Daily Devotional for Saturday July 18, 2020

The rut!!!

(Mark 6:30-32)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, help me to be a blessing to someone I meet today. Help me to not be so self-absorbed that I miss the opportunity to be a good witness for You. Today, I yield myself to You. Use me for Your glory! In the name of Jesus...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: (Please forward this critical word to everyone you know. It is critical for people to understand exactly what we are facing at this moment in time!) THIS NATION AS WE KNEW IT AND LOVED IT ALL OUR LIVES IS OVER WITHOUT A TRUE SPIRITUAL REVIVAL!!! For anyone who has been around Liveprayer for any length of time, you know that I have hammered home for 21 yrs in the Daily Devotional and 17 yrs on TV that unless we turned back to God and HIS Truth we would see His wrath and judgment! I STILL BELIEVE WE COME THROUGH THE CHINESE FLU, THOUGH BADLY BEATEN AND WEAKENED. WHAT WE WILL NOT ESCAPE IS THE FACT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS BECOME THE “HOST” FOR THE PARASITICAL ANARCHISTS WHO WANT TO DESTROY OUR NATION. The two political parties used to battle over different paths to run the nation, yet at the end of the day they both wanted the best for our country, both wanted to leave the nation better than we found it for our children. THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE MY FRIEND! THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS GIVEN CREDIBILITY TO VIOLENT FRINGE ELEMENTS IN OUR SOCIETY THAT ADVOCATE FOR UNBELIEVABLE THINGS LIKE DOING AWAY WITH PRISONS, ENDING POLICE DEPARTMENTS, NO CASH BAIL REFORM, EXTREME RACIAL DIVISION UNDER THE GUISE OF RACIAL JUSTICE TO NAME A FEW. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, THESE THINGS ARE ALREADY HAPPENING IN MANY CITIES ACROSS OUR NATION AS WE SPEAK!!! Due to the changing demographics in the nation, there will never be another Republican President in our lifetime if the Democrats take power on November 3rd. That is because they will open the borders to flood the nation with illegals who will get the right to vote. They will also change voting laws in all 50 states to all vote-by-mail that makes it easy to fix elections. They will also change the filibuster rule in the Senate so a simple 51 majority will be able to pass any laws they want, just like the disgusting way the House changed House rules to ram through the articles of impeachment! Please don’t misunderstand me, even if God allows President Trump to be re-elected, everything I just laid out will take place in 4 years as the Democrats will take back power in 2024. For Christians this new normal means persecution. Closed churches in certain areas of the nation for whatever reason they come up with, loss of religious liberties, being silenced from major information platforms, and physical violence will become part of our lives as Believers. I have to be honest, I have warned you this day was coming at some point and that point starts this November or in November of 20204! THE ONLY WAY WE ESCAPE THIS FATE, THE ONLY WAY THIS NATION IS ABLE TO RETURN TO THE NATION WE HAVE KNOWN AND LOVED, IS FOR A TRUE SPIRITUAL REVIVAL ACROSS THIS LAND. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR THAT REVIVAL TO BEGIN!!!

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One of the reasons we tend to struggle and fight what seems like a losing effort at times, is that we get into a rut. Our routine rarely changes. We get up almost every day and either go to work or school. Especially during this challenging days for so many, now is a good time to change things up a bit!

As creatures of habit, we go to the same stores and the same places to play; we become very comfortable in our lives. When problems come like they do in everyone's life, we tend to handle them the same way. We become very good at "living" each day.

On a spiritual level, we become very good at avoiding to have to test our faith, put our faith on the line. We get comfortable in our church, in the areas we serve God. Most live very defensive lives. To use a football analogy, we play a prevent defense most of the time. That is what teams do late in the game when they have a big lead. They play very cautiously and try not to lose the game.

I want to challenge you today on many fronts. First in your day-to-day life. Try buying your groceries at a different supermarket this weekend. Try going to some stores that you have never shopped at before. Go play at a different park this weekend. For you who are married, take your husband or wife and go spend an afternoon doing something you have never done before. Those who are single, get one of your friends and do something this weekend you have never done before.

Next week when you go to work, take a different route to work. Don't go to the same coffee shop in the morning. At school, get involved in some activities you normally don't participate in. This Sunday, go to your church in the morning, and in the evening go to a different church. If you normally serve God in one area, for the next few weeks try to find a new avenue of service.

Why am I saying this? First of all, I am not trying to meddle in your life. We ALL need change from time to time. We all need to see things from a new perspective. We all need to experience new things. God has blessed us with tremendous abilities. We have an incredible capacity to do so much. Yet most of the time, we get into such a comfort zone we tap into a very small percentage of what we are capable of.

Another reason for this is that it gives you confidence in different situations. Life will always throw us curve balls along the way and hit us with things we aren't ready for. The more we experience, the more we are exposed to, the better we are to handle life's problems. We are more capable of looking at all the alternatives, instead of looking at only one way out and getting discouraged if it doesn't happen. Lastly though, change stimulates our senses, energizes us, and gives us a special spark for life.

I love you, and I care about you so very much. I do pray for you each day. I realize that there is much you go through each day. Many things are happening in your life. Be encouraged today that the Lord loves you and wants the best for your life. He has given you so much, yet we often only partake of a fraction of what God has given to us. Be aware this weekend and in the coming week that you don't have to turn your life upside down, but that you can do some things differently.

You can do new things. You can enjoy new experiences. One of the byproducts of change is meeting new people, seeing God opening different doors in your life. From time to time we need to reach out, stretch ourselves, and see what else God may be saying to us. That is often hard to hear when we are in the same old routine each and every day.

Life is made up of seasons. Each season of our life is different. Different people, different things that we occupy our time with, different interests. In the midst of our seasons though, we need to be careful not to get so regimented, in such a rut that we lose that spark for life. More importantly, we lose that spark in our daily relationship with the Lord. Make a conscious effort to change the routine in the next week and get a fresh look at your life. The Christian life is not to be one of defense, but offense.


In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller