Daily Devotional for Tuesday July 20, 2021

What "controls" you each day?

(Romans 8:5-8)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, this nation is under Your judgment for our sin, wickedness, and rebellion. Help me to be courageous as I stand for You in these perilous times. Use me as a beacon of Your light in the darkness of our world today. Though our enemies surround us, the world around me curses You, help me to stand for Your Truth that will ultimately defeat the lies of satan. May the evil of this world become so apparent, people will begin to bow their knee to You in repentance knowing YOU are their only hope and only answer! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The French people are rising up and taking to the streets in protest of President Macron mandating Vax Passport’s. France is working on an actual law to fine business up to $10,000 and 1 year in jail that do not check for a person’s Vax Passport. There is also pending legislation backed by Macron to fine individuals up to $1,000 and 6 months in jail for NOT having a Vax Passport. As I have shared on the program, Canada is already rolling out a very aggressive Vax Passport program that, like France, will be required to work, go to school, fly, rent a hotel or rental car, leave the country, dine out, go to a bar, attend sporting events and concerts, and even shop at most business! BOTTOM LINE, WITHOUT A VAX PASSPORT YOU ARE NOT A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN, A THIRD CLASS CITIZEN, YOU REALLY AREN’T A CITIZEN AT ALL!!! I remember first warning people about these Vax Passports last summer and people not taking me seriously. Our own government has been on record stating they would never mandate Vax Passports, but they are very involved in pressuring public and private businesses to require them. I realize some states like Florida have passed state laws to make the requirement of a Vax Passports illegal, but those laws are certainly going to be tested in the courts. So you understand, the Vax Passport is really just the first step in implementing the “Social Credit Score” used in China that determines what Chinese citizens can and can’t do in their daily lives. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE IN GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND IF YOU THINK FOR A SECOND THIS ISN’T HEADING TO THE U.S. YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION! CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK ALREADY HAVE A STATE VERSION OF THE VAX PASSPORT AND IF THE GLOBALISTS EVER SOLIDIFY THEIR POLITICAL POWER IN DC (Get rid of the Senate filibuster), LIKE FRANCE, U.S. CITIZENS WILL BE LEPERS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY WITHOUT A VAX PASSPORT!!!

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One of the most incredible challenges we have each day in our Christian journey, is what controls us. The ultimate goal of every believer is to be controlled at all times by the Spirit of God, instead of the spirit of this world. It is when we are controlled by the Lord that we are able to fulfill our purpose in life, enjoy the peace, joy, and abundance of this life, and know God's richest blessings.

When we allow ourselves to be controlled by the things of this world, we distance ourselves from the Lord. Whatever pleasure we enjoy are temporary followed by much pain, and we miss God's best for our life. What controls our lives becomes the ultimate battle we fight each day.

The choice on what should control us is an obvious one. Making it happen is not so easy to accomplish. Before we became Christians, it was never an issue. There was no choice. We simply lived our life the way the world lived. Our lives were totally controlled by the spirit of the world. Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are now confronted with a choice each day.

Continue to live the way the world lives, the way we are used to living, or live under the control of our new Master, Jesus Christ. We must learn how to let the Holy Spirit control us. It doesn't happen overnight but over a period of time.

How do we do it? It starts with our daily relationship with the Lord. Praying, reading the Word each day. We need to be part of a local fellowship and finding ways to serve the Lord. As this becomes our daily life and focus, as we are more in touch with God throughout the day, we get used to the Holy Spirit controlling our life as opposed to the things of this world controlling us. We learn how to be controlled by the Spirit of the living God.

The critical key becomes having our lives controlled by the Lord consistently, day after day. Never get so comfortable that you aren't aware that you have to work to maintain that intimate, daily walk, since it is from that daily walk with the Lord, that we allow our lives to be controlled by Him.

When we stop praying each day; stop reading the Word each day; stop going to church; stop finding ways to serve God, that is when we become open to having the things of this world take control over our lives. So this becomes a daily challenge that we must take seriously, since it is when we allow the world control, we are capable of doing anything and everything that is not pleasing to God.

I love you and care about you! You can count on my prayers today, for you to really digest these complicated words. It is this principle of allowing the Holy Spirit to control your life each and every day that allows us as Christians to make a difference in this world.

It is when we are being controlled by the Spirit of God that God can work through us, giving us the power to do those things necessary to advance His plan and touch the lives of people. It is when the Holy Spirit is controlling us that we are fulfilling our purpose in serving and glorifying God with our lives.

Reaching this plateau, getting to this level each day, is the absolute ultimate in our Christian experience. There is no high from alcohol, drugs, sex, power, achievement, anything that can even come close to the spiritual high when you are being totally controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate experience that should be the goal of every follower of the Lord Jesus!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller