Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 9, 2024

Christian nationalists! and, Respect the beliefs of others!


(Ezekiel 3:17; Isaiah 62:6; Luke 19:40)

***PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM BILL KELLER: Seek the Lord today for boldness, for courage, to speak out and declare God's Truth!

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to do whatever part You are asking me to play in helping to turn this nation back to You and Your Truth! I know that Your judgment is upon our nation, and that our time is very short. Leading our nation back to You oh God can bring a "stay" of Your hand of judgment for a season and we can see a mighty harvest of souls for the Kingdom here and around the world. In the fact of such blatant evil that exists, show Yourself strong oh Lord, rise up, use me and those who will not bow our knee to baal for Your glory. May this world see the power, might, and majesty of Almighty God, a God who will not be mocked! USE ME OH GOD...USE MY LIFE! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The US government is targeting “Christian nationalists!” Christian nationalist is a fairly new term that is being used in the secular world, by government law enforcement agencies and the corporate media as a pejorative. They equate a Christian nationalist with a domestic terrorist, a white supremacist, people who are colluding to overthrow the government and replace it with a theocracy. They claim that Christian nationalists are “Christofascists,”basically Christian Hitlers! Obviously this is sheer nonsense and is being used as a weapon to silence Christians who speak out in the public square. There is a very SMALL, FRINGE element who believe that the United States should be a theocracy, much like Muslim nations such as Iran are a theocracy. However, that belief is not just a contradiction of the US Constitution but also of the Bible! A founding principle of this nation was the freedom of religion. As Christians, we understand God gave man the free will to believe whatever he wants. We realize it is part of our responsibility as followers of Christ to share His hope and love with the lost. This whole Christian nationalist narrative has sprung up by the corporate media to slime true followers of Jesus Christ as a “danger to democracy,” and is being used by government law enforcement agencies to target activist Christians such as those in the pro-life movement who they see as the enemy to their “religion” of killing innocent babies. One of my mantras for the 30 years I have been in the ministry, 24 years online and 20 years on TV, has been to challenge God's people to stand up and to speak out. Inaction and silence is NOT an option for the follower of Jesus Christ! Sadly, even today it is estimated that apx. 50% of people who identify as Christians never vote. I get the argument that politics is an evil institution, that we are not of this world. However, for this season we are IN this world and there is much in God's Word that speaks about being a Godly citizen. Taking a stand on the issues that affect our faith is something every Christian should be part of. Working to elect men and women to office who will best represent our faith beliefs should be a priority for all followers of Christ. We understand we are electing people to public office, not electing a pastor. SPEAKING OUT SO GOD'S TRUTH IS INCLUDED IN THE CONVERSATION ON THE ISSUES OF THE DAY IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL BELIEVERS! Those who are condemning Christian nationalists are sending a message to all Christians to stay in your church, sing your songs, pray your prayers, and when church is over go home and shut up! The Christian nationalist pejorative is meant to intimidate Christians into non-action and silence. Accusing us of being fascists is saying our beliefs are rooted in authoritatism that everyone must adhere to. We are allowed to believe what we want to, but we must keep those beliefs to ourselves and stay out of the public square. Sadly, Christians have done a great job of self-censoring and this new assault on our beliefs is meant to silence us even further. NOW MORE THAN EVER WE MUST NOT BE SILENT AND BOLDLY AND LOUDLY DECLARE GOD'S TRUTH TO THIS LOST AND FALLEN WORLD!!!

“We are in a NY City “pub” at the time of the Revolution. This is where the patriots met to plot their freedom from King George. WELCOME TO THE LIVEPRAYER “PUB” OF 2023 AS THOSE WHO LOVE JESUS MEET DAILY TO TAKE DOWN sATAN AND HIS MINIONS!!! FIGHT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!!” (Liveprayer.com Tuesday June 13, 2023)

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How "respect the beliefs of others" is actually code language to silence you from telling others the Truth of God's Word and about Jesus. If you have ever heard people discuss matters of faith, the one phrase that you will hear constantly is to "respect the beliefs of others."

On the surface this sounds very reasonable. After all, we are taught to respect other people, respect what others believe. However, I want to tell you what is really meant by "respect the beliefs of others." This phrase is actually code language for the damnable lie that there are many roads which lead to God and everyone in their own way will get there. This is the mantra of the satanic ecumenical movement as well as those who promote unity at the expense of the Truth of God's Word.

Let me give you a test. How many times in the last week, in the last month, have you had someone tell you that you need to "respect the beliefs of others?" If I had just $1 for every time I hear that each week, I would never have to worry about the finances of the ministry ever again. This is what people who have chosen to reject God, reject the Bible, and reject Jesus Christ, will say to you when you take a stand for the Truth of God's Word. If people are not saying this to you, then you haven't been taking a bold enough stand for Biblical Truth!

I guarantee you that if you tell people abortion is murder, you will hear, "respect he beliefs of others." I guarantee you that if you tell people that homosexuality is a sin, you will hear, "respect the beliefs of others." I guarantee you that if you tell people that living together is not God's plan and is a sin, you will hear, "respect the beliefs of others." I guarantee you that if you tell people that those who follow the cults, false religions, and New Age philosophies of the world will die and go to hell, you will hear, "respect the beliefs of others." I guarantee you that if you tell people there is only ONE WAY to be saved, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ, you will hear, "respect the beliefs of others."


Sadly, this phrase has now even found its way into the church. I totally understand hearing this from the lost, but when I hear it as much from those who profess to know Jesus as their Savior, this is a HUGE problem! So many who are followers of Christ have been bullied by the non-believing world into keeping their mouths shut, intimidated into silence, and quite honestly, beaten up so bad on those occasions when they did speak out, they find it easier to stay silent when confronted with the opportunity to take a Biblical stand on the issues confronting the world and in the lives of those they interact with.

This "respect the beliefs of others" mindset is most prominently displayed by those in the damnable ecumenical movement. This is the move of satan that tries to bring people in all the cults and false religions around the world together into one group that one day will form the "one world religion." The ONLY way a Christian can be involved in such a group is to compromise and literally abandon the Absolute Truth of God's Word.

God clearly tells us in His Word, "What fellowship does light have with darkness?" We have not been called to lay aside the precious truths in God's Word for the sake of harmony with those who reject that truth. Where is that in the Bible? What we HAVE been called to do is to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and let them know there is only one source of Truth and that is in the Bible...period!

Listen, there is nothing wrong with being peaceful and respectful of those who hold different beliefs. As a matter of fact, if we are to win them to Christ, we need to find some common ground to dialogue. However, that does NOT and NEVER WILL mean compromising God's Word. NEVER! We can't force everyone to believe. We can't force everyone to fall on their knees and profess Christ as their Savior. We can however, share God's Truth with everyone we meet and we can tell them that Jesus is their only hope and answer in this life and for all eternity. At that point, it is up to them to decide what they want to believe. How is simply sharing our faith in Jesus Christ not respecting the beliefs of others?

I love you and care about you so much. My word for you today is to not let anyone intimidate you into silence by telling you to "respect the beliefs of others." Jesus said that if you are silent, the very rocks will cry out! I am amused at those who boldly promote to the masses every sin man can dream up, boldly propagate the lies of the cults and false religions of the world, yet those very same people are the first to tell someone who is simply declaring what God says in His Word to "respect the beliefs of others," or to shut up!

In this politically correct world we now live in where the Truth has been exchanged for the lie, we have been conditioned to not say anything that someone else may find offensive. I am sorry, but the Bible IS offensive to those who reject it and always will be. The TRUTH will always be offensive to those who live in rebellion to it. God told us to preach the Gospel, not make people feel good. Paul warned about those who were simply "tickling the ears" of those who heard them. THE PROBLEM WE HAVE TODAY IS WE HAVE TOO MANY EAR TICKLERS AND NOT ENOUGH PREACHERS!!!

I wish you could read my emails each day. It doesn't really matter what the topic is, the one comment I get over and over every day is to "respect the beliefs of others." I clearly state that God gave us the free will to believe whatever we want. I can't make those choices for anyone, they have to make them for themselves. My job is to simply declare the Truth of God's Word, let them know that Jesus loves them, and that He is their hope now and for all eternity. What those who listen do with that message is between them and God. The funny thing is if they are that offended they can stop reading, but they want me silenced!!!

I will pray for you today. Pray that you would not be bullied into silence by those who tell you to "respect the beliefs of others." I pray that you will have the boldness and courage to simply declare what God says in the Bible. Those who live in rebellion to God and His Word want to stop His Truth from being told. They want to silence anyone who is calling people to repentance and challenging them to turn their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. "Respect the beliefs of others" is code language to silence you from sharing the Truth of the Bible and the hope and love of Christ with people. I am telling you today to respect others enough to tell them the TRUTH!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and co-laborer in His work,

Bill Keller