Sermon 1328. Christ the Maker of All Things New

(No. 1328)




"Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."2 Corinthians, 5:17.

WE shall try to preach, this morning, of Christ as the Author of the new creation and may we be enabled by the Holy Spiritto speak to His Glory. To create all things new is one of His most famous achievements! May we not only gaze upon it but bepartakers in it. What says Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes? Does he not tell us, there, that "the thing that has beenshall be, and that which is done is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing under the sun"? No doubt Solomon wascorrect in this declaration, but he wrote of this world and not of the world to come of which we speak. For, behold, in theworld to come, that is to say, in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, all things are new!

To the wisest mind, if unrenewed, there is nothing new, but to the humblest of the regenerated ones, all things have becomenew. The word, "new," seems to harmonize sweetly with the name and work of our Lord Jesus, inasmuch as He comes in after theold system had failed and begins anew with us as the Father and Head of a chosen race. He is the Mediator of the New Covenantand has come to place us in a new relationship towards God. As the second Adam, He has delivered us from the old broken Covenantof Works wherein we lay under the curse and He has placed us under the new infallible Covenant of Grace wherein we are establishedby His merit.

The blood of Jesus Christ is said to be "the blood of the New Covenant"-there is thus a connection with newness even in themost vital point of our dear Redeemer's Person. The blood is to Him the life, thereof, and apart from that blood He can bestowno remission of sin. Thus there is a newness about that essential life-flood, for when He gives us to drink of His cup ofremembrance, He says, "this is My blood of the New Covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins." "Now has Heobtained a more excellent ministry, by how much, also, He is the Mediator of a better Covenant, which was established uponbetter promises."

The old Covenant, the old ceremonial Law, the old spirit of bondage and the whole of the old leaven, Jesus has purged outof the house. He has admitted to a new dispensation wherein Grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life. When ourLord Jesus came into the world, His birth of a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit was a new thing, for thus had the ProphetJeremiah said of old in the name of the Lord, "How long will you go about, O you backsliding daughter? For the Lord has createda new thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man." Unto us a Child is born who is the virgin's Son, in whom we do rejoicebecause He comes into the world without taint of original sin, after a new fashion, as never man was born before!

Coming thus into the old world, He publishes new doctrine, for His doctrine is called Gospel, or Good News. It is the freshestnews that an anxious heart can hear! It is the most novel music by which a troubled breast can be soothed! Jesus Christ'steaching is still the best news of these days, as it was centuries ago. Though the world has had nearly 1900 years of theglad tidings, the Gospel has the dew of its youth upon it and when men hear it they still ask, as the Greeks did of old, "Whatnew doctrine is this?"

Our Lord Jesus has come to set up, by the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, a new kingdom, a kingdom having new laws,new customs, a new charter and new riches. It is a kingdom which is not of this world-a kingdom founded upon better principlesand bringing infinitely better results to its subjects than any other dominion that has ever been. Into that kingdom He introducesonly new men, who are made new creatures in Christ Jesus, who therefore love His new commandments and serve Him in newnessof spirit and not in the oldness of the letter.

Moreover, Christ has opened for us an entrance into the kingdom of Heaven above, for now we come to God "by a new and livingway, which He has consecrated for us through the veil, that is to say, His flesh." When, in days to come,

we shall meet Him again, there will still be novelty, for He has said, "I will not drink from now on of the fruit of the vineuntil that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's kingdom." Indeed, concerning our Lord and Master, everything isnew and was it not so prophesied? For did not Isaiah say, in the 43rd chapter, 18th verse, "Remember you not the former things,neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not

know it?"

And to the same effect was his prophecy in the 65th chapter, 17th verse: "For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth:and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create: for, behold,I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy." This newness of everything was to be a leading feature in Messiah'sreign and it has already been so, but far more shall this be seen in the latter days. Does not John in Revelation 21:5, say, "He who sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new"? Foretold in former ages as the Creator of new heavensand a new earth, our Lord shall, at last, in the summing up, be plainly seen to be the Maker of all things new.

Do you wonder, Beloved, that if a man is in Christ he is a new creature? If everything that Christ touches is made new, ifHe refreshes and revives, if He re-establishes and re-edifies and new-creates wherever He goes, are you at all astonishedthat those who live nearest to His heart-no, are in vital union with His blessed Person-should also be made new? It wouldbe very astonishing if it were not so! Let us direct our attention, then, to the teaching of the text, "If any man is in Christ,he is a new creature."

I. We shall first consider with brevity THE GROUND OF THE NOVELTY which is here spoken of. It is, "If any man is in Christ,he is a new creature," not otherwise. No man comes to be a new creature by any process apart from Christ. "If any man is inChrist, he is a new creature," but if any man is not in Christ, he is not a new creature, nor can he become so except by connectionwith Him of whom it is written that He is "the beginning of the creation of God." As in the old creation, "without Him wasnot anything made that was made," so is it in the new! He makes all things new, but the things that are apart from Him havewaxed old and are ready to perish-neither can they renew their youth.

As well might the face of the earth hope to be renewed with spring apart from the sun, as for a soul to hope for spiritualrenewal apart from Jesus! The wonderful newness produced by regeneration and new creation is the work of the Holy Spirit andHis operations are all in union with the Lord Jesus and aimed at His Glory. "He that believes on the Son has everlasting life:and He that believes not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." But how comes it that a man is,indeed, a new creature if he is in Christ?

I answer, first, it comes necessarily from the representative Character of Christ towards those who are in Him. If you wanteda man to be made a new creature, and were Omnipotent, what process would suggest itself to you? I think a double one. To makean old creature into a new creature, there must first be the stroke which ends him and then the touch which begins him anew.To put it more plainly, there must be death and then life. Now, has that taken place upon those who are in Christ? Of courseit has, if it has taken place upon Christ, Himself, because He is the Head and represents the members!

As Adam acted for the seed in him, so Christ has acted for the seed in Him. See, then, Beloved, Christ has died. He came beforethe Judgment Seat with our sins upon Him, the Representative of those of whom He is the Head. And in Him, death, which wasthe penalty of sin, was fulfilled to the letter-its most bitter dregs being drunk up. Jesus died. We are certain that He died,for the executioners broke not His legs because they saw that He was already dead. So one of the soldiers pierced His sidewith a spear and there came out blood and water. We know that He died, for the jealous eyes of His enemies would not havepermitted Him to have been taken down from the Cross unless the life had assuredly departed.

He was laid in the grave, assuredly dead, under the dominion of Death for the time being. And you and I who are in Him, atthat time, died in Him. "If one died for all, then all died." Such is the proper translation of that passage. We died, forHe died in our name. Our sin was punished in Him by the death which He endured. You see, then, Brothers and Sisters, we aredead-dead by virtue of our Federal Union with Jesus Christ. I mean not all of you, unless you are all in Christ Jesus. Judgewhether it is so with you or not. But I mean as many as the Father gave to Christ! As many as Christ, in His intent, did speciallyredeem by becoming their Substitute-these were in Him and in Him they died-being crucified with Him.

In Him, also, all His people rose again when He rose! On the third day He burst the bonds of Death and left the grave on ourbehalf! See how the Holy Spirit, by His servant Paul, identifies us with all this. "Now if we are dead with Christ, we believethat we shall also live with Him: knowing that Christ, being raised from the dead, dies no more. Death has no more dominionover Him. For in that He died, He died unto sin once: but in that He lives, He lives unto God. Likewise reckon you, also,yourselves, to be dead, indeed, unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord."

As far as He was our Representative, He was a new man when He rose. The Law had no claims upon Him-He had been dead and sohad passed out of its jurisdiction. The Law never had any claim upon the risen Christ-it had a claim upon Him when He cameunder the Law, but when He had satisfied it to the last jot and tittle, by death-He was completely clear! Has the law of ourcountry any claim upon a man after he is dead? If a dead man can be raised again, all his past offenses are done with-he beginsa new life and is not under the old law.

And so with Christ and so with us, for here is the point of union-we are risen with Him by faith of the Resurrection of Christ.We have been dead and buried, and now we are risen, and thus this, which is the very best and surest process for making aperson a new creature, has been undergone by all God's elect, by reason of the representative and sacrificial death of JesusChrist and His glorious representative Resurrection on their behalf! But, Beloved, there is another meaning. We are made newcreatures by an actual process as well as by the legal process which I have described, and here, also, the same thing is done.

We are made vitally one with Jesus Christ when we believe in Him-and then do we spiritually die and are made to live again.Our faith apprehends the dying of Christ and we feel, at the same time, the sentence of death in ourselves. We see how wedeserve to die for sin and we accept the sentence, confessing our guiltiness before the Most High, and there is proclaimedthroughout the powers and passions of the soul, a decree from God that the flesh shall die with all its lusts. We write downsin as from now on dead to us and ourselves as dead to it! We labor to mortify all our evil desires and the lusts of the fleshand all that comes of the flesh!

When we believe in Jesus, a sword goes through the very loins of sin and the arrows of the Lord stick fast in the hearts ofthe King's enemies that lurk within our spirit. There also comes a new life into us as we behold Jesus risen from the dead.When we believe in Jesus we receive from God a new vital principle of superior and heavenly character, akin to Deity-theredrops into our soul a sacred Seed from the hand of the eternal Spirit, living and incorruptible, which abides forever-andforever brings forth fruit after its kind. As we believe in Christ living, we live in Christ and live after the fashion ofChrist-and the Spirit of Him that raised up Christ from the dead dwells in our mortal bodies, making us to live in newnessof life!

Now, Beloved, do you know anything about this? Have you been made new creatures by death and resurrection? If you have beenbaptized, you have professed that so it has been with you. "Know you not that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christwere baptized into His death? Therefore we are buried with Him by Baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up fromthe dead by the Glory of the Father, even so we, also, should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted togetherin the likeness of His death, we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection." In the ordinance of Baptism, by burialin the water and rising up from it, there is a setting forth as in a type and figure of our Lord's burial and Resurrectionand, at the same time, it is an emblem of the process by which we become new creatures in


But is it really so in your souls? Are you from now on dead to the world, and dead to sin, and quickened into the life ofChrist? If you are so, then the text will bear to you a third and practical meaning, for it will not merely be true that yourold man is condemned to die and a new nature is bestowed, but in your common actions you will try to show this by newnessof actual conversation. Evils which tempted you at one time will be unable to beguile you, now, because you are dead to them!The charms of the painted face of the world will no longer attract your attention, for your eyes are blind to such deceitfulbeauties! You have obtained a new life which can only be satisfied by new delights, which can only be excited by new objectsand constrained by new principles suitable to its own nature! This you will continually show.

The life of God within you will make your actions pregnant with holiness and the end, thereof, shall be everlasting life!Your faith in Christ clearly evinces you to be a new creature, for it kills your old confidences and makes you build upona new basis. Your love to Christ also shows your newness, for it has slain your old actions and captured your heart for Jesusonly. And your hope, which is also a gift of the blessed Spirit, is set upon new things altogether, while your old

hopes are things of which you are now ashamed. Thus it is that first, by the Headship of Christ, you are legally dead andalive, again.

Next, by your vital union with Christ, you are dead and alive, again, as a matter of experience. And now it is practicallyproven in your life, from day to day, that you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God. In all these three ways youare new creatures by the double process of dying and quickening. You are under a new Adam and so start life afresh as newcreatures. You are under a new Covenant and commence to act under different principles and so are new creatures. You are quickenedby a new Spirit and so in thought and word and deed are seen to be new creatures. But all this is in Christ, and if you arenot in Christ you are still in the old world which must shortly be destroyed. As "by the Word of God were the heavens made,and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth," so have you been created by Jesus, the Eternal Word, and quickened byHis Spirit or else you still abide in death.

If your faith has never laid her hand upon Christ's Sacrifice for sin, then your soul has never felt the regenerating influenceof the Holy Spirit! And all the baptismal regeneration and all else of human invention that may now comfort you is but a vaindeceit. You must be born again, but it can only be in Christ Jesus, for to "as many as received Him, to them gave He powerto become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name." "He that has the Son has life; and He that has not theSon of God has not life."

O that we may all believe in Him, and enter into the new life-

"Author of the new creation, Come with all Your Spirit's power! Make our hearts Your habitation, On our souls Your Gracesshower."

II. I shall, in the second place, lead you to consider the ESSENCE OF THIS NOVELTY. "If any man is in Christ, He is a newcreature." Read, and the reading will be accurate, "He is a new creation." This is a very sweeping statement. A man in Christis not the old man purified, nor the old man improved, nor the old man in a better humor, nor the old man with additions andsubtractions! Nor is he the old man dressed in gorgeous robes! No, he is a new creature altogether! As for the old man, whatis to be done with him? Can he not be sobered, reformed and made to do us useful service? No, he is crucified with Christand bound to die by a lingering but certain death!

The capital sentence is passed upon him, for he cannot be mended and, therefore, must be ended. "The carnal mind is enmityagainst God: for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither, indeed, can be." You cannot change the old nature! It is immutablybad and the sooner it is put away as a filthy and unclean thing, the better for us! The Believer, so far as he is in Christ,is a new creation! He is not the old stuff put into a new fashion, or the old material worked up into an improved form, butabsolutely a new creation! To create is to make out of nothing and that is precisely how the newborn life came into us. Itis not a development, or an outgrowth, but a creation-a heavenly something called into being by a power from above.

The new man in us is made out of nothing that was in us before, for Nature does not assist Grace but is opposed to it. Christhas not found light stored away in our darkness, nor life amid the corruption of our spiritual death! The new birth is fromabove and the life produced thereby is a new creation and not the goodness of Nature educated till it becomes Grace! Theyare getting up a notion, in certain quarters, that the children of pious parents, if not of all mankind, are the childrenof God by their first birth and only need certain training and influences to be brought to bear upon them and then they willdevelop into Christians as they grow up into manhood and womanhood.

One Divine says that our children ought not to need conversion! This theory is false throughout, for the best of childrenare, by nature, heirs of wrath even as others! The Grace of God in the soul is a new creation and not the natural developmentof a pious education and training working upon the innate goodness of men! Indeed there is no such goodness there at all!It is altogether a dream! The new man in Christ is not the old creature washed and put out to school and elevated by "modernthought and culture." No, the Ethiopian cannot change his skin, nor the leopard his spots-do what you will with them-theywill still be an Ethiopian and a leopard!

But the new man in Christ is another creature altogether. Mark you, it is not said that the man has something new about him,but he, himself, is new! It is not merely that in a spiritual sense he has new eyes, new hands and new feet-but he, he, he,he, himself, is a new creation! Mark that! Do you not see, then, that salvation is the work of God? You cannot create yourselfand you cannot create anything at all! Try and create a fly, first, and then you may dream of being able to

create a new heart and a right spirit in another person! But even then it would be quite another matter to new create yourself.

Is not the very idea an absurdity? Shall nothing create something? Shall darkness create light? Shall sin create holiness?Shall death create life? Shall the devil create God? None of these questions are more absurd than the idea of the sinner'sbeing able to new create himself. No, Beloved, regeneration is an extraordinary work, demanding Omnipotence to accomplishit! It is, in fact, a Divine work, for it is the supreme prerogative of God to create-

"KKnow that the Lord is God alone, He can create, and He destroy." If any man is in Christ, it is not only said that he isa creation, but a new creation, and the word here translated, "new," as has been well observed, does not signify recent, butsomething altogether different from that which previously existed! A book may be new and yet it may be only a fresh copy ofsome old work. But that is not the case in this instance. The creature is not a new specimen of the same kind as the old,but another and different creation!

We might almost read the text as if it said, "If any man is in Christ, he is a fresh creation, a new kind of creature altogether."The new creation differs essentially from the old, although the first is an instructive emblem of the second. The first creationwas the work of physical power, the second a work of spiritual power-the first created, for the most part, materialism inits various forms-but the new creation deals with spiritual things and manifests the most sublime attributes of the DivineCharacter. God, in Nature, is glorious, but in Grace He is all-glorious!

The second is a creation nearer to the heart of God than the first creation was, for when He made the world He simply saidit was good. But when He makes the new creation, it is written, "He shall rest in his love; He shall rejoice over you withsinging." So gladdening to His heart is the sight of the new creature which His Grace has made, that He sings a joyful hymn!Furthermore, we must note that if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature and the creation of him bears some resemblanceto the creation of the world.

I have at other times gone through that wonderful first chapter of the Book of Genesis, which is a Bible in miniature, andI have shown you how it sets forth the spiritual creation. Behold, by nature we lie like chaos-a mass of disorder, confusionand darkness. As in the old creation, so in the new. The Spirit of God broods over us and moves upon the face of all things.Then the Word of the Lord comes and says within us, as before in chaos and old night, "Let there be light," and there is light.After light there comes a division of the light from the darkness and we learn to call them by their names. The light is,"day," and the darkness is, "night."

So to us there is a knowing and a naming of things and a discerning of differences in matters which before we were ashamedwhen we put light for darkness. After a while there comes forth in us the lower forms of spiritual life. As in the earth therecame grasses and herbs, so in us there come desire, hope and sorrow for sin. By-and-by there appeared on the globe fowl, fish,beasts and living things-and life beyond all count. So, also, in the new creation, from having life we go on to have it moreabundantly. God, by degrees, created all His works till at last He had finished all the host of them. And even so He workson till He completes in us the new creation and looks upon us with rejoicing! Then He brings to us a day of rest, blessingus and causing us to enter into His rest because of His finished work. We could draw a very beautiful parallel if we had time,but you can think it out for yourselves.

Now, notice very carefully that if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, and this certifies that a new creation hastaken place upon every man who is in Christ, whether by nature he was a Jew or Gentile, a moralist or a rake, a philosopheror a fool! When a man is converted and brought to Christ, he has invariably become a new creature. If he has believed in Jesusonly three minutes, yet he is a new creature! And if he has known the Lord 70 years he can be no more. A new creation is anew creature and in this matter there is no difference between the babe in Grace and the father in Israel!

As this creation is common to all the saints, so is it immediate and present. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature."It is not spoken of as a something that is to happen to him in the last article of death, wherein some seem to hope that manywonderful changes will be worked in them! But he who is in Christ is a new creature now. "Neither circumcision nor uncircumcisionavails anything, but a new creature." And that new creature is now possessed and, I may add, consciously possessed, too, foralthough there may arise occasional doubts upon this question, yet in a man's inmost self he finds cause to know that therehas passed upon him a marvelous change which only God, Himself, could have worked.

This change is universal in the man. The new man is not full grown in every part, nor, in fact, in any part, and yet in allthe portions of his regenerated nature he is a new creature. I mean this-if any man is in Christ, it is not merely his mentaleye that is a new creation, but he, himself, is a new creation! He has a new heart according to the promise, "A new heart,also, will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you." He has new ears, hearing what he refused to hear before. Hehas a new tongue and can pray with it as he never prayed before! He has new feet and these delight to run in the ways of God'sCommandments.

I refer, of course, only to His inner man, that is altogether new, and not any one part of it, only. If a man is merely enlightenedin understanding, what is that? It is good, but it is not salvation! A new brain is not all that is needed to make a new man.A new man is spiritually new-created from head to foot. Though but a babe in Grace and not fully developed in any one part,yet he is new, "created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has before ordained that we should walk in them" (Eph. 2:10).Thus have I tried to show you the essence of the novelty.

III. Let us next consider THE EXTENT OF THE NOVELTY. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passedaway; behold, all things have become new." It seems, then, that not only is the man a new creature, but he has entered intoa new creation. He has opened his eyes in a new world! Imagine Adam falling asleep at the gates of Paradise just under thecherubim's flaming sword, with the thorns and thistles springing up before him, and the serpent's trail behind him! And thenfurther picture him lying there in a deep sleep till the Lord touches him, makes him open his eyes and causes him to findhimself in a better Paradise than the one he had lost!

It was not so in reality, but can you imagine such a thing? If so, it may serve as a symbol of what the Lord has done forus. We are made new and find ourselves in a new world! What about the old things? The text says they have passed away. TheGreek word gives the idea of their having passed away spontaneously. I cannot liken it to anything that I know of better thanthe snow which melts in the sun. You wake up one morning and all the trees are festooned with snowy wreaths, while down belowupon the ground the snow lies in a white sheet over everything. Lo, the sun has risen, its beams shed a genial warmth andin a few hours, where is the snow? It has passed away!

Had you hired a thousand carts and horses and machines to sweep it away it could not have been more effectually removed. Ithas passed away. That is what the Lord does in the new creation-His love shines on the soul, His Grace renews us and the oldthings pass away as a matter of course. Where are your old views about which you used to be so positive? Where are those oldopinions for which you could freely have knocked a man down? Where are those old sneers against God's people? Where are thoseold pleasures which you took so much delight in? Where are those old engrossing pursuits? Had you a hard tug to get away fromthese bonds?

Where are those old joys, those old hopes, those old trusts, those old confidences? Was it difficult to shake them off? Ah,no! Beneath the power of the Holy Spirit they have passed away! You hardly know how it is, but they have gone and gone completely.As a dream, when one awakes, you have despised their image and your heart knows them no more. It is marvelous, in this newcreation, how the Lord makes confusion and old night to fly! You may call for them and say, "Chaos, where are you?" But noanswer comes back, for old things are passed away! Our Lord Jesus Christ causes all this! Where His blessed face beams withGrace and truth, as the sun with warmth and light, He dissolves the bands of sin's long frost and brings on the spring ofGrace with newness of buds and flowers.

But when you remove the old what is to take its place? Do you not observe that new things have come? "Behold, all things arebecome new." Now the man has new views, new notions, new ambitions, new convictions, new desires, new hopes, new dreads, newaims, new principles and new affections! He is led by a new spirit and follows a new course of life! Everything about him,in fact, is as if he had come fresh from the hand of God! Even as with the cleansed leper, as his flesh came, again, to himas the flesh of a little child and he was clean, so it is with the heart renewed by Grace! Beloved, it is delightful to readin the Book of Revelation and anticipate the things which are to be hereafter. How full that book is of novelties which illustrateour subject, for there you read of a new name which the Lord bestows upon those who overcome.

Perhaps some of you used to be known by some nickname or vulgar epithet while you lived in the world and were a lover of it.Now, in all probability, you are called by quite a different name among your Christian friends. Saul the persecutor is calledPaul when he becomes an Apostle. Moreover, there is a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name, which no man knows,saving he that receives it. You have been named with the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of

the Holy Spirit, and you wear, from now on, that name by which the whole family in Heaven and earth is named. Grace also hastaught you a new song, "He has put a new song into my mouth and established my goings." You are rehearsing the music of thatglorious band of whom it is written, "They sung a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the book and to open the sealsthereof."

Now are you a citizen of a new city, the New Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven from God, which shall be establishedamong the sons of men in the last days as the world's metropolis, concerning which they shall say, "The temple of God is withmen and He does dwell among them." Beloved, each one of you has now become part of one new man. Do you know what I mean bythat? There were once the Jews and the Gentiles, but now, said Paul, Christ "has broken down the middle wall of partition;for to make in Himself of two, one new man, so making peace." The mystical body of Christ is the one new man and we are membersof that body! From now on we have communion with all saints and to us "there is neither Greek nor Jew, bound nor free, butChrist is all, and in all."

Even now we have commenced to live in a new Heaven and walk upon a new earth-and we are anticipating the time when literally,on this very earth where we have struggled, there shall be set up a new condition of things, for the first Heaven and thefirst earth shall have passed away and there shall be no more sea. Rolled up like a scroll shall yon blue heavens be, andthe elements shall melt with fervent heat. Nevertheless, we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earthto which, in expectation, we are always drawing near and pressing forward with inward yearning, for already in Christ Jesuswe are a part of that new creation which is more fully to be revealed.

IV. Fourthly let us consider THE RESULT OF THIS NOVELTY. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature." Well, the resultof this novelty is, first, that the man is already a great wonder to himself. You know the Pythagorean doctrine of the transmigrationof souls-the soul passing, first, into one body and then into another-and so existing under different conditions. We do notbelieve that fiction for a moment, but if it had been true, the memories of such souls must have been stored with varied information,surpassingly strange to hear.

Ours is another transformation. It is death and resurrection-the old passing away and the new being created-and how remarkableare the experiences of the men who have been so transformed! Here is a man who is a new creature and he has a very distinctrecollection of the time when he was something far other than he is now! What a change he has undergone! Suppose a swine couldsuddenly be turned into a man and yet remember what it did when it was one of the herd! What an experience it would have totell! If you could take a hog from the trough and turn it into an emperor, that would not be half so great a change as isaccomplished when an unregenerated sinner becomes a saint!

I guarantee you the emperor would not find much cause for glorifying in his former swinish state! He would be silent and ashamedwhen others mentioned it. If he alluded to that state, it would always be with the blushes of humiliation and the tears ofgratitude. If anybody began to talk about it and he knew that there might be others about him that might be helped by hearingwhat the Lord had done, he would begin to tell, in a gentle, modest way, how the Lord transformed him from a swine into amonarch. But he would never, never boast-how could he? In such a case the poor swine would have no responsibility and couldnot be blamed for wallowing in the mire.

But this cannot be said of us, for when we acted as swine we knew better and sinned willfully. Still, what a change it is!How I wonder at myself! How I marvel at the goodness of my God! How I adore that sacred power which has made me the childof two births, the subject of two creations! He first made me in the fashion of a man and then made me in the image of theMan, Christ Jesus! I was first born to die and then born to live eternally! Let us bless God and be full of lowly wonder thismorning!

The next result of this new creation is, however, that the man does not feel at home in this present evil world, for thisis the old creation. The new man, the twice-born man, feels as if he were out of his element and not in a congenial country.He dwells in a body which is nothing better than a frail, uncomfortable, easily removed tent in which he groans, earnestlydesiring to enter his own house at home, the house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Wherever he goes, things seemout of order with the rule which is set up in his soul. He loves not the world, neither the things in the world. The world'sglories do not charm him and its treasures do not enchant him. Earth's music grates upon his refined ears, which are tunedto heavenly harmony! Its dainties do not delight the taste which has learned to enjoy the Bread of Heaven. The new creaturespine to be in the new creation!

And Beloved, while we are pining we are preparing! The Spirit of God is working us to this same thing and filling us withgroans and pangs of strong desires which indicate that we are becoming more and more fit to be partakers with the saints inlight-they who see the face of the Beloved without a veil and drink in ever new delights! Mark, once more, while the new creatureis thus watching and waiting for the new creation, he is, meanwhile, extending an influence, more or less unconscious, overthe old world in which he dwells. Just as our Lord has gone to Heaven to prepare a place for us, so we, His people, are stoppinghere to prepare a place for Him.

We are, by His Grace, winning men from the world to Christ! We are raising the tone of morals, we are spreading light andtruth on all sides by the power of the Spirit and so we are helping to make the world more ready to receive the great King.We are seeking out His jewels. We are bringing His rebellious subjects to His feet. The life that is in us seems out of placein this mortal frame, for the body is dead because of sin and, therefore, we groan, being burdened. As for the world itself,it is not our rest, for it is polluted.

It seems a dreadful thing for the living Spirit to be dwelling in this graveyard of a world, but it is necessary for us tobe here. We are linked with a creation made subject to vanity, because it was thus subjected, not willingly, but by reasonof Him who has subjected the same in hope that the creation, itself, "shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption intothe glorious liberty of the children of God." We are here as links between the spiritual and the material and we are workingout Divine purposes for the fuller display of the Divine Glory!

We comfort one another with these words and as new creatures in Jesus Christ, we look for the new heavens and the new earthand for the coming of your Lord and Savior! Know you not that when He shall appear, then shall you, also, appear with Himin glory? Let us, even now, bow before Him and salute Him with the language of our hymn-

"To You the world its treasure brings!

To You its mighty bow!

To You the Church exulting springs

Her Sovereign, Savior!

Beneath Your touch, beneath Your smile,

New hea vens and earth appear,

No sin their beauty to defile,

Nor dim them with a tear."