Daily Devotional for Wednesday May 11, 2022

Hello war!!! and, War in the 21st century!


(Genesis 19:24,25)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, we have squandered our blessings as a nation over these past 50 years. Please, hold back Your wrath and fury and give us a little more time to turn back to You and Your Truth. There is a faithful remnant, empower us to rise up and deliver the soul of this nation from destruction. In Jesus name I pray...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Hello war!!! While you have been busy living your life, taking care of your family, in many cases under difficult circumstances, we have been at war with Russia. Ooops, you didn’t know we are at war with Russia? First, the day Obama and the globalist handlers used their “avatar” Joe Biden to try and destroy the Russian economy, we declared war on Russia. We can argue about Russia invading Ukraine and a host of reasons why we took the actions we did, but the fact is WE DID IT! It mocks your intelligence to send BILLIONS of dollars of military hardware for Ukraine to “defend themselves” and act like we aren’t at war with Russia! The purpose for this war? Biden accidentally mumbled the answer a few weeks ago when he went off script and told the truth...to depose Putin! The say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. What lessons didn’t we learn in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya just in the past 20 years? It is naïve to believe we haven’t had special ops, CIA assets on the ground in Ukraine even before Russia’s invasion on Feb. 24th and are still there as I type these words. Also, don’t forget that Russia and Ukraine have been at war in the Dombas region for 8 years! The Congress just passed the Land Lease Act of 2022. This bill temporarily waives certain requirements related to the President's authority to lend or lease defense articles if the defense articles are intended for Ukraine's government or the governments of other Eastern European countries affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Now Obama thru his “avatar” can virtually give Ukraine all of the money and aid they want without going thru Congress! They just passed what was supposed to be a new $33 BILLION dollar aid package for Ukraine and at the last minute added another $7 BILLION dollars to it! WHY AREN’T THE EUROPEAN NATIONS PITCHING IN? OH THAT IS RIGHT, THEY NEED THEIR MONEY TO GIVE TO RUSSIA WHO WE ARE AT WAR WITH FOR THEIR OIL AND GAS! Our NATO partners are literally funding Russia’s war effort against us! What about the BILLIONS Ukraine oligarchs sucked out of their country, the third most corrupt nation on the planet? What about the tens of millions sucked out of Ukraine by US politicians with names like Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Romney, and BIDEN? My gut is by June we will stop playing word games and start moving US troops into Ukraine. At that point the feared “nuclear war” becomes more real than ever before. Also, what better time for Chairman Xi to go after Taiwan that we are obligated by treaty to defend. WE CAN’T BE AT WAR WITH RUSSIA AND CHINA AT THE SAME TIME!!! LIKE THE BORDER, LIKE THE ENERGY SECTOR, LIKE CRIME IN OUR CITIES, LIKE OUR TATTERED ECONOMY, GETTING INTO WAR WITH A NUCLEAR POWER LIKE RUSSIA IS ON PURPOSE! Obama and Bidens globalist handlers know unless they can figure out a way to steal the midterms like they did 2020, their ability to do whatever they want to destroy the country will be greatly hampered. What better distraction to all of the problems we face at home than a war with the evil Putin. God is still on His throne, please pray for our nation. He hasn’t totally forsaken us as of yet but out time is running out. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET BUSY AND FOR EACH ONE OF US TO DO OUR PART IN HELPING LEAD OUR NATION BACK TO GOD AND HIS TRUTH. IT IS OUR ONLY ANSWER AND ONLY HOPE TO SAVE THIS NATION!!!

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The incredible vulnerability of the United States to cyber-attacks, espionage, theft, and hacking by the Chinese and Russian governments! Most people have no idea the extent of hacking, theft, and espionage takes place in cyberspace on a DAILY basis! Not only is the US totally vulnerable in these areas, but because the infrastructure of our entire lives is now computer based, life as we know it could end in a moment!

As I have shared over the years about God's pending judgment on this nation for our sin and wickedness, the natural question I often get is how would it be possible for God to punish this nation similar to when He punished the children of Israel many times for their rebellion. I have shared in the past how God could easily impact the lives of every man, woman, and child through the economy, how Islam could become the United States Babylon, but the fact is the easiest way for God to end life as we know it literally overnight would be by destroying our computer infrastructure.

I have talked to you in the past about the possibility of being attacked by an EMP bomb (ElectroMagneticPulse bomb), or E-bomb. Without getting to technical, it is a missile that is shot into space, detonated miles above its target, and emits an electromagnetic mist over its target. The result is all computers are rendered useless. TV and radio signals are blocked. Anything with electronics in it, like your car for instance, are damaged. Just think about having computers rendered useless. There would be no electricity, no water, no communications, no banking, no air traffic, no ANYTHING that is dependent upon computers. In an instant, the affected area goes from the 21st century back to the stone age!

With all of our daily lives dependent upon computers to turn on our lights, get water, put gas in our car, shop, bank, to do ANYTHING, destroying our computer infrastructure by a foreign enemy would take us back into the stone-age overnight! Every day companies have corporate secrets stolen, have the private information of their customers stolen, often have their internet operations held ransom , in addition to simple hacking and intentional destruction of websites and information stored online.

The vast percentage of this activity is not being conducted by organized criminal groups here and around the world, but by foreign governments! It is KNOWN that most of this activity is being conducted by the Chinese and Russian governments. Again, not organizations within China or Russia, but the actual governments themselves!!! To be fair, I have no doubt our own government is involved in similar efforts, but the fact remains corporate America as well as city, state, and government operations are ALL vulnerable to attacks on their cyber infrastructure!

Please understand, this can happen without the foot of one foreign soldier ever stepping on US soil. This is not a James Bond fantasy device. It exists today! My whole purpose today is not to scare anyone, but to help inform and educate you. I hear people all the time act like we are such a great and powerful nation and are immune even from God's judgment. People tell me all the time that they can't see God doing anything to us. I am certain that the children of Israel felt the same way. They were the beneficiaries of God's blessings and no doubt felt they were safe and secure from their enemies and even from God Himself.

Yet the Bible clearly documents how God did judge the children of Israel, many times, for their sin and rebellion. I am certain that in the years, months, weeks, and days prior to God's judgment falling, they arrogantly lived in open rebellion to God and His Truth, almost like they were taunting Him to do something. Most I am sure, were so blinded by their sin they didn't even think for a second God might hold them accountable for their sins, even though we have the record of Scripture where God's prophets in those days warned the people to repent and turn back to God or face His wrath and judgment. Sadly, the people didn't listen.


I love you and care about you so much. My friend, this is not a time to run and hide in fear, but a time to stand up and be counted. We are God's children, we are the remnant, we are the ones who must warn this nation and world of God's pending judgment and wrath. God will not be mocked. He will not sit back in silence very much longer. We are not due His wrath and judgment, we are OVERDUE His wrath and judgment!

I wonder what the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were doing the morning the fire and brimstone rained out of the heavens and destroyed their cities. I imagine they were simply living their lives, totally oblivious to what was about to happen to them. They were so lost in their sin and rebellion to God they didn't even think for one second that He would judge them one day. I submit to you that the people in this nation are no different than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller