Daily Devotional for Monday January 10, 2022

Even the “Hamilton” song on 1/6 was misrepresented! and, Beware what you hear and see!


(Proverbs 2:11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I cry out to You today. I have no place to turn but to You. My life is Yours. Do with it as You will and I will obediently serve You with my very last breath. IN the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Viewers of the TV program will remember me telling you many times since the Biden (Obama) Administration took over on January 20th last year, that nothing was real! EVERYTHING THEY DID WAS FAKE! From the “Oval Office” TV set instead of using the real Oval Office, to the notion Joe Biden is actually running the country each day, it has all been one huge mirage...all FAKE! So why would anyone be shocked to learn that the cringe-worthy use of a song by the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” over Zoom during the “somber remembrance” of 1/6 by Speaker Pelosi was actually recorded back in the year 2020!!! People wonder why our country is so divided? One of the major political parties literally created a fairy tale about the Russians colluding with Donald Trump to make him President in 2016, a fairy tale that was criminally used by our nation’s intel agencies, FBI, and DOJ to first try and stop Trump from being President, than for 3 years to try and destroy his Presidency. When that failed, that same party than weaponized impeachment to try and remove Trump from office over a carefully constructed LIE regarding the Ukraine to protect the corrupt Biden family from having their graft discovered, and a second impeachment over a false narrative about 1/6 to try and stop him from ever holding office again. Both of these political impeachments ultimately failed to convict the former President. Speaking of 1/6, it is becoming more clear by the day that this was an FBI operation designed to destroy Trump from ever running for President again while at the same time targeting his 75 million voters as domestic terrorists. They even used the full force of the DOJ last fall to go after mere parents for holding local school boards accountable for what they were teaching their children. Also, in the past year we have seen our immigration laws ignored to literally erase our southern border which has allowed illegals, drugs, and human traffickers to flood our nation, crime in most major US cities has spiked out of control due to purposeful actions designed to encourage criminal behavior not punish it, we went from energy independence for the first time ever to being back on our knees begging OPEC, our overall economy has been decimated due to printing trillions of dollars that all went to our national debt, while we literally surrendered and ran away like scalded dogs from stone-age goat herders in Afghanistan after 20 years of blood and treasure invested in that country, while rejoining global boondoggles like the Paris Climate Accords and funding the corrupt WHO. Oh, and don’t forget that Biden was told to tell people during his fake campaign that he would shut down the virus, but after a year of ineptitude and confusion he finally admitted he had no answer for the Chinese-flu. ADD A COMPLICIT CORPORATE MEDIA TO PUSH THE LIES AND FALSE NARRATIVES 24/7 AND IS IT ANY WONDER WHY OUR NATION IS DIVIDED? EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CURRENT ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN FAKE, A SCAM, EVEN TO THEIR STUPID USE OF A HAMILTON SONG TO PROMOTE THEIR LIES ABOUT 1/6!!!

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Be aware what you see and hear. There is a familiar saying in the computer world, "garbage in, garbage out". How perfectly that saying can be used in regard to the things we see and hear each day. Let me ask you a question. Would you take a steak, rub it all over the floor, and then eat it? Or how about taking a glass that has been in the garage or basement for a year, and filling it up with water and drinking it? Or what about picking a tomato out of a garden and eating it without washing the dirt off of it?

I am sure by now you have to be thinking I must be losing it, that I really can't be serious. The fact is, we would never think about doing these things, eating and drinking things that are dirty and not clean. Yet, consciously or subconsciously we do that every single day by what we allow ourselves to see and hear.

For those who have been reading my Devotionals for a while know, I try to teach balance. We live in a very real world, and have to put our faith in context with living in this world. We will NEVER be able to live apart from the sinfulness that infests every part of life.

Over the years, sin has crept into every element of life and that is a reality we must not only deal with but never lose sight of. While we can never be totally immune from the sin that infects our world, we can take measures to minimize our exposure to it. We can be diligent to guard ourselves from it. We must always be careful about letting sin into our life.

Today's Devotional is a warning that should not be taken lightly. It is a trumpet call to stop, and pay attention to what God is trying to say to you this day. DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING. How we think, how we act, are manifestations of what we are exposed to in this life. What we see and what we hear go into our "computers" (brain) and become elements in our thought process, and ultimately in our actions.

If you think for a second that what you listen to, and what you watch does not have a bearing in how you think and act, you are sadly mistaken. The Bible talks about the renewing of our mind. This is literally talking about reprogramming our "computer". Deleting all of the garbage and useless information we have stored up, and replacing it with Godly, inspirational content. Just like the saying "garbage in, garbage out" is true, so is "God in, God out".

I love you, and care about you so much. You really do mean much to me. It is no accident God has brought us together for this season. I pray today that you will heed this warning. Be aware of what things you allow yourself to hear and see. Understand the harmful affect so much of the world can have on your life if you allow it in.

I am not saying don't go to the movies again, or ever watch TV, or never read a non-Christian book or magazine, or only listen to Christian music. What I am saying is think before you listen to a CD, think before you start reading a book, think before you watch a TV program, think before you go to a movie. Simply ask yourself if this is content you want to input into your "computer", and what purpose it will serve.

Be careful, because the enemy is the great justifier. John 8:44 says he is a liar, the father of lies. He will tell you that it is OK, that it is just entertainment, it is just harmless fun. Remember, what you allow yourself to hear and see WILL be part of you. Just like you are careful about what you eat and drink, be equally as concerned about what you see and hear!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller