Daily Devotional for Monday August 31, 2020



(1 Chronicles 16:11; Matthew 7:7; Mark 11:24)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please help me today to be an active member of your body. I pray each day that I will be yielded to you and your will for my life. Let me remove all that is in my life keeping me from being the best servant I can possibly for you and your Kingdom. I love you Lord, and let my love be expressed in my daily life as I serve you. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Professional athletes in all major sports have boycotted their games/practices for a few days to express outrage over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Watching these alpha males of alpha males lineup like lemmings and put their credibility and careers on the line over a situation that we still don’t know all of the facts about is foolishness. HERE IS THE MAN THEY ARE DEFENDING AND POSSIBLE RUINING THEIR CAREER FOR ( https://nypost.com/2020/08/28/this-is-why-jacob-blake-had-a-warrant-out-for-his-arrest/ ). THEY ARE BEING USED BY THE POLITICAL HUSTLERS AND ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE IT! WHO IS THEIR PUPPET MASTER? BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA HAS BEEN “COUNSELING” THEM REGARDING WHAT ACTIONS TO TAKE!!!

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka boycotted her semi-finals match stating she was sick of the “genocide of blacks by the police.” This is the myth that the race hustle industry and those using these events for political gain are telling the world. These athletes are demanding CHANGE! First, what change do they want? What is their ultimate goal? What action is needed to achieve that goal? You know they are simply being used since they have no answers or even a plan! The only vague answers they have is that policing must change and racism must be ended.

What we do know so far about Jacob Blake is that he has been in prison on various charges 5 times in his life, some of those charges involved violence. He fathered 4 children with 3 different women, and has little contact with these women or his children. His interaction with the police that day was because he was violating a restraining order, and in the process of going to the address the police knew he had an outstanding warrant for sexual assault. Upon contact, Blake fought with the officers as they tried to arrest him, he escaped and attempted to get into his vehicle while enhanced video shows he had a knife in his left hand! Attempts to taze him failed and as the officer held his shirt to prevent Blake from entering his vehicle to get away, he fired his service revolver 7 times. Brutal? Sure is. It is currently under investigation with the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice and if the officer violated the law using such force he will be charged and prosecuted.

Two facts are known for certain. If Blake had not been committing a crime he never would have interacted with the police. If Blake hadn’t resisted arrest, he wouldn’t have been shot. IN EVERY MAJOR EVENT THAT THE RACE HUSTLE/POLITICAL HUSTLE INDUSTRY HAS USED, IT HAS INVOLVED CAREER CRIMINALS WHO WERE CONFRONTED WHILE COMMITTING A CRIME AND RESISTED ARREST!!! That doesn’t sound like “genocide of black by the police” to me! These events are isolated incidents that occur 8-10x a year out of MILLIONS of police/citizen encounters. WE DO NOT HAVE A POLICE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY, WE HAVE A CRIME PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY. Police officers who break the law are convicted all the time and the prisons are full of ex-police officers who broke the law!

The political hustlers would love to use these isolated events to weaken policing, putting all citizens at greater risk. As far as the race issue goes, racism will NEVER been ended. It is a tool of satan since the beginning of man. THERE ARE RACISTS OF EVERY SKIN COLOR AND EVERY NATIONALITY EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD SINCE IT IS A SIN PROBLEM! However, there is a real answer for these athletes if they really want one. Everything we are witnessing from the crime problem, to the race issue, are all due to the breakdown of marriage and the family. Of course, that requires real personal commitment. The race/political hustlers really only want the chaos, and are using these professional athletes to contribute to that end!

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"Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always." (1 Chronicles 16:11)

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:7)

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

Action steps:

1) Pray for the nation to turn back to the Lord every morning for at least 5 min.

2) Share the Gospel every day with at least 1 person you know is no saved.

3) Every day share something Biblical with everyone you know via email.

4) Every day encourage at least ONE PERSON you know about the responsibility we have to VOTE in November.


Prayer requires action. Today, I want to help you with a simple but powerful truth that could revolutionize your prayer life. So much of the time we treat our prayer life like we are rubbing a magical lamp and asking the genie inside for our wishes to be granted. Even mature Believers often fall into the trap of treating God like some kind of cosmic concierge who is there at our beck and call to fulfill our every whim and desire. The truth that I want to share with you today is that prayer requires action on our part.

When we pray, we are demonstrating our dependence upon God. We are saying to God that "we need you," that "without you we can do nothing." Prayer is also an act of faith. What is the use in praying unless you have faith there is a God who hears you and faith there is a God who can help you? So when we pray we not only demonstrate our dependence upon God, but also our faith in God.

The key moment comes AFTER we have prayed. What do we do then? This is the critical point where many Believers fail. Prayer requires action on our part. Too many who pray, fail to follow up their prayers with ACTION! They pray and seek God for a need in their life, finish praying, and then sit back waiting for God to meet their need. Is God able? Of course, He is God! However, never forget that we pray out of faith, and true Biblical faith requires ACTION!

If you are praying for God to heal your body, pray, but then ACT! Go see the doctors and specialists that are out there to help you heal. Go research what your health issue is and find the best people possible to help bring complete and total healing to your body. God heals in many ways and by far the most common way God heals is through human instruments called doctors. So if you need healing, pray, ask God to heal you, and then put your faith into action and do all you can in seeing your body healed.

If you are praying for God to meet your financial needs, pray, but then ACT! Seek out successful men and women and get their wise counsel. Sit down and put a game plan together to help you meet your financial needs and achieve your financial goals. God can provide for us in many ways, but His most common form of provision is through our hard work. So if you have financial needs, pray, ask God to provide for you, then put your faith into action and do all you can to see that your financial needs are met.

If you are praying for your marriage or for a relationship, pray, but then ACT! Seek out Godly counsel from your pastor or some other qualified Christian counselor. Get away with your spouse or the person you are in a relationship with and spend quality time openly and honestly communicating with each other.

The root cause of every marital and relationship problem I have seen in over 17 years of ministry stems from a lack of pure, honest, and open communication. So if you have a problem with your marriage or a relationship, pray, ask God to bring healing and restoration to your marriage or relationship, then put your faith into action and do all you can to have a healthy marriage or relationship.

Never forget that it is God who is the One who will heal you, provide for you, restore your marriage or relationship, but God uses our faith in action. Prayer is not a passive exercise but an active one! We are active participants in God answering our prayers. It requires action on our part. It is God who is answering our prayers, but our faith requires us to be involved in that process. Just as James wrote to Believers that "faith without works is dead," I tell you today that PRAYER WITHOUT ACTION IS POWERLESS!!!

I love you and care about you so much. Most people are far too passive in their prayer life. They pray and then sit back waiting for God to answer. No doubt there are some things we pray about that are completely out of our control and we must simply trust God to move on those needs. But much of what we pray about we have the ability to put action to our prayers. It is still God who is answering our prayers, but He is working through our actions.

It needs to be stressed again, we are not just praying out of dependence upon God, but out of FAITH in God. True Biblical faith requires ACTION on our part. If you really believe something, you will live it. If we truly believe God will heal us, or provide for our needs, or heal our marriage or relationship, or whatever the need may be, we will be active participants in seeing our prayers answered. God honors our faith. God is moved by our faith. God blesses our faith. We pray in faith, therefore, our prayers require action!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller