Daily Devotional for Monday February 12, 2024

Election 2024! and, VICTORY!


(John 16:33, 1 Corinthians 15:24, Revelation 3:21)

***PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM BILL KELLER: God has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life! Wake up each morning and be excited about what God has planned for you that day!

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, USE ME in these perilous, last days, as a messenger of Your hope in Jesus. Father, make me aware of the people You have put in my life each day, many who will die and burn in hell for all eternity for rejecting Christ, and use me as a vessel of Your love and hope. I thank You for sending Jesus to die for my sins that I might know the free gift of everlasting life, and I ask today that You help me to lead others to that wonderful eternal relationship with Christ. For it is in HIS name I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: In the past week, I have shared with you in the TV Nugget the fact I believe the Biden Administration will declare a “climate emergency” to give them special powers to control people and use that “emergency” to disrupt the normal election operations in November of 2024, just like they did in 2020 using COVID as the excuse to change election laws last minute to help steal that election. However, in the past 3-4 days the corporate media has been pushing a warning that a new strain of COVID has been identified and we could once again be looking at masks, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccines! There is a leak from the TSA that they will be mandating masks to fly in the next few months! HERE WE GO AGAIN! What is that old saying? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME! For those who walked thru those challenging days of the pandemic with Liveprayer starting in January of 2020, by God's grace we were one of the few places you got TRUTH and accurate information so you could make a reasoned decision regarding the masks, the lockdowns, the therapeutics, and the vaccine/booster. With the media starting a clear push to fear monger people regarding a new strain of COVID, take a deep breath. After our government health agencies and the leading medical professionals in those agencies LIED TO US FROM DAY ONE, it is sad that we can't trust them. Once again, from virtually day one of the pandemic I shared with you that the danger demographic are those over 65 and/or with certain pre-existing medical conditions. That is why I encouraged you to check with your doctor who knows your medical history so you can make an informed decision. Here is what we know 3 years later. 1) Masks are virtually worthless. 2) There is no excuse to lockdown anyone since we know lockdowns don't work and only hurts people of all ages. 3) There are therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that have proven to be effective worldwide in treating people who test positive for COVID. 4) All of the available vaccines and boosters are STILL under “emergency use authorization” and from their early studies have not been proven to be totally safe or effective as their makers claimed. 5) People who aren't obese and who don't have certain pre-existing medical issues, those under 50, especially those 20 and under, have mostly recovered from COVID just like dealing with the seasonal flu. AGAIN, SIT WITH YOUR DOCTOR AND GET HIS OPINION ESPECIALLY SINCE WE NOW HAVE PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS AND PAPERS ON COVID FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. I am a bit surprised they seem to be bringing back the “COVID play,” but the fact is it worked for them the last time so why not try it again? Pray, seek the Lord's counsel, and don't be intimidated or bullied like hundreds of millions of people worldwide were the last time they used COVID to try and control the population of the world!!!

*We are in a NY City “pub” at the time of the Revolution. This is where the patriots met to plot their freedom from King George. WELCOME TO THE LIVEPRAYER “PUB” OF 2024 AS THOSE WHO LOVE JESUS MEET DAILY TO TAKE DOWN sATAN AND HIS MINIONS!!! FIGHT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!!”

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The Bible teaches us to “give according to our ability to give.” For some that may be $10 or $20. For others it may be $50 or $100. Still others it may be $200, $500, $1,000, $10,000 or more. Pray and the Lord will guide you as you make your sacrifice!

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I want to give you a word of encouragement today that you don't have to live in defeat, but YOU CAN LIVE IN VICTORY! Even more important, you have 100% control over whether you live in victory or defeat! That is right. YOU, and nobody else holds the key to whether you live in victory or defeat. This is a powerful, life-changing word today so please open your heart and receive what God is saying to you. You don't need to go hear the latest motivational guru of the day, or buy the latest books and tapes on being successful, just open your heart and receive this powerful Truth that living in victory is up to you and nobody else!

I know that many of you reading these words today are in a major crisis in your life. You are facing what seems to be insurmountable odds in your finances, in your health, in your marriage, on your job, with your children, in battling an addiction, or whatever your situation may be today. As you face these very real struggles, you see nothing but defeat. Of course, nobody wants to live in defeat, everyone wants to live in victory. That is only common sense. But you have done and are doing everything you can to turn things around. However, your finances are no better, your marriage is no better, your health is no better, your job is still a nightmare, your children are still living in rebellion to God, you are still in some form of bondage, you are not seeing any hope in whatever your battle may be. So you have every right to question me when I state that living in defeat or victory is up to you.

Here is the key to help you. Living in victory has nothing to do with the day-to-day circumstances and challenges we face in our life. I know most of you didn't get that one, so let me say it again. Listen carefully. Living in victory has NOTHING to do with the day-to-day circumstances and challenges we face in our life. This is heavy so follow me. The fact is, you will ALWAYS have trials and tribulations, challenges and battles to fight throughout your entire life. That is simply part of living in this sin-filled and evil world we do. NOBODY is immune from the trials and tribulations of life. NOBODY. It is part of EVERYONE'S life. You can still live in victory regardless of what your circumstances may be. You can still live in victory regardless of what you are facing in your life today.


Choosing to live in victory is the choice you make when you choose to follow Jesus! Jesus won the victory on the cross 2000 years ago, and those who choose to put their faith and trust in Him, invite Christ into their heart and life by faith, live in His victory no matter what may be going on in their lives. Remember that great old hymn, "Victory in Jesus?" It is true. You see when you know Jesus, you understand that in this life you will have trials and tribulations, that you will have tests along the way. But because you know Jesus you have already won the victory. This world is not your home, just a few short years of an eternal existence with Christ. No matter what you may have to face and deal with in this life, it is but for a season since your eternal home in Heaven is secure and waiting for you.

The problems of this life are nothing but hurdles. You can either let them stop you, paralyze you, rob you of your peace and joy and abundance, or you can find a way to get over them. There is no hurdle in your life today that the Lord won't help you overcome. If your hurdle is finances, Jesus will help you overcome it. If your hurdle is a marital problem, Jesus will help you overcome it. If your hurdle is a health issue, Jesus will help you overcome it. If your hurdle is a problem at work, Jesus will help you overcome it. If your hurdle is a problem with your children, Jesus will help you overcome it. If your hurdle is an addiction of some sort, Jesus will help you overcome it. No matter what your hurdle may be, JESUS WILL HELP YOU OVERCOME IT!

That does not mean you will never have financial problems, or health issues, or problems in your marriage, or an issue with your employment, or problems with your children, or battle some sort of addiction, or face a whole host of other problems. Just hours before going to the cross, Jesus told His disciples that in this world they would have trials and tribulations. He told them that so they wouldn't be fooled into thinking that just because they had chosen to follow Him they would live without any problems. That is impossible since we are living in a fallen world that for the most part operates in rebellion to God and His Truth. But Jesus encouraged them by saying, "Be of good cheer for I have overcome this world!"

That is why today I can say to you, living in victory or defeat is up to you. You can choose to live a life of defeat by rejecting Jesus Christ and not only deal with the problems of this life, but live without the hope of tomorrow. Your defeat is NOT in the problems of this life but in the fact that when you die, you will live for all eternity apart from God your Creator. By choosing to accept Christ as your Savior, you have a new strength to face life's problems, to overcome life's problems, but most important the hope of tomorrow in knowing that when your brief journey is complete you will spend all eternity with God your Creator!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Living in victory has nothing to do with the circumstances you are facing in your life today. There will always be problems to deal with, always be hurdles. If you think back 10 years ago, you had problems in your life. It was God who saw you through those problems. If you think back 5 years ago, you had problems in your life. It was God who saw you through those problems. If you think back 6 months ago, you had problems in your life. It was God who saw you through those problems. The fact is, there will always be problems living in this sin-filled world that we do, but God is there to help you and see you through whatever those problems may be!

Living a life of defeat or victory has nothing to do with the day-to-day trials of life, but it has to do with your relationship with Jesus Christ! You can choose to live a life of defeat by rejecting Him, or live a life of victory by accepting Him into your heart and life by faith. I will be praying for you today as you make the choice to live a life of VICTORY!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller