Daily Devotional for Thursday August 13, 2020

The anarchists seeking to destroy our cities and nation, also want to destroy Christianity!

(Matthew 5:44)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, this nation is under Your judgment for our sin, wickedness, and rebellion. Help me to be courageous as I stand for You in these perilous times. Use me as a beacon of Your light in the darkness of our world today. Though our enemies surround us, the world around me curses You, help me to stand for Your Truth that will ultimately defeat the lies of satan. May the evil of this world become so apparent, people will begin to bow their knee to You in repentance knowing YOU are their only hope and only answer! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The anarchists seeking to destroy our cities and nation, also want to destroy Christianity! I have warned people that the violence you see happening in cities across the nation, will also be turned on our churches and the followers of Jesus Christ. They were even so bold and brazen to declare that they were coming after every symbol of Jesus Christ! I have been sharing with you the fact, that has been happening for the past 4 months. Mobs interrupting church services, “protestors” attacking a public prayer meeting, destroying statues representing Jesus and Mary, and over a dozen churches being set on fire. Recently, a group of Christians in Seattle went to the area where the “CHOP” was set up by anarchists who seized and controlled 6 city blocks for almost a month. Residents and business in the area were terrorized, crimes like looting, assault, and rape took place. Worse, 2 young black men were shot and killed before the negligent mayor finally shut it down. A gang of anarchists accosted this Christian group who were simply praying, reading Scripture, and sharing the Gospel. They were wielding knives, cursed at the Christians, spat on them, and yelled “Hail satan.” I understand what has happened so far seems like isolated, random incidents. They haven’t happened anywhere near you. Please, don’t think for a second these acts of terror on our churches and followers of Christ can’t happen in your city or town. The “religion of social justice” only has ONE ENEMY...BIBLICAL CHRISTIANS. Those who want to destroy our nation, realize that they also must destroy Christianity. We know at the end of the book God wins, but we also know for this season we must battle for our faith and for the souls of men!!!

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Praying for your enemies. I am about to give you a quick spiritual test. What is your attitude towards your enemies? We all have those people in our life that we just can't get along with. We all have those people in our life that don't like us. We all have those people in our life that do not wish us well. What is your attitude towards those people?

It is easy to like your friends, but how do you feel about those who do not like you? On the ladder of spiritual maturity, this is a very big rung. How we feel about and deal with those people in our life that are NOT our friends, is a major indicator of our spiritual growth and maturity.

Of course, our perfect example in this area is Jesus. How did He handle those who were involved in his death? He loved them, He forgave them, and He prayed for them. This becomes the standard that we must work to achieve in this area. We must love those who hate us. We must forgive those who mean to do us harm. We must pray for those who are out to get us.

You see, the Bible says the Lord will fight for us, that the "battle is the Lord's". The reason God fights for us is that we can get so weary, so worn out, that we become ineffective for God. We become so distracted in fighting those who oppose us, we lose sight of our mission which is to serve and glorify Him with our lives.

I realize today that you have people in your life that wish only the worst upon you. Love those people today, pray for them. Anyone that has allowed bitterness to take such hold on their life needs our prayers. Those who allow bitterness and hatred to creep into their life are to be pitied. They are hurting themselves, so out of that hurt, lash out on those around them. Pray for them. Pray the Lord will grant them peace. Pray the Lord will take the hatred and bitterness from them and replace it with peace and joy. Love them.

How? In our own strength, it is NOT POSSIBLE to love, or pray for our enemies. That is when we need to tap into the strength only God can give us. In our own strength, it is virtually impossible to love and pray for our enemies. But when we let God take over, when we call upon His strength, it is possible. AND THIS IS WHAT THE LORD IS CALLING YOU TO DO TODAY!! Make a list right now of everyone in your life that means you harm.

Make a list of your enemies. My suggestion is that you call each one, or meet with each one and tell them you love them, forgive them, and are praying for them. At least sit down each morning, and pray for them. THIS IS WHAT GOD IS CALLING YOU TO DO TODAY!!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that these are difficult words to hear, and even more difficult to put into action. Trust me, there is a key of freedom attached with what I am telling you today. A freedom that you can not begin to understand. This is a test, a spiritual test. I will pray for you today that you pass it with flying colors. It is no accident that you are reading these words today. God is clearly speaking to you.

Take a few minutes right now, and pray for all of those in your life that are not your friends, that are against you. Pray for their souls, and then pray the Lord will bless them and open their hearts to His love. God is calling you today to rise above the day-to-day emotions of life. Realize that the wars we fight are not of this earth, not of flesh and blood, but are spiritual. Pray for your enemies today, and be like Jesus!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller