Daily Devotional for Saturday September 16, 2023

The indictment of Hunter Biden is pure DC theater!!! and, Let your light shine!!!


(Matthew 5:16)

***PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM BILL KELLER: Don’t hide your LIGHT under a bushel today. Let it be seen by ALL!!!

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, guide me throughout this day. Give me Your strength to be a blessing to those I meet along my journey today. Let Your light in me shine brightly as I represent You during this day. I love You, and let me show that love as I live for You today. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN! *Salvation message from Ground Zero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqZ9oaqJNJg

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Please ignore the whole Hunter Biden gun indictment! IT IS NOTHING BUT DC THEATER! Don’t forget, God allowed that sweetheart plea deal that would have wiped out ALL of Hunter’s criminal activity to be exposed to the light of day and had an honest judge in place who shut it down. MAN DIDN’T DO THAT, GOD DID!!! Accept this fact. Joe Biden, his nasty sister Valerie who has run every campaign since he entered the Senate in 1972, his corrupt brothers Jim and Frank, the wife he had an adulterous affair with and stole from another man, Dr. Jill, and his incestuous, whoremonger, reprobate addict son Hunter WILL NEVER BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR HALF CENTURY OF CORRUPTION IN THE SELLING OUT OUR COUNTRY! Not one of them will ever spend one second in jail nor will they have to repay one dime of the money they corruptly acquired. Joe Biden’s last act as President will be to issue blanket pardons to himself and everyone in his family! Their judgment will not occur in this life, but like each person, they will not be able to escape the judgement of God when they take their last breath. However, I firmly believe that should Jesus tarry and we still have a country, history will judge the Biden family harshly and the name Biden will replace the name of Benedict Arnold as the greatest traitor in the history of our nation! Meanwhile, the end of Joe Biden’s political career is underway as I type these words. I told our TV audience over a year ago that when you see the media turn on Biden, that would be the signal his end is near. In just this past week, 3 bastions of the corporate media have launched major salvos at Biden. In op-ed pieces, the Washington Post and the NY Times made the case Joe that must not run for re-election. Thursday, CNN actually began running a fact check segment airing some of the non-stop lies Biden has spewed during his Presidency. They actually played his lies and clearly stated what he said was not true. Unless there is a dramatic development, Biden will serve out the balance of his 4 year term. THEY (Obama and the globalist cabal running our nation) DO NOT WANT KAMALA HARRIS TO BE PRESIDENT! These globalists have been using Biden as an avatar since he took office and they see no reason to remove him with just 16 months left. So the million dollar question is who do the Dems plan to run in 2024? The globalists who run the Democratic Party have special rules to enable them to nominate whoever they want. Senator Bernie Sanders was clearly a threat to win the nomination in 2016 and 2020, however the DNC shut him down to insure Hillary would be the nominee in 2016 and Biden in 2020. Don’t forget, in 2020 Biden came in 4th in Iowa, 5th in New Hampshire and his candidacy was DEAD until Obama used South Carolina powerbroker Congressman Jim Clyburn to grease the wheels to insure Biden would win South Carolina, while deals were being cut to get the rest of the field to drop out. How do you think Mayor Petey Butt-edge-edge, with no qualifications at all, became the Secretary of Transportation? So look for Biden at some point soon to announce that due to “health and family reasons” he would NOT be seeking re-election, kind of like President Lyndon Johnson’s announcement not to run for re-election in 1968. This does mean the Democrats will have to have some sort of normal primary process allowing RFK, Jr, new ager Marianne Williamson, along with Governors Newsom of California, Whitmer of Michigan, Shapiro of Pennsylvania, Murphy of New Jersey, and Pritzker of Illinois to vie for the nomination. As I have stated for over a year now, my gut is that they will grease the skids to insure Gavin Newsom becomes the 2024 nominee. THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED IS CURRENT VP KAMALA HARRIS! Normally she would be the obvious “next man up.” However, the only politician more disliked than Biden is Harris. The problem is obvious. The most loyal voting bloc in the Democratic Party is black women. They always vote in the 97% range for the Democrats. By not pushing Harris to be the nominee, the Democrats will have a major problem since black women won’t vote for a Republican, but they will stay home! So the Democrats have the “Harris problem” they will have to navigate. Don’t forget, they also have people like Cornel West running for the Green Party who could take 1-2% of the vote across the country. 90%+ of those votes would have normally gone to the Democrats. So they clearly have some challenges as they head into these last 14 months before the November 2024 election. But never forget they are crafty, devious, have no conscience or morals, and will cheat as easy as they breath. I have no doubt they will figure out how to overcome these issues, so continue to pray. THE POINT I WANT TO LEAVE YOU WITH TODAY IS THAT THERE IS MUCH CONFUSION RIGHT NOW IN BOTH PARTIES, THOUGH THE REPUBLICANS ARE PRETTY SETTLED ON TRUMP UNLESS THEY KILL HIM FIRST. AS I TELL YOU OFTEN, THIS IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE, NOT A POLITICAL BATTLE, AND GOD WILL HAVE THE FINAL WORD. PRAY!!!

*“We are in a NY City “pub” at the time of the Revolution. This is where the patriots met to plot their freedom from King George. WELCOME TO THE LIVEPRAYER “PUB” OF 2023 AS THOSE WHO LOVE JESUS MEET DAILY TO TAKE DOWN sATAN AND HIS MINIONS!!! FIGHT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!!” (Liveprayer.com Tuesday June 13, 2023)

*A top Christian artist, Natasha Owens, put out a song regarding the 2020 election. It is called, “Trump Won and You Know It!” Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxVxoSNHjKk

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***SEPTEMBER FINANCIAL UPDATE: PRAISE GOD!!! Thanks to the prayers and sacrifice of many of our friends the final weeks of our anniversary month of August, we cleared up the balance of our July shortfall!!! AMEN!!! OUR GOD IS GREAT!!!

We ended August with a shortfall of $50,000. So far we have received $15,000 of that shortfall leaving the final $35,000. I am praying that we can cover that shortfall in the next days so we can begin to work on the $55,000 we require for our September ministry operations.

That is a total of $90,000 to end September with all of our ministry operations current heading into the final 3 months of 2023. WITH YOUR PRAYERS AND GENEROUS SACRIFICE OUR GOD IS ABLE!!!

The Bible teaches us to “give according to our ability to give.” For some that may be $10 or $20. For others it may be $50 or $100. Still others it may be $200, $500, $1,000, $10,000 or more. GOD WILL BLESS YOUR GIFT NO MATTER WHAT THE AMOUNT!!!

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One of the commands that Jesus has given His children is to go out into this world that we live in and "let our light shine before men." This was NOT a suggestion of something we can do on a Saturday afternoon when we are bored. This was a direct command to LET OUR LIGHT SHINE in this dark, lost, and sin-filled world that we live in. Today, I simply want to reiterate that order Jesus gave to His children 2000 years ago. To fulfill our God-given purpose in this life, we have to serve and glorify HIM with our lives.

Ultimately, that is what the life of EVERY believer is all about.

I will never forget back January 1996 when the National Religious Broadcasters held their annual convention at the huge downtown convention center in Indianapolis. One evening at about 5:30 p.m., I left the convention center by a side door. As those who live in the Midwest know, 5:30 the afternoon in January, it is getting dark, it is cold, and it is very dreary. The moment the door to the convention center closed behind me, there was a moment frozen in time when everything stopped.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me as plain as I am speaking to you now. He told me that behind that door, inside the convention center, was a collection of some of the most gifted men and women on the face of the earth. There were hundreds of millions of commerce involved in the Christian broadcast world. Yet, with all of those incredibly gifted people of God, with all of those vast resources, outside that convention center was a dark, dreary world that for the most part, DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY EXISTED!!!

For the most part, all they were doing was trading dollars with each other, enjoying the fellowship Christians enjoy together, and simply self- perpetuating the Christian broadcast world to survive one more year! Rather than letting their light shine before ALL men, they were content with keeping their light in the safety of the world that they had established. And as guilty as the Christian broadcast world is of this, the church is just as bad; stay within the safety of the four walls and keep the doors locked!!!

Now, you know a little about where my passion comes from for the work that is being done every day through Liveprayer. I loved my time of preaching in churches all over the country, but knew deep inside this was not where God wanted me long term. I loved my time in the Christian TV world, but knew that this wasn't really where God wanted me long term. Why? Because in both cases I knew that the light of Christ in me was not being seen by the majority of those who needed it the most. Those in the world who were lost, looking for answers, trying to find just a tiny piece of hope to hold on to. I HAD THE ANSWER THEY WERE LOOKING FOR!!!

That is why I am more committed than ever to make Liveprayer VISIBLE in a world where the majority of God's work is INVISIBLE!!! One of the things that has frustrated me for so long is how bold satan is in getting out his message that leads to the death and destruction of so many every day. Yet the people of God, who have the only REAL answer to life, are so afraid to be just as bold. Well, I am not afraid, and I have no idea how much work God has left for me to do, so I am going out each day and giving 100% of all that I have to let the beacon of light that is Liveprayer shine bright enough for the entire world to see!

The enemy has boldly used the Internet to do his work, well, we are using it in just as boldly to proclaim the hope and love of Jesus Christ, and will continue to increase the amount of people that we can reach each day. The enemy boldly uses television for his purposes. The Liveprayer TV program has been a vehicle for over 20 yrs that is JUST as bold as anything satan does! This is EXACTLY what we need to do. Find ways of packaging the Gospel and get it to the mainstream public!!!

You see my friend, the strategy of most Christian organizations has always been to operate within the confines of the walls of the Christian world. It is safe there, they don't have to deal with the endless attacks the lost world will bring on them, AND it is very expensive to try and compete in the secular world. BUT IT IS OUT IN THE LOST WORLD WHERE OUR LIGHTS WILL OUR NEEDED THE MOST! We have created a synergy between the Internet and TV to BOLDLY proclaim that there is hope, that there are answers, in the name of Jesus!

To me, THAT is what Jesus meant when He told us let our light shine before men. That is what He has called YOU to do, and that is what He has called ME to do. Now, more than ever this world needs the hope that we have and know in Jesus. It is time to let our lights SHINE AS BRIGHT AS WE CAN UNTIL THIS ENTIRE DARK WORLD IS LIT UP LIKE IT IS HIGH NOON ON A SUNNY DAY IN FLORIDA!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that you not only take this message to heart for your own life, but that pray for me as God brings together all of those people and resources necessary to let Liveprayer be a powerful beacon of light in this world. The Bible says that people perish for lack of vision. Well, people in the world we live in are perishing every moment, being lost for eternity. One major contributing factor is the lack of vision among God's people. For reasons only God knows, He has given me the vision of how to play a small part in taking His message of hope to the masses.


In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller