Sermon 3124. Real Contact With Jesus

(No. 3124)




"And Jesus said, Somebody touched Me: for I perceived power going out from Me." Luke 8:46.

OUR Lord was very frequently in the midst of a crowd. His preaching was so plain and so forcible that He always attracteda vast company of hearers and, moreover, the rumor of the loaves and fishes no doubt had something to do with increasing Hisaudiences, while the expectation of beholding a miracle would be sure to add to the numbers of the hangers-on. Our Lord JesusChrist often found it difficult to move through the streets because of the masses who pressed upon Him. This was encouragingto Him as a Preacher and yet how small a residue of real good came of all the excitement which gathered around His personalministry! He might have looked upon the great mass and have said, "What is the chaff to the wheat?" for here it was piledup upon the threshing floor, heap upon heap, and yet, after His decease, His disciples might have been counted by a few scores,for those who had spiritually received Him were but few. Many were called, but few were chosen. Yet, wherever one was blessed,our Savior took note of it-it touched a chord in His soul. He could never be unaware when virtue had gone out of Him to heala sick one, or when power had gone forth with His ministry to save a sinful one. Of all the crowd that gathered around theSavior upon the day of which our text speaks, I find nothing said about one of them except this solitary "somebody" who hadtouched Him! The crowd came, and the crowd went, but little is recorded of it all. Just as the ocean, having advanced to fulltide, leaves but little behind it when it retires again to its channel, so the vast multitude around the Savior left onlythis one precious deposit-one "somebody" who had touched Him and had received power from Him.

Ah, my Master, it may be so again this evening! These Sabbath mornings and these Sabbath evenings the crowds come pouringin like a mighty ocean, filling this House of Prayer, and then they all retire again. Only here and there is a "somebody"left weeping for sin, a "somebody" left rejoicing in Christ, a "somebody" who can say, "I have touched the hem of His garmentand I have been made whole." The whole of my other hearers are not worth the "somebodies." The many of you are not worth thefew, for the many are the pebbles and the few are the diamonds! The many are the heaps of husks and the few are the preciousgrains! May God find them out at this hour and His shall be all the praise!

Jesus said, "Somebody touched Me," from which we observe that in the use of means and ordinances, we should never be satisfiedunless we get into personal contact with Christ, s o that we touch Him, as this woman touched His garment. Secondly, if weget into such personal contact, we shall have a blessing. "I perceived power going out from Me." And thirdly, if we do geta blessing, Christ will know it However obscure our case may be, He will know it and He will have us let others know it-Hewill speak, and ask such questions as will draw us out and manifest us to the world!


Peter said, "The multitude throng You and press You," and that is true of the multitudes to this very day. But of those whocome where Christ is in the assembly of His saints, a large proportion only come because it is their custom to do so. Perhapsthey hardly know why they go to a place of worship. They go because they always did and they think it wrong not to go. Theyare just like the doors which swing upon their hinges. They take interest only in the exterior parts of the service-into theheart and soul of the business they do not enter-and cannot enter. They are glad if the sermon

is rather short, there is so much the less tedium for them. They are glad if they can look around and gaze at the congregation-theyfind in that something to interest them. But getting near to the Lord Jesus is not the business they come upon. They havenot looked at it in that light. They come and they go. They come and they go-and it will be so till, by-and-by, they willcome for the last time and they will find out in the next world that the means of Grace were not instituted to be mattersof custom-and that to have heard Jesus Christ preached and to have rejected Him is no trifle, but a solemn thing for whichthey will have to answer in the Presence of the great Judge of all the earth!

Others there are who come to the House of Prayer and try to enter into the service and do so in a certain fashion, but itis only self-righteously or professionally. They may come to the Lord's Table-perhaps they attend to the ordinance of Baptism.They may even join the Church. They are baptized, yet not by the Holy Spirit. They take the Lord's Supper, but they take notthe Lord, Himself. They eat the bread, but they never eat His flesh. They drink the wine, but they never drink His blood.They have been buried in the pool, but they have never been buried with Christ in Baptism, nor have they risen again withHim into newness of life! To them, to read, to sing, to kneel, to hear and so on are enough. They are content with the shell,but the blessed spiritual kernel-the true marrow and fatness-these they know nothing of. These are the many, no matter intowhat Church or meetinghouse you enter. They are in the press around Jesus, but they do not touch Him. They come, but theycome not into contact with Jesus. They are outward, external hearers only, but there is no inward touching of the blessedPerson of Christ, no mysterious contact with the ever-blessed Savior, no stream of life and love flowing from Him to them.It is all mechanical religion. Of vital godliness, they know nothing.

But Christ said, "Somebody touched Me," and that is the soul of the matter. O my Hearer, when you are in prayer alone, neverbe satisfied with having prayed! Do not give it up till you have touched Christ in prayer or, if you have not got to Him,at any rate sigh and cry until you do! Do not think you have prayed, but try again. When you come to public worship, I beseechyou, rest not satisfied with listening to the sermon and so on-as you all do with sufficient attention and to that I bearyou witness-but do not be content unless you get at Christ, the Master, and touch Him! At all times when you come to the CommunionTable, count it to have been no ordinance of Grace to you unless you have gone right through the veil into Christ's own arms,or at least have touched His garment, feeling that the first objective, the life and soul of the means of Grace, is to touchJesus Christ Himself-and unless "somebody" has touched Him, the whole has been a mere dead performance without life or power!

The woman in our text was not only among those who were in the crowd, but she touched Jesus and, therefore, Beloved, let mehold her up to your example in some respects, though I would to God that in other respects you might excel her!

Note, first, she felt that it was of no use to be in the crowd, of no use to be in the same street with Christ, or near tothe place where Christ was, but she must get at Him-she must touch Him. She touched Him, you will notice, under many difficulties.There was a great crowd. She was a woman. She was also a woman enfeebled by a disease which had long drained her constitutionand left her more fit to be upon a bed than to be struggling in the seething tumult. Yet, notwithstanding that, so intensewas her desire, that she urged on her way, I doubt not with many a bruise and many an uncouth push and at last, poor trembleras she was, she got near to the Lord. Beloved, it is not always easy to get at Jesus. It is very easy to kneel down to pray,but not so easy to reach Christ in prayer. There is a child crying, it is your own, and its noise has often hindered you whenyou were striving to approach Jesus. Or a knock will come at the door when you most wish to be retired. When you are sittingin the House of God, your neighbor in the seat before you may unconsciously distract your attention. It is not easy to drawnear to Christ, especially coming as some of you do right from the counting-house or from the workshop with a thousand thoughtsand cares about you. You cannot always unload your burden outside and come in here with your hearts prepared to receive theGospel. Ah, it is a terrible fight sometimes-a real toe-to-toe fight with evil, with temptation and I know not what! But Beloved,do fight it out, do fight it out! Do not let your seasons for prayer be wasted, nor your times for hearing be thrown away,but like this woman be resolved, with all your feebleness, that you will lay hold upon Christ! And oh, if you are resolvedabout it, if you cannot get to Him, He will come to you and sometimes, when you are struggling against unbelieving thoughts,He will turn and say, "Make room for that poor feeble one, that she may come to Me, for My desire is to the work of My ownhands. Let her come to Me and let her desire be granted to her."

Observe again that this woman touched Jesus very secretly. Perhaps there is a dear Sister here who is getting near to Christat this very moment and yet her face does not betray her. It is so little contact that she has gained with Christ that thejoyous flush and the sparkle of the eyes which we often see in the child of God, have not yet come to her. She is sittingin yonder obscure corner, or standing in this aisle, but though her touch is secret, it is true. Though she cannot tell anotherof it, yet it is accomplished. She has touched Jesus! Beloved, that is not always the nearest fellowship with Christ of whichwe talk the most. Deep waters are still. No, I am not sure but what we sometimes get nearer to Christ when we think we areat a distance than we do when we imagine we are near Him, for we are not always the best judges of our own spiritual state.And we may be very close to the Master and yet, for all that, we may be so anxious to get closer that we may feel dissatisfiedwith the measure of Grace which we have already received. To be satisfied with self is no sign of Grace! To long for moreGrace is often a far better evidence of the healthy state of the soul. Friend, if you are not coming to the Table tonightpublicly, come to the Master in secret. If you dare not tell your wife, or your child, or your father, that you are trustingin Jesus, it need not be told as yet. You may do it secretly, as he did to whom Jesus said, "When you were under the fig tree,I saw you." Nathanael retired to the shade that no one might see him-but Jesus saw him and marked his prayer-and He will seeyou in the crowd, and in the dark-and not withhold His blessing!

This woman also came into contact with Christ under a very deep sense of unworthiness. I daresay she thought, "If I touchthe Great Prophet, it will be a wonder if He does not strike me with some sudden judgment," for she was a woman ceremoniallyunclean. She had no right to be in the throng. Had the Levitical Law been strictly carried out, I suppose she would have beenconfined to her house. But there she was, wandering about, and she must go and touch the holy Savior! Ah, poor Heart, youfeel that you are not fit to touch the hem of the Master's robe, for you are so unworthy! You never before felt so undeservingas you do at this moment. In the recollection of last week and its infirmities, in the remembrance of the present state ofyour heart and all its wanderings from God, you feel as if there never was so worthless a sinner in the House of God before."Is Grace for me?" you ask. "Is Christ for me?" Oh, yes, unworthy one! Do not be put off without it! Jesus Christ does notsave the worthy, but the unworthy! Your plea must not be righteousness, but guilt! And you, too, child of God, though youare ashamed of yourself, Jesus is not ashamed of you. And though you feel unfit to come, let your unfitness only impel youwith the greater earnestness of desire. Let your sense of need make you the more fervent to approach the Lord who can supplyyour need.

Thus, you see, the woman came under difficulties, she came secretly, she came as an unworthy one, but still she obtained theblessing!

I have known many staggered with that saying of Paul's, "He that eats and drinks unworthily, eats and drinks damnation tohimself." Now understand that this passage does not refer to that unworthiness of those persons who come to the Lord's Table,for it does not say, "He that eats and drinks, being unworthy." I t is not an adjective-it is an adverb-"He that eats anddrinks unworthily" that is to say, he who shall come to the outward and visible sign of Christ's Presence, and shall eat ofthe bread in order to obtain money by being a member of the Church, knowing himself to be a hypocrite, or who shall do itjestingly, trifling with the ordinance-such a person would be eating and drinking unworthily and he will be condemned! Thesense of the passage is, not, "damnation," as our version reads it, but "condemnation." There can be no doubt that membersof the Church coming to the Lord's Table in an unworthy manner, do receive condemnation. They are condemned for so doing andthe Lord is grieved. If they have any conscience at all, they ought to feel their sin. And if not, they may expect the chastisementsof God to visit them. But, O Sinner, as to coming to Christ-which is a very different thing from coming to the Lord's Table-asto coming to Christ, the more unworthy you feel yourself to be, the better! Come, you filthy one, for Christ can wash you!Come, you loathsome one, for Christ can beautify you! Come utterly ruined and undone, for in Jesus Christ there is the strengthand salvation which your case requires!

Notice, once again, that this woman touched the Master very tremblingly and it was only a hurried touch, but still it wasa token of faith. Oh, Beloved, to lay hold on Christ! Be thankful if you do but get near Him for a few minutes. "Abide withme," should be your prayer, but oh if He should only give you a glimpse of Himself, be thankful! Remember that a touch healedthe woman! She did not embrace Christ by the hour together. She had but a touch and she was healed! And oh, may you have asight of Jesus now, my Beloved! Though it is but a glimpse, yet it will gladden and cheer your souls. Perhaps you are waitingon Christ, desiring His company, and while you are turning the matter over in your mind you are asking, "Will He ever shineupon me? Will He ever speak loving words to me? Will He ever let me sit at His feet? Will He ever permit me to lean my headupon His bosom?" Come and try Him! Though you should shake like an aspen leaf, yet come! They sometimes come best who comemost tremblingly, for, when the creature is lowest, then is the Creator highest-and when, in our own esteem, we are less thannothing and vanity, then is Christ the more fair and lovely in our eyes! One of the best ways of climbing to Heaven is onour hands and knees. At any rate, there is no fear of falling when we are in that position for-

"He that is down need fear no fall." Let your lowliness of heart, your sense of utter nothingness, instead of disqualifyingyou, be a sweet medium for leading you to receive more of Christ. The more empty I am, the more room is there for my Master.The more I lack, the more He will give me. The more I feel my sickness, the more shall I adore and bless Him when He makesme whole!

You see, the woman did really touch Christ, and so I come back to that. Whatever infirmity there was in the touch, it wasa real touch of faith. She did reach Christ, Himself. She did not touch Peter, that would have been of no use to her any morethan it is for the parish priest to tell you that you are regenerate when your life soon proves that you are not. She didnot touch John or James-that would have been of no more good to her than it is for you to be touched by a bishop's hands andto be told that you are confirmed in the faith when you are not even a Believer and, therefore, have no faith to be confirmedin! She touched the Master Himself and I pray you, do not be content unless you can do the same! Put out the hand of faithand touch Christ. Rest on Him. Rely on His atoning Sacrifice, His dying love, His rising power, His ascended plea-and as yourest in Him, your vital touch, however feeble, will certainly give you the blessing your soul needs!

This brings me to the second part of my discourse, upon which I will only say a little.


The healing energy streamed at once though the finger of faith into the woman. In Christ, there is healing for all spiritualdiseases. There is a speedy healing, a healing which will not take months nor years, but which is complete in one second!There is in Christ a sufficient healing, though your diseases should be multiplied beyond all bounds. There is in Christ anall-conquering power to drive out every ill. Though, like this woman, you baffle physicians and your case is reckoned desperatebeyond all parallel, yet a touch of Christ will heal you! What a precious, glorious Gospel I have to preach to sinners! Ifthey touch Jesus, no matter though the devil himself were in them, that touch of faith would drive the devil out of them!Though you were like the man into whom there had entered a legion of devils, the word of Jesus would cast then all into thedeep and you would sit at His feet, clothed, and in your right mind! There is no excess or extravagance of sin which the powerof Jesus Christ cannot overcome. If you can believe, whatever you may have been, you shall be saved! If you can believe, thoughyou have been lying in the scarlet dye till the warp and woof of your being are ingrained therewith, yet shall the preciousblood of Jesus make you white as snow! Though you have become black as Hell itself, and only fit to be cast into the Pit,yet if you trust Jesus, that simple faith shall give to your soul the healing which shall make you fit to tread the streetsof Heaven and to stand before Jehovah-Rophi's face, magnifying the Lord that heals you!

And now, child of God, I want you to learn the same lesson. Very likely when you came in here, you said, "Alas, I feel verydull. My spiritually is at a very low ebb. The place is hot and I do not feel prepared to hear-the spirit is willing, butthe flesh is weak-I shall have no holy enjoyment today!" Why not? Why, the touch of Jesus could make you live if you weredead! And surely it will stir the life that is in you, though it may seem to you to be expiring! Now, struggle hard, my Beloved,to get at Jesus! May the Eternal Spirit come and help you and may you yet find that your dull, dead time can soon become yourbest times! Oh, what a blessing it is that God takes the beggar up from the dunghill! He does not raise us when He sees usalready up, but when He finds us lying on the dunghill-then He delights to lift us up and set us among princes! Before youare aware, your soul may become like the chariots of Amminadib. Up from the depths of heaviness to the very heights of ecstaticworship you may mount in a single moment if you can but touch Christ Crucified! View Him yonder, with streaming wounds, withthorn-crowned head as, in all the majesty of His misery, He expires for you!

"Alas," you say, "I have a thousand doubts tonight," Ah, but your doubts will soon vanish when you draw near to Christ! Henever doubts who feels the touch of Christ-at least not when the touch lasts. For, observe this woman-she felt in her bodythat she was made whole, and so shall you, if you will only come into contact with the Lord. Do not wait for evidences, butcome to Christ for evidences! If you cannot even dream of a good thing in yourselves, come to Jesus Christ as you did thefirst time! Come to Him as if you never had come at all. Come to Jesus as a sinner and your doubts shall flee away.

"Yes," says another, "but my sins come to my remembrance, my sins since conversion." Well, then, return to Jesus when yourguilt seems to return. The fountain is still open and that fountain, you will remember, is not only open for sinners, butfor saints! What do the Scriptures say? "There shall be a fountain opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants ofJerusalem"-that is, for you Church members-for you Believers in Jesus! The fountain is still open! Come, Beloved, come toJesus anew, and whatever your sins are, or doubts, or heaviness, they shall all depart as soon as you can touch your Lord!

III. And now the last point is-and I will not detain you long upon it-IF SOMEBODY SHALL TOUCH JESUS, THE LORD WILL KNOW IT.

I do not know your names. A great number of you are perfect strangers to me. It matters nothing-your name is "somebody," andChrist will know you! You are a total stranger, perhaps, to everybody in this place, but if you get a blessing, there willbe two who will know it-you will and Christ will. Oh, if you should look to Jesus this day, it may not be registered in ourChurch book, and we may not hear of it, but it will still be registered in the courts of Heaven and they will set all thebells of the New Jerusalem ringing and all the harps of angels will take a fresh lease of music as soon as they know thatyou are born-again!-

"With joy the Father does approve

The fruit of His eternal love!

The Son with joy looks down and sees

The purchase of His agonies!

The Spirit takes delight to view

The holy soul He formed anew

And saints and angels join to sing

The growing empire of their King!" "Somebody!" I do not know the woman's name. I do not know who the man is, but-"Somebody!"-God'selecting love rests on you! Christ's redeeming blood was shed for you! The Spirit has worked an effectual work in you, oryou would not have touched Jesus-and all this Jesus knows!

It is a consoling thought that Christ not only knows the great children in the family, but He also knows the little ones.This Truth of God stands fast, "The Lord knows them who are His," whether they are only brought to know Him now, or whetherthey have known Him for 50 years. "The Lord knows them who are His." And if I am a part of Christ's body, I may be but thefoot, but the Lord knows the foot-and the head and the heart in Heaven feel acutely when the foot on earth is bruised! Ifyou have touched Jesus, I tell you that amidst the glories of angels and the everlasting hallelujahs of all the blood-boughtsouls around His Throne, He has found time to hear your sigh, to receive your faith and to give you an answer of peace! Allthe way from Heaven to earth there has rushed a mighty stream of healing power which has come from Christ to you! Since youhave touched Him, the healing power has touched you!

Now, as Jesus knows of your salvation, He wishes other people to know of it, and that is why He has put it into my heart tosay, "Somebody has touched the Lord." Where is that somebody? Somebody, where are you? Somebody, where are you? You have touchedChrist, though with a feeble finger, and you are saved! Let us know it. It is due to us to let us know. You cannot guess whatjoy it gives us when we hear of sick ones being healed by our Master! Some of you, perhaps, have known the Lord for monthsand you have not yet come forward to make an announcement of it-we beg you to do so. You may come forward tremblingly, asthis woman did. You may perhaps say, "I do not know what I should tell you." Well, you must tell us what she told the Lord-shetold Him all the truth. We do not want to hear anything else. We do not desire any sham experience. We do not want you tomanufacture feelings like somebody else's that you have read of in a book. Come and tell us what you have felt! We shall notask you to tell us what you have not felt, or what you

do not know. But, if you have touched Christ and you have been healed, I ask it, and I think I may ask it as your duty, aswell as a favor to us, to come and tell us what the Lord has done for your soul!

And you, Believers, when you come to the Lord's Table, if you draw near to Christ and have a sweet season, tell it to yourBrothers and Sisters. Just as when Benjamin's brothers went down to Egypt to buy corn, they left Benjamin at home, but theytook a sack for Benjamin, so you ought always to take a word home for the sick wife at home, or the child who cannot comeout. Take home food for those of the family who cannot come for it. God grant that you may always have something sweet totell of what you have experimentally known of the precious Truth of God, for while the sermon may have been sweet in itself,it comes with a double power when you can add, "and there was a savor about it which I enjoyed, and which made my heart leapfor joy!"

Whoever you may be, my dear Friend, though you may be nothing but a poor "somebody," yet if you have touched Christ, tellothers about it in order that they may come and touch Him, too! And the Lord bless you, for Christ's sake! Amen.


[This Exposition belongs to Sermon #3121, Volume 54-THE NECESSITY OF REGENERATION, but there was no space available for itthere.]

Let us once more read together part of this blessed soul-saving chapter. I suppose that more souls have been saved throughthe reading of this chapter than through almost any other portion of Holy Writ.

Verses 1, 2. There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: the same came to Jesus by night.He couldnot have come at a better time-the business of the day was over and all was quiet.

2. And said unto Him, Rabbi, we know that You are a Teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that You do exceptGod is with him. It is always well to go as far as you can in your avowal of belief in Christ. Nicodemus confessed what heknew to be true and he drew from it the thoroughly accurate conclusion that Christ must be a Teacher come from God becauseof the miracles which He worked. Dear Hearer, if you do not yet fully know Christ, take heed that you do not trifle with theTruth of God which you do know. If God has taught you a little about Him, prize that little and you shall have more! As wehave often said, "He that values moonlight shall yet have sunlight." Thank God if you know as much as Nicodemus knew-and askHim to teach you more.

3, 4. Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man is born-again, he cannot see the Kingdomof God. Nicodemus said unto Him, How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother's womband be born?'Staggering at the symbol, he stumbled at the letter of Christ's saying and did not perceive its inward sense.

5, 6. Jesus answered, Verily, verily, Isay unto you, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter intothe Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. Flesh, and nothing more. And it never can be anything more thanflesh. The first birth brings no one any further than that. The children of the most godly parents, so far as their sinfulnature is concerned, are in precisely the same condition as the offspring of the most ungodly. If they are ever to be numberedamong the children of God, they must be born-again, because "that which is born of the flesh is flesh."

6. And that which is born of the Spirit. And that alone-

6. Is spirit. Now, the flesh cannot enter into the spiritual Kingdom, only the spirit can enter that realm and, hence theneed of a new birth, that this spirit may be created in us.

7, 8. Marvel not that I said unto you, You must be born-again. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound thereof,but cannot tell where it comes, and where it goes: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit. He is a mystery. The effectof the work of the Spirit upon him is seen in him, but no man understands what the Spirit of God is, or how He

works, any more than he knows from where the wind [See Sermons #630, Volume 11-THE HOLY SPIRIT COMPARED TO THE WIND and #1356,Volume 23-THE HEAVENLY WIND]

comes, or where it goes.

9, 10. Nicodemus answered and said unto Him, How can these things be? Jesus answered and said unto him, Are you a master ofIsrael, and know not these things? A very similar query to that might be put to some who are living now-

"Are you profound philosophers, students deeply learned in classic lore, or wise concerning many of the mysteries of nature-yetknow you not these things? What will be the good of all your knowledge if you do not know how to gain admission into the Kingdomof Heaven? It would be better for a man to be ignorant of all other things, and to know this one thing, than to have all possiblehuman learning, and yet to miss this knowledge which is the most essential of all!

11. Verily, verily, I say unto you. [See Sermon #3053, Volume 53-JESUS CHRIST'S IDIOM.] Christ speaks with an authority thatno mere human teacher can ever possess.

11. We speak what We know, and testify what We have seen; and you receive not Our witness. In a certain sense, every trueminister of Christ and every true child of God can say this, for we know that there is a spiritual Kingdom. We have seen it,we have entered into it and we can testify that there is another life which is as much superior to the ordinary life of menas the life of men is superior to that of the brutes that perish! And we know that we have that superior life. We have othereyes than these eyes that are visible, and other ears than the ears of our flesh. There is a higher and better life to beenjoyed even now, and he that believes in Christ has that life. "We speak what we know and testify what we have seen," andyet, though our testimony would be believed if we gave it concerning anything else, we are not believed when we witness concerningthis higher and better life!

12. If I have told you earthly things. Things that take place here below, such as the new birth.

12. And you believe not, how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things?'Christ will not go on to teach us the deepestDoctrines of the Christian faith if we will not learn that which is simplest. Shall the boy be taught the classics if he willnot study the spelling book? If men will not believe that there is such a thing as the new birth, shall they be taught theDoctrine of Union to Christ, and all those higher Truths of God that rise out of it? They would not believe these things ifthey were taught them!

13. And no man has ascended up to Heaven, but He that came down from Heaven, even the Son of Man which is in Heaven. Therewas a nut that Nicodemus could not crack-a riddle that he could not solve-and the Savior left him thus puzzled, for the timebeing, that he might learn that unless he was taught of the Spirit, he could not understand the teaching of Christ. You andI, who have been taught of the Spirit, understand the meaning of these words, but Nicodemus did not, though he was "a masterof Israel." Now follows another passage of Scripture which I always rejoice to read in this Chapter. There are two great Truthsrevealed here-the one is that we must be born-again and the other is that whoever believes in Christ is saved. Sometimes thosetwo Truths seem to come into conflict with one another. A man says, "You say to me, 'Only believe, and you shall be saved.'And then, by-and-by, you tell me that I must be born-again. Are both these statements true?" Yes, they are both true, andthey are both in this Chapter. We have been reading about the necessity of regeneration, now comes the glorious freeness ofthe Gospel of Christ!

14. 15. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up: that whoever believesin Him should not perish but have eternal life. You must be born into a new life if you are to be saved! How are you to havethat great blessing? There is life for a look at Jesus Christ lifted up upon the Cross and lifted up in the preaching of theGospel. Look to Him, then, and as surely as those who were bitten by the serpents in the wilderness were healed the momentthat they looked at the serpent of brass, [See Sermon #153, Volume 3-the mysteries of the bronze serpent.] so surely shallevery son or daughter of Adam who gives a faith-

look at the Crucified Savior, be saved at once and forever!

16, 17. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, buthave everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him mightbe saved.There was no necessity for Christ to come here to condemn us, for we were already condemned by our sin! Why, then,did Jesus come? He must have come upon an errand of mercy, to bring salvation to the lost. It is even so-God sent Him forthat very purpose, that He might give eternal life to as many as believe on Him. Oh, the glorious freeness of this preciousGospel! Surely they deserve the deepest Hell who will not have Heaven upon such terms! They must forever perish if they rejectlife when it is set before them in this truly gracious manner!

18, 19. He that believes on Him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believedin the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation. The very first form of it, the proof of it, andthe reason for it-"This is the condemnation."

8 Real Contact with Jesus Sermon #3124

19-21. That light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil For everyonethat does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that does truth comesto the light, that his deeds may be made manifest that they are worked in God. Those who love their sins cannot, at the sametime, love the Savior! They must love the one and hate the other-and it is a terrible choice when they deliberately rejectthe only Savior, "the Light of the world," and choose the darkness of sin, the darkness of woe, the outer darkness where thereshall be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth!

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