Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 14, 2024

God's love!


(Isaiah 29:13; James 3:9,10)

***PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM BILL KELLER: Honor God today with how you live your life!

**DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, even though we have no right to ask, please continue to watch over this nation. Thank You for showing us the clear signs of destruction our sin and rebellion have heaped upon our land. I pray today that as a nation we will turn back to You and Your Truth. Give me strength as days of persecution are upon us, and let me stand proud and strong for You and Your Kingdom. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Exposing a HUGE LIE of the globalists. I first began covering the migration of mostly Muslims from Syria and Northern Africa into Europe in 2014. One reason I talk about what is happening in Europe is because in almost every case what happens in Europe will eventually make its way to the United States. The global elites that controlled much of Europe in 2014 hailed the migrant invasion as a positive thing for the European countries, primarily that mass migration would drive economic growth. We now know a decade later it was not positive in ANY WAY, especially economically. First of all you have the 1400 year historical fact that no place Muslims have settled throughout the world did they try in any way to assimilate into that culture. The exact opposite was true. Every place Muslims settled over their 1400 year history, they tried to force Islam onto the existing culture. Over the last decade, European countries have revolted against the migration of Muslims into their countries. It has led to a populous revolt with nationalist politicians replacing globalist pols. It has these countries huge increases in crime, made their countries less safe, and due to Muslims refusal to assimilate caused endless societal problems. However today I want to focus on the BIG LIE they were told, that being mass migration would drive economic growth. JUST THE OPPOSITE HAS BEEN THE RESULT! Why? Simple, they not only refuse to assimilate, most refuse to work making them a drain on the social safety net countries have in place for their own citizens. Rather than work they simply lived off of the benefits countries provided. Several Scandinavian countries literally paid Muslims $10,000 to leave since in the long run it was cheaper! The global elites have sold this same lie of economic benefit thru mass migration to the United States. In the end, we will see the same results Europe has experienced. Most of the illegals will live off of our social safety net, the small percentage who will work will take jobs from American citizens. The invasion of tens of millions of illegals into the United States is not only breaking our immigration laws, but has already cost taxpayers a half trillion dollars and counting. THAT WILL NOT CHANGE! The invasion of illegals is NOT going to drive economic growth, it will only do the opposite!

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I am praying we can clear up that $60,000 shortfall over the next week of May so we can begin working on the $55,000 for our May ministry operations, making a total of $115,000 to end May with all of our ministry operations current as we head into the summer months! OUR GOD IS ABLE!!!

The Bible teaches us to “give according to our ability to give.” For some that may be $10 or $20. For others it may be $50 or $100. Still others it may be $200, $500, $1,000, $10,000 or more. Pray and the Lord will guide you as you make your sacrifice!

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Several months ago, I did a Devotional on how God calls what those who try to speak to the dead, those who are involved in fortune telling and other psychic activities do, an ABOMINATION. I gave a mountain of scripture to support that God clearly says this is activity we are NOT to be involved in.

I used John Edward, this fraud who claims to speak to the dead as an example in that Devotional. At best, Edward and those like him are highly polished carnival acts, at worst, they are operating with demonic powers. Every time I deal with this issue, the demons of hell come flying out of the woodwork. Those who defend Edward, Sylvia Brown, and the rest of these deceivers all say the same thing, "They have to be of God. They pray, and they always talk about God."

The prophet Isaiah said it so well in the anchor verse for today. "These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." It is not what you say that makes you Godly, it is what you do! These psychics honor God with their words, then proceed to engage in activity that is 100% in opposition to God.

I read recently that a woman won an award for appearing in a pornographic movie and said that she wanted to thank Jesus for the award. I cringe as I watch an athlete give glory to God for what he accomplished on the field, then moments later proceed to take God's name in vain. Saying the word "God" does not make you "of God." It is your actions that make you "of God!"

Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that we should not give God all of the glory, honor, and praise that He deserves. WE MUST! But God is more interested in how we honor Him with our lives. My mother used to tell me that actions speak louder than words. She was 100% correct as mothers always are.

The greatest impact that we can have on someone we are close to is not by what we say, but how we live our life. Our most powerful testimony is not our words, but our actions. The greatest impact that you can have on unsaved family members, friends, those that you may see at school or work, is not what you will say to them about Jesus, but how you show them Jesus in YOUR day to day life.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that just because someone uses the name "God", or "Jesus" , or "Christian", that you just don't automatically accept all that they say and do. You can't be "of God" and then blatantly live in 100% opposition to God, or in the case of the Mormon cult, in 100% opposition to His Word by following the lies of that cults founder Joey Smith OVER the Word of God.

The Bible, our final authority in all matters, the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that we base our very lives on, says that those who do what Edward does, what Brown and the other psychics do, is a SIN. So they can invoke the name of God, pray all they want, that does NOT make what they are doing "of God" any more than what the porno actress does, even though she also gives glory to God. God is not impressed with our words, but our actions.

My question to you today is this: "Do you honor God with your lips or with your life?"

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller