Daily Devotional for Friday May 29, 2020

Bearing the burdens of others!!!

(Galatians 6:2)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, Thank You for giving me another day of life. Let me use this day to bring glory and honor to You! You are the Creator, the giver of life. Never let me take even one day, one hour, for granted. Use me this day to bless those I come in contact with, that You may be glorified! In the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: At the time great men of God should be standing up and leading the people at this critical moment in history, virtually all with a huge platform are hiding under their bed! THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!! As our nation faces a historic crisis affecting every man, woman, and child, the “pastor” of the largest church in the nation, the great and powerful “jellyfish” Joel Osteen is nowhere to be found. That is not a shock since his perverted prosperity gospel wrapped in cheap salesman motivational gibberish isn’t a message that is going to play very well during the greatest economic catastrophe since the Great Depression! To be fair to the smiling gutless wonder, you can go down the lineup of the Christian celebrity pastors and you will have a hard time finding any of them either, except on their normal Christian TV infomercials. Hinn, Parsley, Dollar, Jakes, Warren, and so many others have not been visible to the nation at large during these past 3 months. At a time when the people need to hear that God is trying to get their attention, that they must repent, turn from their sins, turn back to God and His Truth, there is nothing but silence from the nation’s supposed spiritual giants. Franklin Graham has been aggressively in the public arena during the past months. God bless him for his faithfulness to the Gospel. However, it was the same problem in Israel when God was trying to warn them of his coming judgment. The priests of the day had their palaces, fine robes, and sumptuous fare to dine on. While the people were being warned by God through the events they were seeing unfold each day, the priests who were called to deliver God’s message to the people were nowhere to be found. There were only a few faithful prophets who boldly declared God’s warning to the people, and sadly they were mostly ignored. However, don’t forget the prophet Jonah who the people of Nineveh DID listen to and were spared God’s judgement as they repented of their sins and acknowledged God. The good news is, while the supposed great men of God of the day are absent from the battlefield, God has raised up dedicated servants like Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell is better known as the “my pillow guy.” A drug addict who found Jesus and through his entrepreneurial gifts created a huge company. Lindell is using that platform to share the hope of Jesus with the lost and hurting today, a time when so many need REAL answers and REAL hope. AMEN!!!

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Everyone who lives, has those times when the burdens of this life can become overwhelming. Whatever the reasons, however it happened, you wake up feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The joy, the peace, the pleasures of this life seem so far away.

We have all been through those valleys so we know how difficult it can be. I often talk to you about being in the will of God. That can be difficult at times determining exactly what God's will is for our life, but there are some basics God expects us to do that the Bible clearly tells us are His will for our life.

One of those is to bear the burdens of others. I want to really challenge you today to put aside your cares and help someone you know who is struggling to carry their load today. I realize that you may be dealing with some difficult issues yourself, but there is someone God has placed in your life, a family member, neighbor, schoolmate, coworker, a friend...someone who is really hurting and struggling under the weight of their problems today.

God is telling you to go help that person carry their burden. The Bible teaches us that when we are about our Father's business, He will be about ours.

As we know, many people are reluctant to open up about the very intimate problems of life. That can make it difficult for someone trying to help. But even if they don't totally open up, just your interest, your compassion, your desire to help can make all the difference in the world.

The Bible teaches that we really are our brother's keeper. Reaching out with the love of Christ to someone who is hurting is the ultimate ministry anyone can perform in this life.

If you read the accounts of the earthly ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, you will see much of His ministry was one on one with hurting people. That is the example He has left us. I am challenging you today to find that someone in your life, hurting, falling under the weight of their problems, and pick them up. Pick them up and carry them for a while. It is what Jesus would do, it is what God is asking you to do today.

I love you and care about you so much. I want to see you enjoy all of the blessings God has for your life. Helping others in their hour of need is one of the greatest ways God can use your life and you will be blessed beyond your imagination for your faithfulness.

Serving others is something you don't need a seminary degree for, you don't need any special training for. Serving others is what God expects from all His children and He has given you a new heart of love to make it possible to share that love with others. You see, without the Lord, we have a difficult time loving ourselves, let alone others. But when we realize how much God loved us, and sacrificed for us, it becomes easy for us to love others.

Bearing the burdens of others is what we do each day here at Liveprayer. It is what God has called me to do with my life. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is any way I can help you. You are special to me and I will try my best to help you walk through the problems you are facing, and be victorious.

God loves you, and my only desire is to see you become the best you can be for Him. You can do that today by finding a brother or sister in need and helping them carry their burden. That is God's will for you.

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller