Daily Devotional for Tuesday September 1, 2020

Shame on Notre Dame!!!

(Psalm 139:13-15, Jeremiah 1:4-5)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Please Lord, give me the strength that when tested, I will not be silent nor will I be afraid to tell YOUR TRUTH! Give me courage, give me strength, and let me stand strong for You no matter what the personal consequences! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Good for Coach Lou Holtz! The retired and great football coach who led Notre Dame to the National Championship in 1988, recently called out Joe Biden for being a “Catholic in name only!” Holtz made this comment due to the fact that Biden, a Catholic, supports the slaughter of innocent babies in complete opposition to the teachings of his church. In the past year or so, Biden was actually denied communion in different Catholic churches due to his support for abortion. Sadly, leadership at Notre Dame actually rebuked Coach Holtz for making that statement. While being a “Catholic” college, Notre Dame is very liberal like most universities today. Today’s Daily Devotional is about Notre Dame from 11 years ago. Unfortunately being politically correct is more important than their faith. After the rebuke, Coach Holtz unapologetically doubled down on his statement about Biden! It is sad that an ex-football coach has more guts in taking a stand for Christ than most pastors!!!

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(from the Liveprayer Daily Devotional for Friday May 15, 2009)

"You did form my inward parts, you knit me together in my mother's womb...you knew me right well; my frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret..." Psalm 139:13-15

Shame on Notre Dame! The Roman Catholic Church has been a true leader in the fight for life over the years. That is why it is so sad to see the preeminent Catholic University in the world invite and honor President Barack Hussein Obama to receive an honorary degree and give the commencement address this Sunday. I fully understand the prestige to have the President give the commencement address, but for a Catholic school that stands for life to give a platform to the most pro-death President in this nation's history is a very sad event.

I am impressed with the number of students, those affiliated with Notre Dame, and Catholics worldwide who have expressed their outrage. I pray for the many protests to be held this weekend, as those who love the Lord take their public stand for life. May the Lord richly bless their efforts.

Why abortion IS a big deal. I am getting sick and tired of people telling me to stop talking about abortion. I am getting even more sick and tired of people like Rick Warren and others on the "religious left" who say talking about abortion is too divisive and that we need to stick to issues most people agree on like poverty and AIDS in Africa.

I fully understand why people don't want to talk about abortion. INFANTICIDE is not a pleasant subject! But we can't just be silent and act like it doesn't exist, especially when every 24 hours another 4,000 innocent babies are being slaughtered in this nation!!!

I would love to stop talking about abortion. Let's get the US Govt out of the baby killing business and let each state decide whether they want to kill babies in their state. This will not end abortion, but it will at least not allow men and women treat it any longer like a trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled!

It will also cause the adoption industry to be reformed so adopting a child doesn't require 5 lawyers, 6 years, and the amount of money it costs to by a small home. It will also cause the church to start taking responsibility for putting together programs to help deal with babies that need to be cared for and placed in the home of a loving mother and father.

However, until we get to that place, I refuse to be silent and it is a subject that MUST be talked about. Every time there is some sort of natural disaster with people dying, the news media is all over the story. Any death is sad, but it always makes me wonder why so much is made of 5, 10, 50 people tragically losing their life, and nobody even thinks about the fact that every 24 hours we murder apx 4,000 innocent babies in this nation.

I am virtually certain that there are only a handful of people out of the several million who will read these words today, that even stopped for a second to reflect that in the last day we killed 4,000 babies in this country. We have become so desensitized, have come to accept abortion to the point we don't even think about it any longer.

Here is why abortion IS a big deal. Did you ever wonder if there is a correlation between the fact we started to legally kill babies in this nation in 1973, about the same time we began to see a massive spiritual decline in his nation? Coincidence? I think not! Just like in our individual lives, our nations blessings are tied to our obedience to God. Legally killing babies is a big deal since how can we ever expect God to bless a land that is flooded with the blood of incident babies?

I know that it is not politically correct to talk about abortion any longer. Sadly, very few nationally known pastors will EVER talk about this issue. It is bad for their business. Those who now make up this growing group known as the religious left who fill their churches with the seeker/purpose driven/emerging church watered down message don't like this issue since it hurts their marketing efforts for warm bodies. Except for a handful of brave Catholic bishops and priests, you hear virtually nobody in the marketplace taking a stand against this blatant act of murder.

I have been saying for years that this one issue alone is enough to bring down God's wrath and judgment on this nation. Sadly, President Bush squandered our last real opportunity we may ever have to deal with this issue politically. President Obama is a stanch defender of the practice of infanticide. He is a hero to those in the pro death movement. The business of killing babies around the world will flourish under Obama.

Those who defend him state that it is the law, that he is only upholding the law. The fact is, he has voted 100% of the time during his political career to uphold the legalized killing of babies. If he truly believed in life, he could have voted to make abortion illegal and work towards that end. I contend that any politician who votes to uphold abortion has the blood of innocent babies on their hands and is truly an evil person!!!

As a side note. For those in the pro death movement who want to make believe this is about women's health rights, that is a bunch of garbage. This is about the LIFE OF A HUMAN BEING! I agree a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, BUT NOT THE BODY OF SOMEONE ELSE! That baby may be inside her, but it is still a separate human life created by God!

I love you and care about you so much. I refuse to be bullied into silence on what is by far the most critical spiritual issue there is. You simply can't close your eyes and act like this brutal act of murder doesn't exist. I see the Hollywood crowd and people who normally spit in the face of God get so upset about the atrocities in Darfur and other places on the globe. Why aren't these same people as upset with the fact every 24 hours we slaughter 4,000 innocent babies??? Where is their outrage about that???

Killing is an evil act. Killing babies is the personification of evil. In recent history, Adolph Hitler is seen as one of the great examples of evil. I contend that anyone who supports the practice of infanticide is as evil as Hitler ever was. I have put together a very controversial video that is on YouTube. It is very graphic, but the fact is, people must be reminded what abortion really is. It is not like having a tooth pulled. It is a brutal act of murder!

You can view this special video at: https://liveprayer.com/abortion.cfm Please share this link with those that you know, since people MUST see what abortion really is!

Also, on the Liveprayer.com homepage, we have a special 55 second video clip of an actual abortion being performed. If you have not watched it, YOU MUST! This is what happens to over 4,000 innocent babies EVERY DAY in this nation! Since God led me to get this footage and put it on the website nearly two years ago, we have had over 3,000 emails from women who were contemplating having an abortion, watched the video, and changed their mind (Watch the incredible testimony of baby Delilah also on that same link).

Despite the several death threats and scathing emails I get every month just from having that video on my website, I want the world to see what really happens to millions of babies here in the United States and around the world every year. Abortion is a big deal since it not only kills 1.5 million babies in this nation alone, but it is going to bring down the wrath and judgment of God on this nation for practicing infanticide.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller