Daily Devotional for Saturday September 17, 2022

A famous person testifies to the destructiveness of porn! and, Is it OK for husbands and wives to watch porn together?


(Matthew 5:28)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, You have told us that satan is out to “kill, steal, and destroy.” The enemy is relentless in using every possible avenue to entrap people into sin. Please help me today to stand up to sin and like Joseph, RUN FROM IT! Let me never forget that for the momentary pleasure sin may provide, there is a huge price to pay. When confronted with sin, give me Your strength to follow that path of escape. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: World famous pop singer, 19-year-old Billie Eilish, gave one of the best testimonies about the destructiveness of pornography I've heard in a while. One of the worst things the advent of the internet is responsible for is the easy accessibility of pornography to the point it has been accepted as normal by the vast percentage of our culture. No longer do you have to go to seedy parts of town to visit shady “porn shops” or old dilapidated movie theaters that show X-rated movies all day long. No longer do you have to wait for the brown paper wrapper package in your mail once a month with your Playboy magazine. With all of the internet technology that exist today, porn is accessible by anyone of any age that has a cellphone or computer! Eilish says she grew up in a home with no faith foundation tho considered herself “very religious” as a child growing up. Currently, she has actually stated she is not an atheist since she “hopes” there is a God, but is mostly anti-religion. I took the time to include these details since you need to understand this is where the VAST majority of kids 20 and under are at in this nation. They have never been to church due to growing up in a home void of faith. They have never studied the Bible or the Christian faith. Their friends and acquaintances in their life are mostly at the same place, total ignorance of Christianity! YES WE NEED TO TAKE THE GOSPEL TO THE 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH, BUT WE SHOULD START WITH OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS AND THOSE WHO LIVE WITHIN A FEW BLOCKS OF US!!! Here is what Eilish had to say recently about her personal experience with porn. READ IT AND SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW. POST IT ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Most in the church world who have little true interaction with the lost, simply don't understand most of those who have rejected God's Word as Truth! Billie Eilish says that watching violent pornography at a young age "destroyed my brain" and affected her first sexual experiences. The multiple Grammy award winner said she was "angry" that pornography was "loved" and created serious problems for people and in regards to consent. Speaking on SiriusXM, she said, "As a woman, I think porn is a disgrace and I used to watch a lot of porn, to be honest. I started watching porn when I was, like, 11 and I didn't understand why it was a bad thing. I thought that was how you learned to have sex. I was watching abusive porn, to be honest, when I was, like, 14. I was an advocate and thought I was one of the guys and would talk about it and thought I was cool for not having a problem with it . I think it really destroyed my brain and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn. I was a virgin. I had never done anything so it led to problems where the first few times I had sex I was not saying no to things that were not good and it's because I thought that that was what I was supposed to be attracted to. I'm so angry that porn is so loved and I'm so angry at myself for thinking that it was OK and... it's how so many people think they're supposed to learn. It's how so many men think they're supposed to be and because in porn there's no consent there's a huge problem of consent and not just consent in having sex but consent during sex.” Eilish also slammed the porn industry for creating unrealistic expectations of women's bodies and having sex. “The way that women look in porn is crazy. Few women's bodies look like that. Most of the sex in porn is damaging since people think those are the expectations they must achieve when they are with someone,” she commented. My friend, it is a sad, sad commentary on the church of today when you have a non-Christian 19-year-old singer sharing more truth in a minute on this critical issue of our day that few churches will even address! Satan is the great perverter. He takes the perfection of God and perverts it. Perhaps nothing has been more perverted during man's 6,000 years on earth than sex. Sex was created as a gift from God for a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage. PERIOD! Anything else is a perversion of that special gift and a sin. Eilish is a surprise spokesperson for the truth of how destructive pornography is for a person's life, but God uses many types of vessels to bring HIS Truth to the people.

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Is it OK for husbands and wives to watch pornography together? This is a question I get hundreds of times every week. The answer is NO. The reason is because pornography involves sexual fantasies with someone OTHER than your spouse. THAT is why it is a sin. This Devotional will spark the natural question, "What is acceptable between a husband and wife?"

God created sex. It is beautiful and perfect when enjoyed in the CONTEXT GOD CREATED IT. That context is a man and women, who are married! I have always held that whatever a husband and wife enjoy sexually is fine as long as it is done in private and they BOTH are open to it. No spouse should be forced to engage in sexual acts that they are not comfortable with. Also, the line is drawn when it gets into fantasies involving other people.

THAT is why pornography is not acceptable for a husband and wife, since by its VERY nature, pornography is fantasizing about other people. FIND YOUR FULFILLMENT IN EACH OTHER!

Pornography is a problem many men and women have battled for a long time. With the advent of the Internet, it has made accessibility to pornography incredibly easy and has now become a very real societal problem. As with all problems in society, many Christians also end up caught in the traps the enemy has laid to destroy people's lives. Let me say up front, DO NOT underestimate the destructive power of pornography.

Like all sin, it starts almost innocently, but always escalates. One day you are browsing through X-rated pictures, and the next you are actually involved in a real physical relationship. One day you are chatting with someone, the next day your chat becomes more graphic, and then you are actually sitting next to them. Like all sin, there is a seductiveness that eases you into it, and one day you wake up in total bondage to that sin.

The reason pornography is a sin is because God's plan for sexuality is for one man, with one woman, for one lifetime. Our sexual thoughts are to be only about that person God gives us to share our life with. ALL other thoughts are impure. Fantasies take our mind to places we shouldn't be going, even if we never act on them. The reason is, Jesus said if you lust in your heart you have already committed the act.

Is it a high standard? Yes! But God has called us to live at a high level in our life. We are to live above the low standards of this world. We are to find our sexual satisfaction in the mate God gives us to share our life with as our husband or wife. That means very simply this. First of all, if you are NOT married, you need to keep your thoughts pure and save not only your body, but your mind for the one God has for your life. If you are married, your sexual thoughts and activities are to be ONLY with your husband or wife.

Anything else is not God's plan and is sin!!!

Now that we know what God expects, let's talk about real life. Read, and re-read the second paragraph. There is to be NO compromise. This is what God expects from us. Now, how do we get to that point? The best case is you are still young, have not been exposed to pornography, and you have the warning of this message to guard yourself against it.

For those who have been exposed in the past to pornography, the key is to "renew your mind" and flush it out. We do that each day using the spiritual detergent of God's Word. Stay away from and guard your thought life. There are those who are currently involved in pornography at some level. It is bondage.

Before you can get victory over it, you have to want to quit. Once you get to that point, than realize it is a battle. Like any battle, to see victory you need a battle plan. You need one or several people in your life to be accountable to. You need the strength each day only the Lord can give you. There is victory over pornography just like any other sin.

I love you and will be praying for you. I realize this is hitting home with many of you. Let it be a special tap on the shoulder from God that now is the time to deal with this issue in your file. It isn't going to change until YOU decide to change. As you know, any time we pervert the original plan of God, things never really work. We always get cheated out of the best God has for us when we settle for what the world offers. You can only know the true blessings of God and the fullness of what life can give, when we are in His will, living life His way.

God is in the deliverance business, and I know that He can deliver you from the bondage of pornography. I will be praying for those people fighting this sin in their life and believing God to touch their hearts, to bring them under conviction, and to help them have the courage to take the steps necessary to walk away from this sin and live a victorious life.

He is able, and can set you free. God is STILL in the deliverance business!!! God gave a man and woman who are married the gift of sex. God is the giver of all good and perfect gifts. Enjoy this wonderful gift, and don't pervert it or abuse it by polluting it with pornography.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller