Daily Devotional for Friday July 10, 2020

"Faux" churches that are a stench in the nostrils of God!!!

(Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please help me today to be an active member of Your body. I pray each day that I will be yielded to You and Your will for my life. Let me remove all that is in my life keeping me from being the best servant I can possibly for You and Your Kingdom. I love You Lord, and let my love be expressed in my daily life as I serve You. In the name of Jesus I pray…AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: How to make sure you are not just living each day God grace’s you with, but making each day COUNT! Here is a simple but powerful challenge I have for you today, and the great thing is it is something each person can customize to their own life. I want you to take 10 minutes today, that is all, just 10 minutes. Pray for the Lord to open your heart and mind. Get a piece of paper and write down TODAY, ONE WEEK, ONE MONTH. Now, next to TODAY I want you to simply write in one thing, just one thing you want to accomplish before you go to bed in your spiritual life. IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU! Read one chapter from the Bible. Set aside 15 minutes to just pray and meditate on the Lord. Email someone a word of encouragement. Call someone you know who needs a kind word. Help a neighbor. The opportunities are endless and it is totally up to you and your life to make this decision. Next, write down one thing you want to accomplish over the next week in your spiritual life. Lastly, write down the one thing you want to accomplish over the next month in your spiritual life. Having these simple but clear goals for today, the next week, and the next month, keeps you focused on the fact that every day isn’t just another day of life, but a gift from God to use your life to grow spiritually in your personal life and be a blessing to God’s Kingdom! THIS IS TOO EASY TO NOT DO. IT IS NOT MEANT TO PUT ANY PRESSURE ON YOU, BUT TO HELP YOU STAY FOCUSED THAT EVERY DAY IS A GIFT FROM GOD AND TO MAKE SURE YOU USE SOME OF THAT GIFT FOR HIM!!!

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"Faux" churches that are a stench in the nostrils of God!!! Over the years, I have warned you about "churches" that now support the slaughter of innocent babies and the radical homosexual agenda meant to mainstream those who CHOOSE to engage in the sin of homosexuality as well as perverting God's Holy Institution of Marriage and the family.

Below, is an eye-opening real look at what I have warned you about over the years, that began as a response to a recent Daily Devotional regarding the parenting issue as God's Word teaches never being discussed during the George Floyd saga and the ensuing discussions of race. The email chain was with an Associate Editor for the official ELCA publication. The ELCA is a “fake church” that embraces the sin of homosexuality, the perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, abortion, and other gross sins!

Email from Associate Editor: "SERIOUSLY??? Listen you racist people, shame on you! I don't know who you are, Bill Keller, but I have absolutely no interest in your dribble. I NEVER, EVER want to see you in my inbox again."

Response from Bill Keller: "Racists??? Why, for telling the truth? I guess you are perfectly OK with killing babies and the radical homosexual agenda, on top of supporting REAL racism spewed by Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and the rest of the race baiters who profit off exploiting black people, often hiding behind the cloak of Christ. Know that I am praying for you, and be richly blessed, Bill Keller Founder, www.liveprayer.com "

Email from Associate Editor: "Listen Bill, I don't want your prayers. But you are correct. I believe in a woman's right to choose to do with her body what she feels is best AND in gay rights (you people who call it an "agenda" are so ignorant). Now keep your damn "right-wing prayers" to yourself. If I see your name ever again, things WILL get ugly."

A sampling of other emails I received recently, more death threats than any period in over 21 yrs of ministry:

"Please pray for godless Bill Keller, that he may find in Jesus a shred of humanity and become a useful member of society."

"Please take me off your mailing and donations list. I was shocked to hear your racist views on an interview about the George Floyd case. Shame!"

"It was hysterical to see a charlatan like yourself stripped of your piety and revealed to be the racist that you are. Just like every other person of faith, you are delusional and an embarrassment. Keep your mouth shut, you make anybody who hears you dumber every time you speak."

"Remove me from this email list. I do not wish to receive your hate mail."

"I want to let you know that as someone who has read your Devotionals for years, I am both appalled and offended that you shared a one-sided opinion about a dead man and used the word of God to say it was about parenting."

"You are a dead man walking Keller, and for your sake, your Jesus better be real!"

"Please pray that Bill Keller gets shot and killed we need this now, he is a bigot and a racist!"

(Comment: Most people will never know or even begin to understand the vitriol and hatred I receive DAILY for taking a Biblical stand on the issues of the day, as I have faithfully done for the past 21 years without compromise! This is why I get 8-10 death threats every month from the baby killers, homosexual advocates, those who support cults like Mormonism and Scientology, false religions like Islam, and atheists.

Anyone who has read what I write daily know that not only am I not a racist, but have written often about this divisive trap of satan! I have a rich history beginning with playing sports in an all-black HS where I was bused in the early 70s, to being around people from over 50 countries during my time at Ohio State, to the FACT my first two board members when I started in the ministry 21 yrs ago and who are still with me are pastors of black churches in Chicago, to starting my ministry in Chicago primarily preaching in dozens of black churches on the south side and west side of the city, to having the privilege of speaking at the homegoing of my dear friend Mother York (look her up if you don't know who she is), to being mentored by Pastor Lou Rawls Sr. the father of the singer Lou Rawls, and being the first white preacher to preach the broadcast service at "The Ship" for my dear friend for over 2 decades who went home to be with the Lord late last year, Dr. Clay Evans!")

In light of the decision to allow practicing homosexuals to serve as clergy along with their support of killing babies, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is declared ANATHEMA! This is the church in Pergamum spoken of in Revelation 2:12. I can only advise anyone in that church to LEAVE. God will not be mocked by a church more worried about offending sinful men than God Himself. God cannot and will not bless sin!

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is no better than the abominable Metropolitan Community Churches that promotes, glorifies, and takes pride in the sin of homosexuality. I admonish ANYONE who is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! This is no longer the church of Jesus Christ, but simply an empty shell, void of God's Spirit! How can anyone who loves the Lord stay and be part of such blasphemy?

If your Evangelical Lutheran Church in America church loves the Lord, then the ONLY choice is to break away and become independent. If you are part of an ELCA church that is part of this abomination, you have no choice but to leave immediately. "Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them." (Romans 1:32)

Over the past 21 years of Liveprayer, I have spoken out on "churches" that support killing babies and those who choose the deviant sexual choice of homosexuality, along with ANY denomination or ministerial organization that would even consider having someone who has support such gross sins to be ordained into their fellowship.

Let me say right up front, that the Bible clearly teaches there is NO division of sin. Sin is sin in God's eyes. THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT TO GOD, ALL SIN IS EQUAL. Those who commit the sin of abortion or homosexuality commit sins no greater or no less than someone who chooses to commit the sin of gossiping. Sin is a choice!

The two greatest lies the pro-homosexual community have put out are that 1) homosexuality is something that you are "born with," 2) 10% or more in our society are homosexual. Modern science has CLEARLY rejected and been unable to prove that ANYONE is "born gay." IT IS A CHOICE!!!! People choose to engage in homosexual behavior.

Like all sin, once you do it long enough, it may seem natural, but it is still a choice. You are born black or white, you are born with blue eyes or green eyes, taking off your pants to have sex is a CHOICE! Also, all legitimate studies done by the non-homosexual community clearly show that less than 3% of the population EVER engage in this type of deviant sexual act.

To have a "church" that accepts these sinful choices, to have a ministerial body that ordains people into the clergy who support such sins, you MUST reject the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of God's Word. There is no difference in having a "church" that accepts those who make the choice to engage in abortion or homosexual behavior, as a "church" that would accept and support those who make the choice to commit adultery or stealing. How popular would THAT church be!!!

To have an institution represent God, to have people represent God, who have clearly REJECTED God, is an ABOMINATION!!! It makes me sick every time that I hear of a "church" that accepts killing babies and homosexuality as an acceptable sexual choice, and even more sick when I hear of a denomination or ministerial organizations that accepts people who choose to support these types of gross sins to be in spiritual leadership. SUCH A "CHURCH" IS A STENCH IN THE NOSTRILS OF GOD!

Note: If your church or denomination is even debating such non-debatable issues, you should be very concerned. THERE IS NOTHING TO DEBATE!

Sadly, the voice of sin in our culture is virtually unopposed in trying to get people to accept that their view is correct. The Bible is our ultimate authority in ALL matters. The Bible clearly says that God condemns killing innocent babies and the choice of homosexual behavior as sin and is an abomination. You either believe God, or reject God. The choice is that simple.

Can those who choose to engage in the sins of abortion of homosexuality go to Heaven? Of course!! IF THEY REPENT, ASK GOD'S FORGIVENESS, AND THROUGH HIS POWER TURN FROM THEIR SIN. Just like anyone who chooses to commit murder, or adultery, or engage in ANY sin can go to Heaven if they will repent, ask God's forgiveness, and through His power turn from their sin.

It is your faith in Jesus Christ that saves you. But IF you choose Jesus as your Savior, how can you continue to engage in sinful activity? How can you blatantly sin against the God that you proclaim to love? Jesus said if you love Me you will obey Me!!!

I love you and care about you very much. Churches that tell people it is OK to kill babies and engage in habitual, unrepentant sinful activity like homosexuality are an abomination to God. To have any denomination or ministerial organization accept those into the ministry who support such blatant and unrepentant rebellion to God makes a mockery of the ministry. You can't cut out the parts of the Bible that you don't like. Once you start down that road, you have made yourself God.

However, we live in a free society. If people who have chosen to have and abortion or engage in homosexual activity want to have their own church, they have every right to. Just like those who worship satan can have their own church. As those who follow Christ, we have a responsibility to pray for them, for God to open their hearts to the truth of His Word, and to turn from their sin. Only God can change hearts, and for those who make the choice to kill their baby, or are in bondage to the sin of homosexuality, we must pray for them to open their hearts and turn from their sin.

Until Jesus returns, we will always have those who choose to take the life of an innocent baby or a perverted form of sex with those of their own gender, just like we will always have those who choose to pervert sex by having it outside of the bonds of marriage and other sins. While we can never accept their choice since it is clearly against God's Word, we must pray for them, just like we must pray for everyone who is battling any sin in their life.

For those reading this who have had an abortion in the past, or are currently fighting homosexuality, let me tell you that God has never stopped loving you and is simply waiting for you to turn from your sin and come back to Him. We serve a God of deliverance from sin, a God of forgiveness, and a God of restoration. Millions have received forgiveness for the sad choice to end the life of their baby, and millions have turned from the sin of homosexuality and found complete restoration and fulfillment in living a life according to God's plan.

What He did for someone else, He can do for you! I pray today that you hear these words, and choose to find freedom from your sin today. That freedom is only a prayer away! The church is exactly where men and women who struggle with the sin of abortion or homosexuality need to be. However, not in the pulpit leading the church, but in the pews seeking the Lord for His strength to find freedom from this sin they are in bondage to!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller