Daily Devotional for Saturday January 21, 2023

An unspeakable evil! and, Same-sex adoption is child abuse!


(Psalms 127:3)

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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The case against “same-sex adoption.” I have battled for the last 8 years against proponents of adopting children by same-sex couples. This really heated up after the US Supreme Court upheld same-sex marriage in 2015. To be honest, many of those debates have been with heterosexual Christians who make the case it is better if a child is in a “loving home” as opposed to the state foster care system. While I understand their argument, I totally disagree. We have heard much over the last few years about grooming children in our schools. If you want to talk about the issue of grooming, there is no more obvious grooming than a child growing up in a home with 2 men or 2 women in a perverted form of marriage. IT IS THE ULTIMATE IN GROOMING! How could that child, growing up in that perverse environment, not be brainwashed from their earliest years to believe the sin of homosexuality is not just acceptable but a totally normal lifestyle when it is just the opposite of God’s plan! To their credit, most Christian adoption agencies refuse to be involved in adopting children to same-sex couples. Many have had to endure tremendous legal battles in some states that try to force them to violate their faith beliefs by mandating they adopt children to same-sex couples. A thoroughly disgusting and purely evil situation took place recently that most people have never even heard about because the media refuses to even report on it. For whatever reason, Atlanta, Georgia became a hotbed for the LGBTQ community going back to the mid-80s. Despite being in the South, the Bible belt, much of the Atlanta City Council even in the mid-80s were made up of men and women who chose to engage in perverted sex with others of the same sex. 2 men who were not just involved in a same-sex relationship, but very public advocates for the LGBTQ agenda, were arrested recently. Their crime? They had adopted 2 boys who at the time of their arrest they were ages 9 and 11. They were not only raping their boys, but literally pimping them out to other pedophiles for them to have sex with, much recorded on video. One of the men actually had a record for raping a young boy. How they were able to pass the background check from the adoption agency is not clear. By the way, it was a supposed Christian adoption agency! Now I fully understand that not every same-sex couple who adopts children rapes them and pimps them out to pedophiles. However, my argument is the perverted environment they are being raised in is literally child abuse. Thankfully these two monsters are off the street and in jail awaiting trial. I pray to God they are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law and never see the light of day. Pray for these 2 children. Only God can help them heal from a young life of such horror and abuse. Now, why isn’t the media covering this horrific story. They love the worst of the worst of human beings. NOT THIS ONE! Trust me, if it was a politician (especially a Republican), a priest, or a prominent citizen, they would be all over it. (Unless that prominent citizen had the last name of Pelosi! Just saying!) No, because these 2 monsters were big LGBTQ advocates they HAD to bury the story since homophobes like Liveprayer’s Bill Keller would use it to condemn same-sex marriage and adoption and demonize the LGBTQ community. So the corporate media must “protect” the LGBTQ community from being attacked. For the record, I have never “attacked” the LGBTQ community. I have simply stated that according to God’s Word people who choose to engage in such sexual perversion are committing a sin against God. The fact is we have counseled and prayed for thousands of men and women in this bondage who were freed by the power of Jesus Christ and today are living a live pleasing and acceptable to the Lord. However, to dismiss or deny the demonic influence of such a perverse lifestyle is closing your eyes to reality. Sadly, we have examples like what happened in Atlanta to these two innocent children to remind us of the evil associated with this perverse and sinful choice of sexual activity.

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A celebrity commits child abuse!!! CNN propagandist Anderson Cooper, a man who has chosen to engage in perverted, unhealthy, and unnatural sex with other men, announced that he is a father. Cooper paid a woman to be a surrogate and be the “mother” of his child through artificial insemination.

Cooper has been a national media celebrity for decades now on top of being the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, the artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite who married into the Vanderbilt railroad fortune. So on the surface you would believe this child will have everything you could ever want or need for his entire life.

Materially that is true. However, the things that matter the most this child will never have such as being raised by a loving and nurturing mother and father in a Godly home in the admonition of the Lord. This child will grow up to believe choosing a sexual deviant lifestyle as his father has is perfectly acceptable.

Despite having the freewill God gives to each of us, this child will grow up immersed in the lies of this world which totally dismiss the Truth of God’s Word. As this child grows up and matures and begins to make his own choices, can he reject the lies of his father and embrace faith in Christ and God’s Truth? ABSOLUTELY!

I love and care about you so much. Jesus died for the sins of this precious child just like he died for the sins you, me, and all mankind! So pray for this precious child. I come back to my first statement. THIS BABY, LIKE ALL BABIES, DESERVES TO BE RAISED BY A LOVING, NURTURING, AND GODLY MOTHER AND FATHER IN A SAFE AND SECURE ENVIRONMENT WHERE GOD’S TRUTH REIGNS!!!

For sexual deviant Anderson Cooper to have a baby through a surrogate and raise this child in such a perverted setting IS CHILD ABUSE!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller