Daily Devotional for Friday October 8, 2021



(Psalm 90:8; Numbers 32:23; Ecclesiastes 12:14; Luke 12:2; Jeremiah 23:24)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please help me to live this day honoring You in my thoughts, words, and deeds. Help me this day to live my life pleasing and acceptable to Jesus. Allow me to use my life to help someone else during this day, and be kind to everyone I come across no matter how they may treat me. Let Christ shine through me throughout this day oh Lord, be glorified through my life! In Jesus name I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: In a world where nothing seems to be real, you find out even little things are not what they seem, it is so refreshing to know we worship a living God, our Creator, have a personal relationship with His Son Jesus, and our faith is in the Absolute Truth of God’s Word! Despite being President, Joe Biden is doing much of his public appearances, not in the Oval Office, but on a set created to LOOK LIKE the Oval Office. Huh? There is an auditorium in the south court of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where Biden’s people have created a TV set to resemble the Oval Office, complete with a fake window overlooking a fake Rose Garden! This fake Oval Office set became known last week when it appeared Biden received his booster shot in the “Oval Office.” Only it wasn’t! The question than became why? Why not just used the real Oval Office? Apparently this set was created for Biden to do Zoom calls from since it allowed them to use HUGE teleprompters for him to read from. Using those prompters in the actual Oval Office would only make it more apparent virtually everything our “avatar” President does is carefully scripted. This Oval Office set also allows his handlers to not just feed him the words to say, but literally shut down his video/audio feed at any moment if he starts getting off-script. This is something they have actually done DOZENS OF TIMES!!! The world now knows there was NEVER any collusion between Donald Trump and Russia, that it was all a lie concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign to distract from her illegal use of a private server for her emails. The phone call with the President of the Ukraine which Pelosi and the Democrats literally impeached him over turns out to have been a cover for the millions of dollars the Biden family were given for political favors. We heard in horror about a group of “white supremacists” who planned to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Whitmer. Well, we now know this as an FBI created and organized operation to inflict political damage on President Trump’s re-election bid. The “insurrection” on 1/6 that wasn’t an insurrection is now turning out to be another FBI operations in order for the government to label the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump as domestic terrorists! BENGHAZI WAS NEVER ABOUT A YOUTUBE VIDEO, IT WAS ABOUT A GUN RUNNING OPERATION TO A GROUP IN SYRIA THAT TURNED OUT TO BE ISIS! Video from C-SPAN in 2019 has surfaced showing Dr. “mengele” Fauci at a forum where they conceptualized having an outbreak of a novel avian flu virus from China so they could bypass the FDA approval process and enforce a mandate for the masses to be vaccinated. WHAT???? Yes!!! We already know this global pandemic wasn’t started by a virus thru nature, but was created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and released upon the world purposely by the CCP. We also know that this dangerous “gain of function” research was funded and shepherded by none other than Dr. “mengele” Fauci who is legitimately the godfather of the Chinese Flue! Every day it is becoming more obvious this global pandemic was not an act of nature or an accident! The surge into our country of over 1.5 million illegals and counting was NOT an accident! Taking us from energy independence for the first time back to dependence was NOT an accident! The wrecking of our economy was NOT an accident! JOE BIDEN BECOMING PRESIDENT, THE DEMOCRATS KEEPING CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND TAKING CONTROL OF THE SENATE LAST NOVEMBER WAS MATHEMATICALLY AND HISTORICALLY IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT MASSIVE FRAUD! I could go on and on my friend, but the reality is, virtually NOTHING that we see and hear is real. It is all premeditated and executed with a specific purpose. THEY ONLY REALITY WE CAN TRUST AND STAKE OUR ETERNAL SOULS ON IS GOD, OUR CREATOR, HIS SON JESUS, AND THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF HIS WORD! THANKFULLY, AT THE END OF THE DAY THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

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YOUR "secret life!" Sixteen years ago in the heart of the Midwest, a serial killer who operated for over 30 years was apprehended. This was not your typical serial killer, but was literally "the guy next door!" For 3 decades, the city of Wichita, Kansas was haunted by BTK (bind, torture, kill), a serial killer responsible for at least 10 deaths over a 30 year period. This brazen killer who became famous as much for taunting local law enforcement and the media was finally arrested on February 25th 2005, ending that city's nightmare.

At time he was apprehended, Dennis Rader was a 60-year-old man, married with grown children, who was not only a former Cub Scout leader but the church council president of his local Lutheran Church. He had been working as a code-enforcement supervisor. My friend, this is the guy who lives next door to you!!! However, Dennis Rader, for decades was living a secret life!

Do you have a secret life??? The truth is, right now this very moment, many of YOU are also living a secret life. Your secret life is not to the extreme of Rader's where you are out killing people, but you live one life your family and friends see, while maintaining a completely separate life. Without a doubt, the secret life most people live, men AND women, involves sex.

Your secret life may be looking at porn on the Internet or watching X-movies on TV. For men it may be frequenting strip clubs, massage parlors, or buying prostitutes, For men and women, it may be picking up someone at a club or bar, or getting involved in an affair with someone at work or even a neighbor. It is especially common in people who are often out of town on business where it is easy to live a secret life since nobody knows you. Your secret life may be swinging, BDSM, homosexuality, or other sexual perversions.

For other people their secret life involves spending money. They live a secret life that revolves around shopping and purchasing things that in most cases they don't even need. This would also include those whose secret life is gambling. Years ago the former Secretary of Education and Drug Czar William Bennett had his secret life exposed to the world when it was revealed he had a million dollar gambling habit. With gambling now legal in most every state as well as available online, millions of people are currently leading a secret life that nobody knows about, spending hours and hours gambling away the resources God has entrusted to them.

For still other people, their secret life may be that of an abuser, a life only their husband, wife, and family knows about. Others live a secret life using alcohol and drugs. Years ago the nation was shocked to learn of the battle former first lady Betty Ford had with alcohol, and 15 years ago it was revealed that recently deceased talk radio king Rush Limbaugh was addicted to prescription pain medicine.

The reality is, MANY people are living secret lives. These secret lives are born in sin. Guilt and shame and conscience drive people to do things in secret that they would never do if people knew. People who have a secret life are in bondage to sin!

One of the things that I share with you often is the huge price of sin. Sins costs. Sin also does not remain hidden forever. Please listen carefully to what I am about to share with you. SIN WILL ALWAYS BE EXPOSED! God will allow your sin to be exposed, it is only a matter of time. The sad reality is, we get so blinded by sin that we spend so much time, and effort, and energy covering up our sin.

However, in the end, despite all that effort to hide our sin it will be exposed for the world to see. If we took that same amount of time, and effort, and energy into obeying God as we do in sinning against Him, instead of paying the price for our sins we would be enjoying the blessings of our obedience!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that many of you reading these words today are actually living a secret life. Your secret life is not that of a serial killer, but in order to continue committing the sin you are in bondage to, you have had to live a totally separate life apart from the one most people know about. Please understand that it is no accident or no coincidence that God has allowed you to read these words today. He is speaking to your heart.

Let me give you a word of encouragement. If you are living a secret life, God is giving you an opportunity today to end that secret life now before you get in any deeper. The Lord wants to set you free from whatever sin you are in bondage to so that you can live your life in freedom, without having to lie, and hide, and plot, and scheme, simply to accommodate your sin.

If you continue, it is only a matter of time before your sin is revealed, your secret life is exposed, and you end up paying a huge price!!!

I will be praying for you today my friend. Praying that you will listen to the voice of God and TURN from your sin, not tomorrow but today. Jesus is there, waiting to help you find the strength and courage to live your life free from the bondage of the sin you are in, so that you no longer have to live a secret life!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller