Daily Devotional for Sunday February 11, 2024

The mainstreaming of pedophilia! and, A corrupt and debased human in the Oval Office!


(Numbers 32:23; Proverbs 26:26; Ecclesiastes 12:14; Luke 12:2; 1 Corinthians 4:5)

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***PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM BILL KELLER: Take your stand for Jesus today by speaking out when you normally would be silent!!!

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, thank You for meeting my daily needs as You have promised in Your Word. I look to You and You alone for my sustenance through life, and thank You for Your faithfulness. Please help me to be a good steward of the funds You entrust into my care during this life, and give me favor in my finances, and wisdom in my decisions. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: If you still doubt me that mainstreaming pedophilia is no longer an if, only when, WAKE UP!!! WE HAVE AN ILLEGITIMATE “AVATAR” AS POTUS WHO TOOK SHOWERS WITH HIS TEEN-AGE DAUGHTER AND WHATEVER ELSE HAPPENED THAT DESTROYED HER LIFE! Her life story has been one of hyper-sexualization since she was a teen-ager and drove her to drug and alcohol addiction as she became an adult. HER WORDS. NOT MINE! Biden's reprobate son had sex with his dying brothers wife...AND SISTER...and was also pictured nude in bed with his dying brothers 14 year old daughter in just a bra and panties! First lady Jill Biden used to babysit the Biden children, than after Biden's first wife was killed in a car accident, he had an affair with the than older Jill and eventually destroyed her marriage to one of his best friends to steal her for his new wife. THESE ARE THE SORDID FACTS OF THE DISGUSTING BIDEN FAMILY...THE FIRST FAMILY OF THE UNITED STATES!!! This administration now pushes for killing babies up until the moment of birth, and if they happen to escape death, sexualizing them and in some cases sexually mutilating them. With sexual freaks like the RICHARD LEVINE, a fake woman and admiral as the 2 at HHS, our nation has embraced sexual deviancy in our government, military, and promotes sexual perversion in every aspect of our culture! Sodom and Gomorrah? I highly doubt those sick people were anywhere close to our perverse culture of today! We can repent, turn back to God and His Truth, or we can wait for that day when God says ENOUGH and rains down fire and brimstone and destroys this wicked nation. God's remnant in Sodom failed, will we???????

*We are in a NY City “pub” at the time of the Revolution. This is where the patriots met to plot their freedom from King George. WELCOME TO THE LIVEPRAYER “PUB” OF 2024 AS THOSE WHO LOVE JESUS MEET DAILY TO TAKE DOWN sATAN AND HIS MINIONS!!! FIGHT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!!”

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The city of Las Vegas adopted a multi-million dollar national ad campaign designed to go back to its adults-only roots. For many years known as "sin city," Las Vegas spent the 90's trying to market itself as a family-friendly vacation paradise. As we moved into the new millennium, they decided to go back to their adults-only roots. The slogan of their new ad campaign, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," is a deceptive lie straight from the pits of hell itself!

Las Vegas in the year 2024 is a far different place than what mobster "Bugsy" Siegel envisioned in the mid 40's when he built the Flamingo. By the late 80's, the organized crime influence over Las Vegas was replaced by the corporate gaming giants that now control the billions of dollars flowing into Las Vegas each year. To support the ever growing gaming industry, Las Vegas has actually become one of the fastest growing areas of the nation. Outside of the strip you have a vibrant, active community made up of people no different than in any other town you might visit.

However, the only reason Las Vegas exists is simple, sin. What drives the Las Vegas economy and the only reason it exists is gambling. I have done entire Devotionals in the past on why gambling is a sin. It is a horrible use of the resources God entrusts to us, it is putting your faith in "luck" or "chance" instead of in God, it promotes greed, and it is a horrible witness to the lost in the world who we are supposed to be witnessing to. While there is no verse in the Bible that says, "thou shalt not gamble," it is clearly a sin for the above reasons and is not something a follower of Christ should be involved in.

The problem with sin is once you open the door and allow it into your life, you end up becoming involved in many different types of sins. Gambling is not the only sin associated with Las Vegas. You also have drunkenness, every type of sexual sin imaginable, they have made a mockery of God's Holy Institution of Marriage, in addition to a plethora of other sins that truly earn Las Vegas the moniker, "sin city."

Let me explain why their marketing slogan is a lie from the pits of hell itself. The message it is sending to adults is that you can come to Las Vegas, do whatever you want, and nobody will ever know about it. For people already pre-disposed to sin, this is like a special invitation to come and sin and nobody will ever know about it. Here is why this is a lie straight from the lips of satan, the father of lies himself (John 8:44)....GOD WILL KNOW!!!

My friend, there is NOTHING you do that God does not see. You may be able to do things in secret that no other man will ever know about, but God knows. If you think that you can go to Las Vegas or down the street and do things in secret that nobody will ever know about, you have bought satan's lie hook, line, and sinker. Never forget, you don't sin in a vacuum. There are ALWAYS consequences for sin. Satan conveniently forgot to tell you that there was a price for your sin.


I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today to recognize that satan will always try to entice you to sin. He is the great justifier. He will always help you come up with excuses to sin and make sinning as convenient as possible. He is great at opening the door to sin, making it look so wonderful if you will only come inside. If you need a little push, he will even give you a great lie like "don't worry, nobody will ever know." Sadly, once you walk through the door and into sin, that door slams shut. You can't go back and act like you were never there. On top of that, there will be consequences from your sin.

That is why you must stay connected to the Lord each day through prayer and the Word. You need to be an active member of a local church where you can be fed spiritually and find fellowship with other believers. You need to find ways to serve the Lord with your life. All of these are ways to stay in that daily, intimate fellowship with Christ that gives us the strength to not fall into satan's traps, helps us to flee from sin instead of running to it, and keeps us focused on the Lord.

Jesus loves you so much and has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life if you will only faithfully serve and follow Him each day. The lie says, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." The truth says, "There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." Luke 12:2

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller