Daily Devotional for Monday June 15, 2020

Is Donald Trump the answer for the nation?

(Jonah 3:5-10)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, use me as an instrument to bring unity within Your Body. Help me to take my stand for You with other brothers and sisters in Christ who won't bow their knee to baal, or compromise their faith for ANY reason. Empower me through Your Holy Spirit and let me be part of Your Body, walking in unity for Your glory! In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Lose your spine, give in, capitulate, and you will soon realize it will never be enough! It has been amusing watching so many high profile people and organizations being bullied into saying things, doing things, and giving money in order to appease the “mob,” only to find out it is never enough. Future Hall of Fame New Orleans QB Drew Brees stated he believe in standing for the flag and that kneeling was disrespectful. That is a belief held by at least 50% of the nation if not 80%! He was viciously attacked by outside groups as well as players in the league that he wasn’t allowed to hold that belief. Under pressure from many fronts Brees apologized, but that wasn’t enough. So far Brees has publicly apologized on 3 different occasions for what he believed and his wife at least once. ONCE YOU GIVE IN TO THE MOB IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH! For so many years now I have challenged Christians that when it comes to our beliefs there is no room to compromise. Our faith is not negotiable! The reason over half of the Christian churches are now what I call “fake churches,” is due to their compromising the Absolute Truth of God’s Word. Once you do that you are finished! ONCE YOU DO THAT YOU ARE FINISHED!!! What is so wrong with two people who love each other getting married, just because they are of the same sex? GOD’S WORD SAYS MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN, THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG! It is a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body they claim. GOD SAYS KILLING AN INNOCENT BABY IS MURDER NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON IS! God will understand if you are living with a person who is not your spouse. GOD’S PLAN IS MARRIAGE, NOT COHABITATION! The problem is compounded because once you choose to compromise God’s Truth in one area, you are soon compromising God’s Truth in another area, and another, and another! MY WORD TO YOU TODAY IS TO STAND AND NEVER KNEEL, PHYSICALLY AND FIGURATIVELY! IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR THE MOB AND IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR SATAN!!!

Hey Black Lives Matter! Hey LeBron James! Hey all of you “woke” social just warriors of every color! WHY WON’T YOU EVEN ADDRESS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM THAT KILLS YOUNG BLACK MEN...OTHER BLACK MEN!!! A young black man is 100x more likely to die at the hands of another black man than the police. Since your “pawn” George Floyd was killed on Memorial Day, HUNDREDS of black men have been killed in cities and towns all over the nation...AT THE HANDS OF ANOTHER BLACK MAN...NOT THE POLICE!!! Yet, not one word? Why? I’ll tell you why. Black on black crime doesn’t serve a political agenda, especially for a dishonest media with the objective of driving President Trump out of office in November. Never forget, without the media on board, NONE of these deceptive efforts would be possible! The debunked Russia hoax, the failed impeachment effort, the shutting down of the nation damaging the greatest economy in history and harming the finances of tens of millions of innocent people due to the Chinese Flu, and now pushing an anti-police race hustle message while glorifying anarchists...NONE OF THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT A DISHONEST, COMPLICIT, AND AGENDA DRIVEN MEDIA! Also, black on black crime doesn’t allow the race hustle industry to extort hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate America and high profile individuals. The parents of these dead young black men at the hands of other black men never get a call from Al Sharpton, Atty. Benjamin Crump, and all of the other parasitical groups who feed off the race baiting industry. WHY? DO YOU WANT EVIDENCE THIS IS JUST ONE BIG POLITICAL AND MONEY HUSTLE? THE FACT NOBODY WILL EVEN ADDRESS THE REAL PROBLEM BLACK MEN FACE, BEING KILLED BY OTHER BLACK MEN, IS YOUR PROOF!!! UNTIL THEY DO, PLEASE KNOW YOU AND THE REST OF THE NATION ARE BEING PLAYED!!!

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As Donald Trump became the 45th President of this nation, as I shared several times, it would not change the spiritual course of our land but does give this nation a small reprieve from a government that opposes God on every spiritual issue of the day. God raises men into power and takes them out of power. The election of Trump is a sign from God that we still have a chance to turn our nation around SPIRITUALLY!!!


The question remains will we be like the children of Israel or the people of Nineveh? The United States is at a fork in the road. We will either experience the full wrath and judgment of God like the children of Israel, or we will see God stay His hand of punishment for a season and millions get saved like the people of Nineveh!

In the Old Testament, while the priests of the day sat in their beautiful homes, dressed in the best clothes, eating the most sumptuous food, living like royalty by compromising with the politicians of their day and telling the people things to make them feel good for a few minutes in order to keep the money rolling in (sound familiar?), the prophets lived in caves, dressed in meager clothes, ate cow dung, and were scorned, ridiculed, hated, and dismissed by the masses as fools.

Why? Because the prophet couldn't be bought by the politicians of the day. The prophets called out the priests for their compromise and using God for their own commerce. The prophets had the guts to not care about people being upset with their message, since their only loyalty was to God and the message He gave them to preach. No matter how unpopular their message was, no matter how many times they were beaten, thrown in prison, spat upon, they never wavered.

Sadly, many times in the early history of Israel, they turned their back on God. They engaged in every kind of sin you can name. They forsook God for the false gods and idols of the world. The prophet saw the judgment of God coming. The prophet warned the people of his coming wrath if they didn't repent. There was a remnant, those who refused to bow their knee to baal. However, this remnant was mostly silent.

The masses of the day rejected the warnings of the prophet. As the prophet warned, God's wrath and judgment was poured out on the children of Israel. I have no doubt they were oblivious to what was about to happen. I also have no doubt that as they suffered the judgment of God they remembered the warnings of the prophet that they tuned out and ignored!

The hope for this nation lies in the account of what happened in Nineveh. God sent a very reluctant and rebellious prophet to Nineveh. God had to deal with Jonah in a harsh way before he was willing to deliver God's Word to the people. However, once he was obedient, the people not only heard his warning of God's pending judgment, but they responded!

The Bible tells how they repented of their sins, they turned to the God of Israel, and millions were saved as God stayed His judgment for a season. AMEN! My Bible says God is no respecter of person. If God stayed His hand of judgment on the people of Nineveh, God will stay His hand of judgment on the people of the United States! The key is, will we respond to the warnings from the prophet as the people of Nineveh, or will we respond to the warnings from the prophet as the children of Israel?

I love you and care about you so much! Pray for President Trump and his family as the Bible instructs us to do for our leaders, as I encouraged you to do for the 8 years President Obama was in office. Just like in Israel, there is a remnant, those who are faithful to the Lord and won't bow their knee to baal! Today, the remnant here in the United States must not be silent but rise up! As I have faithfully delivered God's Truth for nearly 30 years, every day here at Liveprayer for 21 years, and on the TV program for over 17 years, I can't do this alone. I need you, the remnant, to rise up and help me!

I made the decision 30 years ago that my only allegiance was to the Lord and His Truth, to see souls saved. I have had numerous opportunities over the years to compromise as so many do in order to raise money. I have had the opportunity over the years to soften the message, not deal with the real issues, so people will feel good instead of being challenged.

Because I have refused to play the games most in large ministries do just to raise money, because I don't play church politics, like the OT prophets, I am scorned, ridiculed, hated, both by the Christian establishment and those who deny God and His Word. But that is OK. In the end, when I take my last breath, like each one of us the only one I have to answer to is God.

When my work is over, I want to proudly bow before our Lord knowing I had run the race, I hadn't compromised, I hadn't sold out, I had been faithful to the Gospel, and the fruit of my labor are the tens of millions of lives impacted for the Lord and the 1,100,000+ souls we know of who came to know Jesus by faith!

All of that has only been made possible by friends like you, the remnant, who has stood with me in prayer and making the sacrifice to give to enable this ministry to do the work we have been called to. I ask again, "will we respond to the warnings from the prophet as the people of Nineveh, or will we respond to the warnings from the prophet as the children of Israel?"

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller