Daily Devotional for Sunday November 8, 2020

Cheating dishonors God!!!

(Proverbs 13:5, Hebrews 13:18)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, even though we have no right to ask, please continue to watch over this nation. Thank You for showing us the clear signs of destruction our sin and rebellion have heaped upon our land. I pray today that as a nation we will turn back to You and Your Truth. Give me strength as days of persecution are upon us, and let me stand proud and strong for You and Your Kingdom. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Election update! Media companies don't make elections final, votes do, and they must be certified by each state! I am not surprised they rushed to call Biden the winner since they know the way they tried to steal the election through sophisticated intel software was uncovered. They never banked on POTUS getting as many votes and it caused them to get sloppy having to add on more than they planned in the key states. Forget all of the legal challenges except those surrounding the use of the Dominion program that utilizes the Hammer/Scorecard software which transferred votes from Trump to Biden. This is really a Bill Barr issue. President Trump getting a second term depends on AG Barr getting forensic ballot experts in to the swing states and go thru the s, matching them to actual physical ballots. Trust me, they do NOT match! So, pray. There is a way God can allow POTUS to stay in office IF...IF...that is His plan. The Dominion/Hammer/Scorecard intel software is not some conspiracy theory, but has existed for years, used by our intel agencies to fix foreign elections, and most likely was used by Obama to insure his re-election in 2012. Many have asked why they didn't use this software in 2016? Simple, they didn't think they had to since Hillary was a lock to defeat Donald Trump who they viewed as a joke. The deep state wasn’t going to take any chances this time. Now you know why Joe Biden didn’t even have to run a real campaign. Pray. God will have the final word!!!! Please educate yourself! Read through the 7-8 posts I have made informing people about what really happened on the Liveprayer Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/liveprayer/

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***Action steps: 1) Pray for the nation to turn back to the Lord every morning for at least 5 min. 2) Share the Gospel every day with at least 1 person you know is no saved. 3) Every day share something Biblical with everyone you know via email. 4) Every day encourage at least ONE PERSON you know about the responsibility we have to VOTE in November. 5) GET ONE PERSON YOU KNOW TO DO ACTION STEPS 1-4!!!

One of the early lessons most learn as a child is that cheating is wrong. Period. It is not something that you can debate or make exceptions for, it is always wrong 100% of the time. One of the breakdowns in our society these past 40 years is the attitude of people towards cheating. The sad reality of the world we live in today is that cheating is not only accepted, but condoned as long as you don't get caught. Today, I want to deal with this whole issue of cheating and challenge those who love the Lord to be men and women of honor, not dishonor which is what a cheat is.

As a sports fan, I read a book years ago written by two writers from the San Francisco Chronicle that cataloged and documented the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs by baseball superstar Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants. Bonds had been suspected for many years of using steroids to enhance his performance on the field. Never before in baseball history has a player had their productivity increase after the age of 35 like Bonds. Steroids not only makes an athlete stronger, but just as important, allows their body to recover quicker keeping them on the field each day playing at their highest level.

The book, "Game of Shadows," used as one of its many sources, interviews, cell-phone records, answering-machine tapes, and documents from Bond's long-time mistress. Sadly, Bonds not only cheated in playing baseball, but he also cheated on his wife and family. The fact is, Bonds was already a baseball superstar, possibly even a Hall of Famer prior to his involvement with steroids. Cheating not only tarnished his career, but undoubtedly caused great pain to his family and others in his life. Remember this, when you cheat, you will eventually be caught!

"You have set our iniquities before you, our secret sins in the light of your presence." (Psalms 90:8 NIV)

I know in my own life the pain I caused myself, my wife, and others close to me when I made the decision to cheat many years ago. It was 1988, I had the opportunity to get involved in a scheme to trade the stock market on inside information. Even though I knew it was illegal, Satan, the great justifier, told me that nobody was really getting hurt and I wouldn't get caught. Sadly, we forget when we listen to satan, we are listening to a LIAR! John 8:44 calls him the "father of lies." He is always there, quick to lie to us to help us justify why it is OK to cheat. Of course, less than a year later my cheating was exposed and I would eventually spend 31 months of my life in Federal Prison.

Never forget my friend, that your secret sins will be exposed one day. What you do in the dark so nobody else can see will eventfully be seen in the light. If you are cheating at work or at school, if you are cheating on your taxes, if you are cheating someone out of money or property, if you are cheating on your spouse, if you are cheating at a game, if you are cheating in any way you will eventually be caught. As I share with you often, sin always carries a big price, a price much greater than we ever dreamed we would have to pay.

This is a huge issue in our society today since we now have the largest percentage of two-full generations who have never been to church and have grown up in homes void of God and Biblical Truth. We have so many children growing up in busted, blended, unstable homes where basic values like honesty are not being taught or reinforced. Subsequently, we live in a culture now where cheating at every level is pretty much acceptable, again, as long as you don't get caught. Baseball knew Barry Bonds was cheating, but until now when documented, irrefutable proof was put forth, they simply ignored it and let it happen.

The heart of all high-profile corporate scandals are all about this same thing, cheating. Again, the stance of our society today is that cheating is not only acceptable but often encouraged...as long as you don't get caught, then everyone acts outraged and incredulous at how people could do such a thing. This is another reason why now more than ever, the people of God have got to rise up and take a stand for righteousness. We can start by living our lives each day with honor and integrity.

I love you and care about you so much. As followers of Christ, it has to be our desire, our goal to be like our Lord. Jesus was truth! (John 14:6, John 8:32, 36, Hebrews 6:18) To be like Jesus, we have to be people of truth. Don't forget, satan is a liar. When we lie, when we are dishonest, when we cheat, we are not acting like Jesus but like satan. We live in a world that is lost in sin, listening only to the lies of satan, so it is no wonder why people cheat. They don't know how to live any other way. That is why those who know the Lord have got to rise up and be counted in these last days and lead people into righteousness.

I will be praying for you today. Praying that you will take some time today and evaluate your life. Are you cheating in any area of your life? If you are, STOP NOW before it destroys you. God is speaking to many of you through this message today. He is trying to get your attention by tapping you on your shoulder. Trust me, the next time He taps, it may be with a 2x4 on the back of your head, or maybe a steel pole for those like me who have extra thick skulls. A tap on the should can be convicting, but it is better than the pain of that 2x4 or steel pole.

Barry Bonds he will sadly always be known as a cheater. Rather than enjoy the adulations as one of the greatest to ever play the game, he will be scorned and rejected by most who will only remember him for being a cheater. Pray for Barry Bonds and his family today. I have no idea where he is with the Lord, but like all of us, he needs Christ in his heart and life.

While you may never be as famous or as well-known as Barry Bonds, you are known by your family and friends, by the people you go to school with, work with, recreate with, and go to church with. Do you want to be known as a person of honor and integrity, someone who lives a life that exemplifies what being a man or woman of God is supposed to be like? Or will you cheat in different areas of your life, get caught, and be known by those people in your life as just that, a cheater?

The choice is yours. You can dishonor God by being a liar and cheater, or honor God by being a man or woman of honor, integrity, and the truth!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller