Daily Devotional for Tuesday June 23, 2020

We are in a war for the nation!!!

(Psalms 94:16-19)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Father, I know this is an evil and sin-filled world I live in. Please, protect me, but don't let me be afraid. Let me be bold in declaring Your Truth to this lost world and not be afraid to speak up. Now more than ever I need Your strength to be the servant You have called me to be. Help me, strengthen me, and guide me to do Thy will. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!


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***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: On the TV program, I have been sharing since early 2019 that there are three stages to conflict. Stage one is DEBATE. We stopped debating issues many years ago. Stage two is SILENCE. This is the stage we have been in for the past 5+ years, where the goal is simply to silence those you disagree with. The third and final stage is VIOLENCE. We have been flirting with this final stage the past couple of years now, but it is clearly where we are today and will be tomorrow! I told you immediately after the killing of George Floyd that while the protests and uprisings around the nation were in the name of “race,” they really had nothing to do with race. Race was simply the instrument for well-funded, well-organized anarchists who seek to literally destroy this nation. Remember when you were told that civil war statues had to come down since they were so hurtful to black Americans? Please remember that I told you once they started with the civil war statues they would come for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Yesterday I told you when they are finished tearing down ALL statues they would come for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! In the meantime, they will begin to destroy your church. You see, Black Lives Matter is simply a front group for the globalists/anarchists who want this nation destroyed. While George Soros is one of the most famous in this group, please understand he is simply one of MANY rich and powerful people who want to see this nation destroyed. Note: This is NOT about the coming anti-Christ, but simply a very serious plan to change this nation politically! The globalists and Marxists hate Christianity but are OK with Islam, since it is not just a religion, but a political ideology that is very closely aligned with them. That is why you will not see them attack Islam. As a matter of fact, Islam is still alive and well in this nation and will seek to use the chaos and especially the coming persecution of the Christian church to advance their own cause. Those seeking to upset the political structure of this nation are at the end of the day tools of satan. So please hear me today. COMING AFTER YOUR CHURCH, THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, CHRISTIANS, IS GOING TO HAPPEN...NOW! This is the price we will pay for a generations of gutless prosperity pimps and motivational “pastors” like Osteen and the Christian TV clowns. YOU HAVE HEARD VIRTUALLY NOTHING FROM THESE CHARLATANS SINCE THE CHINES FLU HIT AS CHURCHES HAVE BEEN SHUTTERED. OTHER THAN TO FEED INTO THE FALSE BLACK LIVES MATTER NARRATIVE, I HAVE SEEN NO MAJOR CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN THE MARKETPLACE TELLING PEOPLE THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS BOLD MOVE BY THE ANARCHISTS. THE CHURCH WILL BE AN EASY TARGET FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO WIPE OUT THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION AND RE-MAKE IT IN THEIR SATANIC IMAGE. Only the hand of God can move this threat for our land. My guess is, most churches will simply sit back in silence as satan’s forces seek to destroy every image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD TIME TO START REALLY PRAYING!!!

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The attack of the "evildoers," a war of good versus evil! Years ago, many might remember President Bush use this term to describe those who want to destroy our country. Did you know this was a Biblical term? It is used in Psalms 94:16 (NIV) to describe those who opposed God. The Bible tells us clearly that our real war is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

While there is relative peace and calm on most of the earth, there is being waged at this moment a battle of epic proportions in the heavenlies. Make no mistake about it, it is a war of good versus evil!

Let me say right now, there will be attacks against the United States, on our soil. While I have appreciated all of those in the "peace not war" movement that inundated me with email during the war with terrorism, the problem is your Pollyanna world does not exist. The reality is, because of sin there is gross evil in this world. Evil that would love to destroy the works of Almighty God.

We can feel safe today in the knowledge that in the end our God wins! We know the final score. But only God is omniscient and the enemies of God still think they have a chance. Because of that false thinking they will continue to attack God through one of His most visible instruments, His people in the United States of America. In the coming days, weeks, months, even years, we will be living with the reality of being attacked again by people who oppose our way of life and would love to see our nation destroyed. People who would love to see the God of the Bible destroyed.

As a nation, our government has the responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States, both here and abroad. Whatever actions they take to insure that safety MUST be taken. Additionally, while we would prefer to find peaceful, diplomatic solutions, the reality is we are facing evil people who have no desire to resolve whatever differences, real or perceived, peacefully.

Their response is terror, death, and destruction. Our government has a responsibility to protect its people and must respond in whatever manner is necessary. As Christians, the people of God, we have an opportunity during these difficult times like rarely before in human history to lead people to an everlasting relationship with Christ. Genesis 50:20 is our battle cry as people of God. What man meant for evil, God meant for good!

While those evildoers out there plot and scheme to destroy our nation, we as Christians must prepare to use this as an opportunity to lead people to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Listen, one day we will ALL die. None of us will live forever. The only thing that matters is what we do during this time God has given us to serve Him.

This is a golden opportunity. People pray all the time for revival, well, now is the time! NOW is the time to see God move like He has never moved before. Now is the time to see God open the windows of Heaven and pour out His love and mercy over those hardened hearts we have prayed for so long. NOW IS THE TIME!!TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!

I love you, and care about you so much. Never before in our lives have we had such an opportunity as this to see the hand of God working in the hearts of people everywhere. We must NOT be fearful of the coming attacks on our nation. We must NOT be fearful of the coming problems our nation will face due to the work of the evildoers. We must instead be focused on the golden opportunity God has given His children to share the hope and love of Christ in these last days.

We are here for a reason, a purpose. God has given us this life, not for us to love the things of this temporary world, but to serve and glorify Him with our lives. Now is the perfect opportunity we have to do that. To serve God, and glorify Him with our lives!!

As the evildoers work their evil deeds, as our nation faces the pain and heartache of the coming attacks against us, may we rise to the occasion and call on our God to allow us to boldly proclaim that He is our only hope, our only answer. May we boldly proclaim that salvation is only thru Jesus Christ like never before.

There is a nation of hurting, confused, scared people, who are looking for answers, looking for hope, looking for direction in this time of peril. The only answer, the only hope, the only direction is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! HE IS THE ONLY ANSWER!!!!!!

As we face whatever the evildoers may try to do in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, let us never forget, that our hope and faith lies in Jesus Christ. This is the same Jesus who said, "let your heart not be troubled, be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world!" May we each cling to that promise today. No matter what may happen, know that Jesus has overcome this evil world we live in!!!!!!!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller