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Daily Devotional for Wednesday January 25, 2023

God is exposing the evil deeds of men! and, Why do people do evil things?


(Mark 7:21)

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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Last Thursday on the TV program, I shared that in my heart I felt God was going to shine the light on wrongdoing by those involved in their own nefarious activities. This would be a sign to His people to take our stand, be bold in proclaiming to God’s Truth to the lost and hurting masses, and call this nation to its’ knees in repentance for our sins. God’s evil instrument Joe Biden is being taken out by his own evil handlers, Obama and the globalist elites who are actually running this country. The leadership and upper echelon of the FBI spent 3 years trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming President, than once he was elected by the people, tried to take him out of office using what they knew all along was a lie that Trump was colluding with Russia. Yesterday, Charles McGonigal who was the head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division in New York was arrested for, wait for it, COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA! McGonigal was one of the lead agents in 2016 to try and take out Trump using the lie he colluded with Russia. It turns out he was paid over $250,000 by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska has ties to Russian organized crime and McGonigal was tasked with overseeing him and other Russian oligarchs. Deripaska literally paid McGonigal to try and take out rival oligarchs until he retired from the FBI in 2018, and afterwards thru McGonigal’s law firm. How about that. The government knew from day one that the whole issue of Trump colluding with Russia was a lie cooked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign, but continued to try and take out a sitting President they disagreed with. Now God, and God alone has allowed the light of day to shine on the criminal activity involving one of the top FBI executives who was involved with trying to take out Donald Trump. Sit back folks, since I believe God is going to shine the light on what evil men did in the darkness on many different matters in the coming weeks and months. Again, let it be an encouragement for His people to rise up and do our part to help lead this nation back to our Creator and His Truth!

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Not a day goes by that I don't receive several emails asking if God is so good, so powerful, then why do people do such evil things. Rather than going into a complicated theology lesson, let me try to help you understand the evil men and women do this way. For those who have been raised in Christian homes, made the decision to come to know Christ at an early age, and have lived your life for Him from early on, God bless you.

You have missed out on much of the pain and heartache sin and rebellion cause people. For those who came to Christ later in life, or perhaps lived in a rebellious state like the prodigal son, then you will be better able to understand what I am going to say today. The bottom line is that when a person is without Christ, ANYTHING is possible.

I think back on rebellious periods of my life and am ashamed and saddened by things I have done before. I can't even imagine that I was the one that did them. Thus the scripture, "Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature". You see, when a person accepts Christ into their life, they actually become a new creation. The old is passed away and they become new.

Prior to that new birth experience, in the old state, there are no rules, no laws, other than those each man puts upon himself. There is no absolute truth as we find in God's word, since the only truth is what each man believes in his/her heart at the time. You can understand that under these conditions, people are capable of anything, including the incredible evil that we see each day in the world we live in.

The answer to why God doesn't do something about it is also found in scripture. We know that there is a coming day of judgment. There is a day coming when everything we know will pass away. There will be a new heaven and new earth.

Part of our problem is that we are so conscious of time, we fail to comprehend that to God, a thousand years is as a day. We want everything now. We want our food now, our mail now, our phone call now, and our money now. We are into instant answers and instant gratification. God is not bound by time, and while we may think He isn't acting on the things we see as wrong, He is, but it is happening in His time, not ours.

The Bible is clear to point out that every one of us will one day stand before the Judgment seat of Christ and give an account for our life. That is not a fairy tale, there are no special passes to miss this event. We will all stand before that seat of judgment one day. Evil will be judged, maybe not at the exact moment we would like to see, but the Bible is clear that there is a day of judgment of each one of us.

I love you and care about you so much. I pray today that this has helped some of you better understand the never-ending question, especially among non-believers as to why God allows evil to exist. Evil exists because the heart of a man or woman without Christ is filled with sin and capable of anything you can imagine.

Maybe this will also better help you understand my passion, my drive, my desire to not only help people in their time of need, but help those who are lost find Christ. That is why I continually challenge you to stretch your faith and challenge you to do more each day to serve God, because it is in our service that lives our touched and hearts are changed. Evil exists because men and women without Christ have sin-filled hearts.

I pray today that you will make it a renewed priority in your life to step forward and let God use you to touch people. He uses us as His instruments in the lives of people to help those who are lost find Jesus. That and that alone is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil in this world. Helping the lost find Christ and become new creatures is the only way people who do bad things will ever change.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller