Daily Devotional for Saturday October 16, 2021

DON’T PROMOTE A LIE BY YOUR SILENCE! and, You don't have to apologize for telling the truth!


(Exodus 3:10, Judges 6:14, Isaiah 6:8, Acts 26:16)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Oh Lord, may we turn to You today, not to ask for anything but to apologize! We apologize for rejecting You each day. We apologize for choosing to live in rebellion to You and Your Word. We apologize for replacing You with the false gods of this evil world, worshipping them instead. We apologize for embracing every sin we possibly can as we forsake Your Truth. Oh Lord, we deserve nothing but Your wrath and judgment and have NO RIGHT to even ask for mercy! If oh Lord you spare our land this time, please let us turn back to You and Your Truth or we will face certain destruction. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: DON’T PROMOTE A LIE BY YOUR SILENCE! Our first introduction to Saul of Tarsus who would become Paul, was in the Book of Acts Chapter 7. It was Saul who supported the stoning of Stephen, not by actually throwing one of the stones, but by his silence as he held the cloaks of those who murdered that innocent man. This is called the “sin of OMISSION” and it is just as much a sin as a sin of COMMISSION. The Bible clearly says lying is a sin. It even states in John 8:44 that satan is the “father of lies!” North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson recently stated at the Asbury Baptist church in Seagrove, North Carolina, “There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth. And yes, I called it filth. And if you don’t like it that I called it filth, come see me and I’ll explain it to you.” Robinson was speaking directly about books used in North Carolina schools that are pushing the homosexual and transgendered lie on children and called it “borderline child abuse!” As you can imagine in today’s politically correct climate, the media immediately came after Robinson demanding he retract his statement and apologize to the LGBTQ community for saying such hurtful comments and that he should resign. MANY YEARS AGO I WROTE A DAILY DEVOTIONAL THAT STATED YOU DON’T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!! To his credit, Robinson has REFUSED to apologize and REFUSED to even consider stepping down. God Bless Lt. Governor Robinson and I ask that you pray for this man who clearly knows God and is not ashamed of the Truth! The other night the Texas General Assembly passed a law forcing high school athletes in that state to compete as the gender God created them. Of course the Godless reprobates in the media howled in pain how Texas could be so cruel to not allow clearly mentally ill boys to compete in sports for girls or mentally ill girls from competing in sports for boys. As the culture continues to push this “trans lie,” I am challenging YOU to pray and ask the Lord for boldness so that the next time you are involved in a conversation where this lie is being told, that boys can really be girls and girls can really be boys, that you speak up. THE ONLY WAY SUCH AUDACIOUS LIES CAN EXIST IS WHEN PEOPLE ARE TO AFRAID TO SPEAK UP AND REBUKE SUCH LUNACY! IF GOD CREATED SOMEONE AS A MALE THEY ARE A MALE. IF GOD CREATED SOMEONE AS A FEMALE THEY ARE A FEMALE. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES!!! NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE THE GENDER GOD CREATED A PERSON AS AND IF SOMEONE IS SO CONFUSED AS TO THEIR GENDER, THEY DON’T NEED PEOPLE AFFIRMING THEIR LUNACY, THEY NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP SINCE THEY CLEARLY HAVE LEGITIMATE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!!!

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You don't have to apologize for telling the truth! Without question, the greatest problem we have in Christendom in the year 2021 is a void in real spiritual leadership. A true spiritual leader is one who has the courage and intestinal fortitude (guts) to take a stand for God's Truth regardless of what people think, say, or do. A true spiritual leader is never going to win any popularity contests since the masses live in rebellion to God's Truth. A true spiritual leader is not concerned with the temporal things of this world, so he can't be bought. A true spiritual leader will be hated, reviled, attacked in every way, and literally give his very life for the Faith. A true spiritual leader is accountable to and answers to only one person...GOD!!!

I was saddened last year when Pope Francis apologized for his comments that the early Muslims spread their false religion by violence and that this false religion's founder Mohammed was "evil." WHY DO YOU HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH??? Islam was birthed in rebellion to the God of the Bible and in violence by this tool of satan Mohammed, and to this day is about violence and death! Need proof? Since the Pope made these comments, at least one Catholic nun has been killed and several churches have been destroyed in response to his statements. Islam IS evil! Islam WAS and IS spread through violence! Mohammed WAS a thoroughly evil man! Those are FACTS! YOU DON'T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!

Verbal and physical violence is the usual response against those who have the courage to tell the Truth. Let me be blunt. The number one reason YOU don't witness your faith like you should is the fact you don't want to be verbally assaulted by your unsaved family members, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, or simply those God allows to cross your path. It is much easier to simply say nothing than to take the verbal abuse that often comes with sharing your faith. Let me ask you a serious question, one that I want you to pray about today. Are you more worried about what someone will say to you or pleasing God? That is a question only you can answer, but one you need to pray about.

Since Christians virtually abandoned the culture decades ago, the voices in the world today are all voices who deny God, reject His Truth, and mock His Son. Turn on any secular television program, radio program, read any secular publications, and what you get is a steady diet of images and messages in rebellion to God's Truth. Let me give you a great example. Political satirist Bill Maher has a program on HBO that deals with the political and social issues of our day. He openly mocks Christianity and uses his "pulpit" to blast Believers and mock the Truth. TEN TIMES more people read the Daily Devotional each day than watch his program, yet Maher has been given a HUGE VOICE in the marketplace by the secular media to spew his hatred for Christ, God's people, and the Truth of God's Word he has rejected.

(*Note: My PR people have talked numerous times with Maher's producers about having me on as a guest on his program. Normally the only guests he allows on to present the "other side" are ones he can bully and intimidate. Needless to say after sending them tapes of my TV program, they decided I wasn't "suitable.")

This is why those who God raises up in leadership positions have got to be true spiritual leaders. Not leading people in our self-created "trough," but boldly and visibly leading people in the marketplace. I know personally of 3 current programs on TBN that have had to change their programs in the past to comply with TBN's "Muslim friendly" requirements. I have told each of them personally they are gutless cowards to let anyone stop them from telling the Truth. They are more worried about being on TBN so they can generate donations, product sales, and attract people to their public appearances than they are telling the Truth.

The few who have ventured into the marketplace have done so with a watered-down, politically correct, "positive" message that insures nobody is offended. The problem with that is the Bible itself states that the Truth is offensive to those who reject it. How can you preach the unadulterated Truth of God's Word and not offend people? The goal is not to offend but to tell the Truth as God has clearly stated it, however, the result of telling the Truth is that people will be offended. Look at what happened to those who heard Stephen simply state the Truth. They got so "offended," they literally took him to the edge of the city and stoned him to death!

The word I have for you today is this. Don't wait for someone to lead you. You already have your marching orders from the commander-in-chief Himself! We have been ordered to go out into the highways and byways and bring in the lost. God ordered us to go into the world and preach the Gospel. Don't wait for someone to lead you, as the Nike commercial says, JUST DO IT! Go forth knowing that the arm of the Lord is with you. Know up front that you will be attacked as you enter the battle field. However, God told us in Ephesians 6 that our battle is not with flesh and blood, that it is a spiritual battle. He also has equipped us with all needed to fight and win!

Let me give you a personal testimony. Since Liveprayer began over 22 years ago, more than 6 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional have unsubscribed. There are a multitude of reasons, but from the feedback we receive well over 90% of them unsubscribed because they disagreed with what God said in His Word on a particular issue. You see, I could simply play the game, tell everyone how wonderful things are, give them a nice positive message every day, not deal with the hard realities of life, and probably have over 10 million subscribers. But I don't do this every day for numbers, or to make people laugh, but to bring God's Truth into people's lives.

Less than 1/4 of 1% of the people we reach EVER give a dime to support God's work here. I know from feedback a huge percentage will NEVER give to the work here because of the Biblical stands I take on the issues of the day. Again, I am not here to see how much money I can raise, but to bring God's Truth to people's lives. Out of the 40,000 plus emails we get each day, several hundred are some of the most vile and hateful things you can ever imagine. 8 to 10 times a month I have people literally threaten my life for simply sharing the Truth of God's Word in the Daily Devotional or on the television program. The point is, you get used to the attacks, they are simply part of taking a stand for Christ. You can't let it bother you. You have to have faith God is watching over you, and ultimately, you can never forget you aren't here to please men but please God!

Don't forget, you have the TRUTH of God on your side. Your job is simply to share that Truth with the lost and hurting. What those who hear the Truth do is than between them and God. You can't save anyone. You can't force someone how to think. You can't make a person act a certain way. Your job is simply to go forth and present the uncompromised Truth of God's Word. Never forget, you don't have to apologize for telling the Truth!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Even as I type these words, God is already raising up men and women who will without shame or fear or compromise, lead His people in these last days. They will be men and women above reproach, not dazzled by the trinkets of this world, but only concerned about serving their Lord. They won't be interested in the applause of men, only the "well done" from God Himself. They won't be preaching a "feel good" message to tickle the ears of the masses, but the hard Truth of God's Word. You won't find these men and women in the "trough," they will be in the public square, taking on the mouthpieces of satan who seek to lead the souls of men into eternal damnation. They won't have to ask you to follow them, you will WANT to follow them because you will know they are from God!

In the meantime, know that despite those who God raises up to lead, ALL of His children have been called to serve Him. As a follower of Christ, you don't have the option of sitting home and watching, you have been commanded to serve. Know that God will guide you each day in your service, use you right where you live, work, and play. The greatest thing a servant of God can do is simply be a vessel of God's Truth. Now more than ever, there is a void of Biblical Truth in the marketplace. If each follower of Christ would simply do their part in sharing that Truth, the world won't just be hearing the lies of satan, but also the clear Truth of God's Word.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will open your heart and hear God speaking to you today to step up and make a difference with your life. EVERY CHILD OF GOD HAS BEEN CALLED TO SERVE, AND EVERY CHILD OF GOD CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Know that you will be attacked for taking a stand for Christ, but that God will watch over you. Know that people may dislike you, even hate you for telling them the Truth, but your goal is not to please men, it is to please God. Go forth and tell the lost and hurting the Truth, and please, DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller