Daily Devotional for Saturday January 22, 2022

The war drums are beating! and, VICTORY in Jesus!!!


(Psalms 44:5; Romans 8:37; 1 John 5:4)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, thank You for Your love and protection. As I go through the day, please continue to watch over and protect me from the evil and harm that is in this world. I look to You for my strength, for guidance, and for protection! In the name of Jesus...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: In his farewell address to the nation, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the “military industrial complex.” WHAT A PROPHETIC WARNING IT TURNED OUT TO BE! If there is one issue that there is 100% bipartisan support for in DC, it is WAR! The Democrats and Republicans both love wars since it means there are tens of billions of dollars always floating around for lobbyists, defense contractors, ex-Pentagon officials sitting on the boards of major defense contractors, the black hole of the Intel community, leaders of foreign countries, and politicians of both parties through various think tanks and non-profits they control. WAR IS BIG BUSINESS AND A NEVER-ENDING PART OF THE DC CULTURE THE PAST 6 DECADES! This issue is one of the biggest reasons Donald Trump was not just hated by the DC establishment, but by a huge percentage of his own party. The original cabal of Republican “never-Trumpers” just happened to be hardcore neocons like Bill Krystal, Max Boot, and that group who were always cheerleaders for endless wars. He came into office promising to put an end to the endless wars and was largely successful. Trump was the first President in over 40 years to not start any new wars and the DC establishment hated him for interfering with their money train. So it should not be a shock that you have Republicans and Democrats alike pushing for sending US troops to the Ukraine to fight Russia. It is a drumbeat that is getting louder with every passing day. The insanity is that while there is a loud voice calling for the US to defend Ukraine’s border with Russia, those same people are perfectly fine with our Southern border being wide open allowing millions of illegals from all over the world to come into our country, along with the free flow of drugs and human trafficking that is a byproduct of having our border purposely wide open. Even though I told people 6 months BEFORE the November 2020 election if God allowed Joe Biden to become President, by virtue of his corrupt family being owned by Russia and China you would see Putin take parts of the Ukraine and Xi invade Taiwan, I never believed we would actually send US troops to fight Russia over Ukraine. As I type these words today I am still of that opinion, but based on the disaster Biden’s first year in office has been, he just might send troops as a “distraction” or the old “wag the dog” play. If he does, it will only add to the disaster he has been to our country!

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One of the reasons that I love the old hymns of the church is because these incredibly-gifted servants of God who wrote the classic hymns of our faith were not only gifted in the area of music, but they intimately KNEW God, KNEW God's Word, and were theologically 100% right on point in the message that they shared through their music. One of the great hymns of our faith is "Victory In Jesus".

My friend, I am here to tell you today, that no matter what battles that you may be fighting in your life today, no matter what obstacles that might be before you, no matter what struggles you may be dealing with . . . there is VICTORY IN JESUS!!!

You see, the trials and tribulations of this life are only temporary. The victory is not in winning every little skirmish that we encounter on our journey here, but in knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The VICTORY comes when our eternal destination is secured through our faith in Christ. After that, we can NEVER be defeated no matter what the situation, no matter what the world may say, no matter what happens to us.

This life, this brief journey is fraught with problems, things to discourage us, and daily set-backs. But it is our faith in Christ, who already GUARANTEED us we would be eternally with Him, which insures us that no matter what the problems we face today may be, we will live in ultimate victory, because those problems will one day be gone and no longer part of our existence!

One of my goals each day, as I share the hope and love of Christ with you in the context of the real issues we all face in our daily journey, is to help you keep the big picture in focus. The small picture is the trials and tribulations in your life today. The big picture is the fact that when this brief journey here on earth is over, we will be eternally with Christ. We will eternally be with God our Creator. The trials and tribulations of this life will no longer exist.

So my word for you today is to press forward, and to walk in the victory that you already have. There is nothing, NO THING that you Are facing today, that you cannot claim victory over. If it is your finances, claim VICTORY over your finances today! If it is a marriage problem, claim VICTORY over your marriage today! If it is a health issue, claim VICTORY over your healing today.


Jesus Christ went to a cross 2000 years ago and WON that victory for you! You are not defeated, you are victorious!!! You are not a loser, you are a winner if your faith is in Jesus Christ!


I love you and care about you so much. Each day we get in over 40,000 prayer requests that my ministry team faithfully answers in a personal way. I personally answer about 80-100 requests each and every day. We have a special time of prayer at Liveprayer each day, and we pray over every need that you send. I personally spend my lunch hour most afternoons in prayer for YOUR needs.

I want you to understand today, that if you have accepted Jesus into your life by faith, no matter what your circumstances may be, YOU ARE WALKING TODAY IN VICTORY!!!

"Man does not dictate your victory, your faith in Christ does."

He already went to the cross and died so YOU, this day, could have victory over whatever problems that you are facing in your life!!!

As you go through your day, keep this word in your heart There is VICTORY IN JESUS. Despite what your circumstances may be this day, WALK IN THAT VICTORY, LIVE THAT VICTORY!!! Christ died so that you could enjoy complete victory in your life, regardless what this world may throw your way.


Know that I am praying for you, your family, and your needs today!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller