Daily Devotional for Thursday July 2, 2020


(Jeremiah 37:13)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I know I have only one life, one life to live for You. This is my moment in human history. Please Lord, let me make the most if it. Use my life to do great things for You as I surrender it afresh to You each morning. When I take my last breath, let there be no regrets, no sadness, that I didn't use my life fully for Your Glory! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: The lie that we don’t need God!!! Chris “Fredo” Cuomo said on his CNN program the other night, “we just need each other, we don’t need God!” Not a shocking statement to me, despite his claim to be a “good Catholic.” A “good Catholic” who has no problem with killing innocent babies, people who choose sexual deviant behavior, or the perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage. This is how the world feels, even the shrinking number of people who claim to believe in God. The Chinese Flu, like all diseases and illnesses are a byproduct of fallen nature. The racial tension and hatred of our country is a byproduct of fallen man. These are evils that exist in this brief journey we call life and can ONLY be overcome by God and His grace and mercy. I stated in the last months of 2019 that we are living in a post-God, post-Christian nation. This raw evil that has been unleashed on this nation since the first days of 2020 is what a nation without God looks like. It is like a rowboat in the middle of the ocean during a great storm. THE ONLY HOPE THAT ROWBOAT HAS FROM DESTRUCTION IS GOD...AND GOD ALONE!!! THE ONLY HOPE THIS NATION HAS FROM DESTRUCTION IS GOD...AND GOD ALONE!!! These are NOT the last days for man. I believe these do not have to be the last days for the United States as we know it. I also KNOW that only turning back to God and His Truth can save this nation from God’s wrath and judgment. My only question today is...WILL WE???

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King Zedekiah puts the prophet Jeremiah in prison for simply telling the truth. I read about Jeremiah and other Old Testament prophets who were imprisoned for simply declaring God's Word to the people of their day. If you notice, it was never the priests of the day who were the targets of the king. They were either in the king's pocket or compromising the truth so they didn't offend anyone and their "business" was not disrupted. It was prophets like Jeremiah who were declaring the Lord's wrath and coming judgment if the people didn't turn back to God and to His truth.

I can't help but to see the parallel to our nation today. We are living in unprecedented times my friend. I have warned you for many years that the day would come when simply declaring the Truth of the Bible would be against the law. With the new hate crimes bill now on the books, the government will be able to silence those who preach against the sin of homosexuality. I see a day very soon when similar bills will be passed regarding speaking out against the sin of abortion.

It has been sad to watch the "priests" of our day respond like the priests in Israel in the Old Testament. Many of our "priests" today have sold out Christ for money. Others have watered down and compromised the truth of the Bible in order to not make any waves so nothing disrupted their "business." It is this generation of comprised and gutless "priests" that has been as responsible as anything for the spiritual decay of this nation.

There are but a handful of men who will go into the public arena and call homosexuality the sin that it is, call abortion murder and those who support it murderers, and declare the judgment of God on this nation if we don't get on our knees and ask His forgiveness, repent, and turn back to God and His Truth. Those who obey God will be paying a huge personal price very soon. Those who dare to speak out publicly are targets just like Jeremiah was a target for the king of his day.

The attack on Christianity will be much like the way the kings in the Old Testament attacked religion. Leave the institutionalized church alone since it has little impact on the culture, and target those few "trouble makers" who dare to speak out publicly. That day is upon us. It will cause even more to compromise Scripture, water down the truth, and not make trouble. However, despite that attacks come, I will not be silenced, I will not shut up, and I will keep shouting from the rooftops the coming wrath and judgment of God if we don't turn back to our Creator and to His Truth!

I love you and care about you so much. God always has a remnant. God always has a people. God always has a few Jeremiahs who will declare His Word regardless of the personal consequences. I will continue to call sin what it is, and call this nation to repent and to turn from its wickedness or face the judgment and wrath of God. It is in this spiritual void that I believe in my heart we can see real revival break out.

The end result of all of these issues is that people are hurting, and deep down looking for hope and answers. We have the answers and hope they are looking for. There is still a small window for this nation to repent, turn back to God and to His Truth. Our time is now!

I can only encourage you today. God has raised up Liveprayer for this moment in human history. Now is your opportunity to take a real stand for Christ. God is calling you today, wants to use you today to help bring revival to this nation. yes, eventfully we will be judged for our sins and wickedness, but I believe we can stay God's hand of judgment just like Nineveh did.

Over 120,000 souls were saved in Nineveh because they turned to God! I believe that we can see millions repent and turn to God in the wake of this revival. You can keep living your life, taking care of yourself, or you can sacrifice your life and allow God to use you for His glory. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God.

Read that again. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God!!! This nation is in spiritual freefall and turning back to God and His Truth is our only hope!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller