Daily Devotional for Wednesday July 21, 2021

Another American institution since the mid-50s has been taken down!

(1 Thessalonians 4:3, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-1, Colossian 3:23,24)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to focus on the fact that while as a nation and people we operate in a political infrastructure, the answers for our nation are not political but spiritual! Only through the Gospel transforming lives can this nation once again rise up and be the GOD BLESSED land we once were. Help us Lord to not be distracted by the “noise” of the political world, but stay focused on the one and only answer for our land, turning back to Almighty God and HIS Truth!!! In the name of Jesus. AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Another American institution since the mid-50s has been taken down! Without getting into the whole objectification and exploitation of women, an argument for another day, the latest casualty of the destruction of American institutions is the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Growing up a huge sports fan, in the late 60s and 70s I couldn’t wait for the mail to come on Friday with that week’s Sports Illustrated. Before the weekend was over I had read every word on every page, even the ads! It was a staple for anyone who followed sports in those years. Sadly, like all of the sports themselves, over the last 15 years Sports Illustrated which is now a monthly publication took on a very political tone. It was no longer about the various sports it covered, but the political and social issues that surrounded sports. This year they finally put the final nail in the coffin of Sports Illustrated as their most popular edition each year, their swimsuit edition, has put a man on the cover who has mental health issues and thinks he is a woman! Of course to publicly decry this choice to glorify someone with gender dysphoria makes you a transphobe and hate monger. Growing up in a much more innocent time, the annual swimsuit edition really wasn’t that big of a deal. I was into sports, not girls, yet. Every summer when we went to the community pool, women wore bathing suits so I really didn’t get all of the hype around that edition. However risqué that annual edition of Sports Illustrated may have been in those years, now that this nation has fully embrace hard core pornography a pretty woman in a bathing suit isn’t that big of a deal to most. In a way it is sad that such innocence no longer exists. I really feel bad for the kids growing up today, bombarded at such early ages with every kind of sin imaginable in their face every day. That swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated is still somewhat of a cultural icon for the failing publication, and this year they chose to use it as a platform to do their part in mainstreaming and normalizing this mental health issue into the culture. In the past 10 years we have been dealing with more and more people each year who have bought into this trans lie from hell. Please join me in prayer for those who suffer from this mental illness, that through Christ they will understand God loves them, created them in His image, and no amount of drugs, surgeries, wardrobes, and names will change them from the gender God made them!

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"God be with you today Bill Keller, I have a friend whose daughter wants to become a man. She is 14 now . Any suggestions to give to my friend and family?"


My counsel to parents in this situation is first, at 14, your child is just that...A CHILD! A child with a brain still being formed and who has obviously bought into the brainwashing of our society on this issue. They need professional CHRISTIAN counseling to help them understand God makes no mistakes and they are the gender HE created them to be. They need to understand the LIES of satan that has them in this confused state. It is a battle of the truth and the lie!

Gender identity confusion is a MENTAL ILLNESS! Let me be very clear on this issue of “gender identity,” it is a mental health issue and NOT a physiological issue! Just like there is no such thing as a gay man or lesbian women, only men and women who CHOOSE to engage in perverted sex with people of the same sex, there is NO SUCH THING as a transgendered person, only a man or woman so mentally disturbed they don’t even know what sex they are. Saddest of all, are children who don’t even know what sex is, who are programmed by their parents to identify as the opposite gender God created them as!

THIS IS WHY ANY ATTEMPT TO GRANT “RIGHTS” TO SUCH CONFUSED PEOPLE IS FOOLISH, since this issue has nothing to do with civil rights any more than those who advocate for “gay rights” is a civil rights issue! This is why those who advocate for laws to allow people to use the bathroom of their choice are simply opening the door to making something as normal as using a bathroom becomes a huge safety issue!!! Just in the past year we have had far too many examples of just how dangerous this transgendered bathroom policy has become!!!

That disgusts me most about this sad freak show is the open acceptance by a majority of the population, and a media (including FOX News) that is absolutely in all their glory in their praise and support of this perversion. I told you just last week that most people no longer care about morals, ethics, or God's Truth. I also told you years ago as the homosexual lobby was advancing their perversion into the mainstream of our culture, once you accept that sexual perversion there will no longer be a line. Do you believe me now?

I have shared several time recently the media's acceptance and promotion of this transgendered perversion, treating it as they do those in bondage to same-sex perversion as they advocate the lie people are simply "born this way." Adults who want to destroy their lives is one thing, but just like I told you 15 years ago the radical homosexual lobby was coming after you children, they are now brainwashing children that they are not the gender God created them to be!

Bruce Jenner is the epitome, the poster-child for the rebellion to God and His Word of the past 40 years. He went from worldwide Olympic hero, to a confused freak show! He mirrors perfectly a nation that just 40 years ago still had a fear and respect for God and His Word, to a nation that has utterly rejected God's Truth, Jesus, and lives in complete and total rebellion to our Creator!!!

I love you and care about you more than you will ever know. Pray hard for the poor children who have no clue about sexuality, whose parents should be jailed for child abuse as they attempt to make their child something God did not create them to be! Pray for all of those at any age who have bought into this life of gender identity confusion.

Pray also for this nation, since it is clearly no longer a place where God is honored or feared. We have embraced every kind of sin imaginable, and unless we get on our knees and turn back to God and His Truth, we will suffer his final wrath and punishment. May this sad saga help people wake up that we have gone too far!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller