Daily Devotional for Monday May 3, 2021

To vax or not to vax?

(Matthew 5:10)

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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Biblical Christians are the only true hope for this nation! As the Globalist, using their media mouthpieces, will continue their attacks on Christians, specifically WHITE EVANGELICALS, they are looking to accomplish one big goal...intimidate us into silence! They want Christians to retreat to our “subculture” where we are with those of like-mind. They just want us to live our lives in quiet, out of sight, and don’t challenge them in any way. THESE GODLESS ATHEISTS KNOW WE, NOT THE POLITICIANS, ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN STOP THEIR DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY BECAUSE OUR POWER DOESN’T COME FROM MAN, BUT FROM GOD HIMSELF! You will have a choice to make at some point in the near future. Do I lay low, stay our out of the way of those who seek to destroy this nation, hunker down and live a “quiet life,” or do I take my stand for Christ and this once great nation birthed and blessed by God for over 240 years? That is a question each will have to answer for themselves!

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The push to vax, and those to blame for any resistance are white, evangelical Christians!!! The front page, above the fold lead story in the Saturday New York Times that continued on several pages inside was about the problem of those in the country who are not getting the Chinese-flu vax. The story concluded that the largest group leading the no-vax resistance were white, evangelical Christians. I told you years ago when we started discussing this battle between the Globalists and Nationalists, the religion of social justice, of which the Globalists are a part, that their only real foe was...Biblical Christians!

You can’t really talk about the vax subject without understanding the economics, since like in anything it plays a huge role. The current vax program for the Chinese-flu is offered for FREE. Of course anyone with common sense understands NOTHING IS FREE. The fact is, this initial round of vax is being paid for by the government, or more accurately, you and me through our tax dollars.

As critical as it was to get this initial vax to the public, there is no doubt the government has paid the various drug companies top dollar. So there is a HUGE financial incentive by these drug companies to get this initial vax into as many arms as possible since they are making money on each shot. The government is pushing for everyone to get the vax for public health concerns, at least I hope that is playing some role. However you can’t deny there is a “control of behavior” issue for them at play as well.

Also, you need to understand that even once you get the Chinese-flu vax, that is not the end of it. Probably as early as this fall, there will be a Chinese-flu booster similar to the flu shot many get annually. And yes, YOU will pay for that booster!!!

That leads us to a topic I first warned you about late last summer, the Vax Passport. Despite telling you this would become a reality for ALL of our lives in the near future, the initial blowback as people like myself began talking about it, was serious. The government went into a PR campaign treating the Vax Passport like bigfoot, it was nothing but a myth. I shared with my TV audience DON’T BE FOOLED, it was already a reality in other countries and was only a matter of time before it would be a reality here!

Due to its’ unpopularity (under 20% agreed with needing such a document), the government began working in sync with its’ allies, big business and academia. It would be the private sector that would require people have a Vax Passport. So as of today, it is slowly becoming a requirement to have a Vax Passport to attend certain places or be part of various events. Not surprisingly the tyrannical state of New York already has an Excelsior Pass (their version of the Vax Passport) that is required to go to sporting events.

No doubt the airlines will soon require such a document to fly, hotels to rent a room, entertainment venues to attend an event, to name a few. It is already a necessity in some colleges and K-12 schools, but by this coming fall, it will be a requirement just to go to school or college. To keep pushing the vax into as many arms as possible, they are now focusing on those 16 and under despite the fact that void any underlying medical issues, those 16 and under are the demographic least affected by the Chinese-flu.

The other place the Vax Passport will be required is at many workplaces. Existing employees will be told to get the vax or be terminated. New employees will be told they can’t get the job they seek until they prove they received the vax. You can argue all you want about rights, freedoms, privacy, and other legal issues, but under the guise of a “national health crisis,” people are going to be sorely disappointed when the courts don’t come to their rescue.

As you are aware, we have been scolded by the media and His Highness “mini-doc” Fauci to follow the science. The only problem is, whether it is from Dr. Fauci, the CDC, some other government agency, or the White House, the “science” has been like trying to nail jell-o to the wall! They have flip-flopped and changed their guidance over and over during the past 15 months leading to much confusion.

When it comes to the vax, there is one specific issue that we need to focus on, herd immunity. There is a large school of medical professionals who have stated all along that the “cases,” or people who have been infected, is probably about a third of the actual people who have had the Chinese-Flu since many, especially younger people, had no symptoms. While I trust NONE of the numbers out of the CDC, they state apx. 30 million we know of have been infected.

Multiply that by 3 and you have apx. 90 million who have been infected and are still alive. That is important since those infected already have a degree of immunity due to the antibodies they have built up. The last numbers I have seen is that we have apx. 100 million people who have received the vax. Add those people to those already infected and you are right around 60%. As with most things with the Chinese-flu, there is not agreement within the medical community on what percentage of a population needs to be immunized before herd immunity takes hold. Most approximate it is in the 70%-80% range.

Here is the current spin being employed. People like Dr. Fauci are now talking about herd immunity being attained ONLY WITH THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED THE VAX, NOT THOSE PREVIOUSLY INFECTED. As you can see, if your goal is to get the vax to as many people as possible, you won’t count the previously infected! Sadly, it is all of these changing narratives that has placed many people in a difficult position when it comes to whether or not to get the vax.

I AM NOT AN ANTI-VAXXER AND AM THANKFUL TO GOD TO THE WISDOM HE GAVE SO MANY IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY TO COME UP WITH VACCINES FOR THINGS LIKE POLIO. I get inundated daily with emails on what a person should do regarding this issue. I can’t make that decision, it is one each person must make for themselves. Start with educating yourself as much as possible, though that can be difficult since as I stated much of the medical information is all over the board. You also have to factor in that big tech is working with big pharma to censor lots of information that is negative regarding the vaccine.

Here is my council, if you are in the high risk demographic, over 65, and/or a pre-existing condition dealing with your heart, lungs, if you have or have had cancer, any type of auto-immune issue, IF YOU ARE OBESE, pray and seek the Lord’s guidance than get with your doctor immediately and get his/her advice since you are really the person the vax was created for. If you are not in that demographic, it is the same counsel tho you can take your time. Pray, seek the Lord’s guidance, talk to your doctor, pray some more, and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I love you and care about you so much. Ending where we began, the two groups that the media is currently demonizing as being unpatriotic for refusing the vax are members of the military and evangelical Christians. They are really one in the same in the media’s mindset since the military is full of white evangelicals. The new Secretary of Defense is actually working on a plan to shred from the ranks of the various branches those who he deems a potential threat to our nation, military members who are white evangelical Christians!

Sadly, in the comings weeks and months, like in the Saturday New York Times you will continue to see the vax issue used as one of the reasons to target Christians for persecution. Know I will be praying for you and your family as the Lord guides your decision in this matter.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller