at Boulogneone day some time ago, a person recognized me and was telling me how he had found Christ through reading the sermons. Aboutthat time an old salt came up to me and said, "Do you know me? My name was Satan once, I remember you well. Now Satan camehere one Sunday morning and he richly deserved his name, for he was as much like Satan as a man could be! He sat there, andafter the sermon the Lord touched old Satan, and gave him another name besides." The man came to Christ because he was discontentedwith himself, and so he gave himself up to Jesus, and was saved by Him. Is there any old salt here who will do that now? Maythere not be some sailor, some soldier, some stranger somewhere here, who shall say this night, "I will approach the Kingand ask Him to accept me, even me"? If He does not accept you, please let us know, for we have never yet met with a case inwhich Jesus refused a poor sinner that came to Him! He has said, "He that comes unto Me I will in no wise cast out." ShouldHe cast you out, it will be a new thing under Heaven! But He cannot do it! If you are black as sin can stain you, yet if youcome to Him, you shall be taken into the Savior's bosom, washed in the fountain filled with His blood, started on a new careerand helped to serve Him all your days! But I must come to a finish. I have addressed myself to the Lord's people. I have beatenup for recruits for King Jesus, and now I want to-

III. TELL THE RECRUITS A LITTLE ABOUT THE SERVICE, and then I have done. Remember the last words of the text, "And David becamea captain over them." Whoever, then, comes to Christ must submit to Christ's rules. What are they? One of the first is thatyou should be nothing at all and that King Jesus should be everything. Will you submit to that-that you shall have no honor,that you shall take to yourselves no credit, that you shall never lean on your own strength or wisdom-but you shall take Himto be made of God unto you wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption? I hope you will not kick at that.

Another of our Lord's rules in His kingdom is that, if you love Him, you must keep His commandments. After trusting Him, youare to become obedient unto Him. One commandment is that you are to be baptized. Do not stumble at that! I think if thereis anything plain in Scripture-I will only speak for myself, I cannot speak for anybody else-it is that every Believer isto be immersed in water as a confession of his faith. I think I could as soon doubt that the Deity of Christ is declared asdoubt that the Baptism of Believers is enjoined, for the one thing appears to me to be as plainly revealed in Scripture asthe other! I pray you, Brother, Sister, be not disobedient to the Lord's commands, but remember the Gospel which we preach,"He that believes and is baptized shall be saved." Keep to the two points and claim the

promise! Then there is the Lord's Table, of which, if you join yourselves to Christ, you have a right to partake. Do not forgetit. It will sweetly remind you of all that your Savior has done and suffered for you. It is nothing more than a remembrancer,but take care that you do not neglect so blessed a memorial! All the precepts and statutes of our Lord Jesus Christ are tobe cordially obeyed. Albeit, Christ opens a hospital for all sick folk-He does not mean you to be always cripple, but Hispurpose is to heal you-and after that to teach you how to walk. He builds up His kingdom as Romulus built up Rome. He receivesall the vagrants of the neighborhood, but then He makes new men of them! Even so those that are gathered from the outcastsare to be made faithful in Christ Jesus. Drunkard, you must have done with your cups! Swearer, you must have your mouth washedout-no more of those foul oaths must you utter! You who have given yourselves up to carnal pleasures must be purged from allyour defilements! You who have been gay and frivolous must renounce those vanities and seek after weighty, solemn, eternalinterests. You who have had hard hearts, before, you must ask the Master to make them soft-and whatever He says to you, youmust do.

Now, my young recruit, what do you say to this? You who would bear the name of Christ and get to Heaven, are you willing tocome to Him and give yourselves up to Him, henceforth forsaking all your sins? He that gives not up his sins makes a greatmistake if he thinks to escape the wrath of God, or hopes to find Grace in His eyes! Oh, will you not give up your sins? Theyare vipers! They will only poison your souls! They will destroy you! Oh, give them up! Give them up, for what shall it profityou to keep them, and to lose your soul? Come to Jesus first. Trust His merit. Rely upon His precious blood and then, by Hishelp, renounce every evil way and seek to obey Him who has redeemed you by His blood! So shall the blessing of the Lord restupon you forever! Amen.


"A Psalm of David, when he was in the wilderness of Judah."

Exiled, ill at ease, hunted, exposed to danger. Yet he could sing. And some of the sweetest Psalms come out of the bitterestafflictions. God's songsters are like nightingales that reserve their sweetest music for the night. Whenever you and I cometo be in the wilderness, may we refresh ourselves with such a Psalm as this!

Verse 1. O God, You are my God. Everything else has gone, but You are my God! There are gods of the heathen, but You, thetrue and real Jehovah, are my God! Oh, what a blessed thing it is to take a firm grip of God after this fashion, "O God, Youare my God,"

2. Early will I seek You. "Oh," says one, "why did he seek God if God was his?" Would you have him seek another man's God,then? No. It is because He is ours that we seek Him and desire His company. If you know God to be your God, you will not besatisfied unless you are living near Him. "Early will I seek You." I will not wait. I cannot wait. I cannot tarry. I mustnot tarry. Early will I seek You.

2. My soul thirsts for You, my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land, where there is no water. Thirst is one of thestrongest longings of our nature. Hunger you can appease for a while, but thirst is awful. There is no staying that. Whenit is once upon a man, he must have water, or die. "My soul thirsts for You. My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty landwhere there is no water." No means of Grace. Nothing to help me. No Believers round about me-left alone, thirsting for myGod. And yet it is so precious a thing, so sure a mark of Grace to thirst for God anywhere, that one may be thankful evento be in a dry and thirsty land if one possesses a true thirst after God!

2. To see Your power and Your glory, so as Ihave seen You in the sanctuary. He had seen God in His Holy Place, and he longsto see Him again. They who never knew God do not want to know Him. But they who have known Him desire to know Him more andmore! If you do not long for the Bread of Heaven, it is because you never tasted it. He who has once tasted it will sigh andhunger till he is satisfied with it!

3. Because Your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You. "Better than life," and surely life is betterthan anything else! "Skin for skin, yes, all that a man has will he give for his life." Life is better than food. Life isbetter than riches. And if the loving kindness of God is better than life, then we have a very high price set upon it, butnot too high a price! Oh, that you and I may know how sweet, how precious is the loving kindness of God! And then we shallsay that it is better than life! And because it is so, my lips shall praise You. Not only my heart, but I will do it openly.I

used to speak vanity when I served vanity. Shall I not now speak out for God when I have come to serve Him? My lips shallpraise You.

4. Thus will I bless You while Ilive: I will lift up my hands in Your name. I will confess You. I will rejoice in You. I willwork for You. I will encourage myself in You. I will lift up my hands in Your name. Are any of you cast down? Do your handshang down? Then lift them up in God's name! Nothing else can make you strong. The name of the Lord shall be your strength!

5, 6. My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness: and my mouth shall praise You with joyful lips, when I rememberYou upon my bed, and meditate on You in the night watches. God's people know what perfect satisfaction means. When God revealsHis love to them and Christ draws near in the fullness of His Grace, then they would not change places with all the kingsof the earth! Not all the richest dainties that were ever served up at royal banquets are equal to the love of God! My soul,not my body, but my inmost self, my very life, shall be satisfied, even as with marrow and with fatness. The Oriental's ideaof luxury is to eat fat. How they will eat what we cannot endure! But we, dear Friends, understand the metaphor and appreciatewhat is meant by David. God will satisfy us with the best of the best, with marrow and fatness. He will make that satisfactiondouble as with marrow and fatness! And we shall be so satisfied that we shall have nothing left to do but to praise. "My mouthshall praise." Says our poet-

"All that remains for me Is but to love and sing, And wait until the angels come To bear me to their King!"

He that wrote that verse knew what was meant by this, "My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouthshall praise You with joyful lips."

7. Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings will I rejoice. That is God's logic. One likes tosee "therefores" in Scripture. They are inferences drawn with great accuracy. You have been my Helper. Well, then, You willbe my Helper! And if I cannot see Your face, I will rejoice in the shadow of Your wings. I know that You are there, even ifI cannot see You. And if I only know that You are there by the shade that You cast over me-that calming, cooling shade whichdampens the ardor of my worldly spirit-if this is all that I get from You, yet in the shadow of Your wings will I rejoice!

8. My soul follows hard after You. I am after You, my God, hard after You, following hard after You, longing for You likea dog at the heels of his master's horse, going with all his might, following hard after You! Oh, this is a healthy conditionto be in! If you cannot yet reach your God, yet if you follow hard after Him, it is well with you, for notice the next sentence.

8. Your right hand upholds me.No man follows after God unless God helps him to do so. It comes of the Grace of God. When youare seeking God, it is because God is seeking you! And though you know it not, there is a vast amount of Grace couched ina desire.

9, 10. But those who seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth They shall fall by the sword:they shall be a portion for foxes. Or jackals, as his name did become.

11. But the king shall rejoice in God; everyone that swears by Him shall glory; but the mouth of them that speak lies shallbe stopped. Very hard work to stop them, though, for they are always breaking out in fresh places. They have always some newfalsehood. A shovelful of earth will do it, if nothing else will. Let everyone listen who is accustomed to slander, or tospeak evil of his neighbor-listen to this prophetic voice-"The mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped."But the mouthsthat speak the praises of God shall go on singing forever and ever! May such mouths be ours.