Daily Devotional for Tuesday March 31, 2020

“Pharaoh, let my people go!” Governor Cuomo, today I tell you, “let the babies live, let the babies live!”

(Exodus 9:1)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, give me the discernment I need during these challenging days. Help me to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears YOUR voice. My faith is in You as you guide my each step. In the name of Jesus...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: Please be in prayer for God’s favor over this project, as well as the opportunity you have to be part of it!!!


...when I began the TV program in 2003..I was connected with Paul Wilson who ran a major PR firm in St. Petersburg...his other brother..is the infamous Hollywood movie and TV start Patrick Wilson...

...Paul was very helpful from 2004-2009 in overseeing lots of the PR for Liveprayer..including getting the TV program on many major network affiliates for many years...he still runs the PR firm...as well as a production company.....and he himself has been involved in about a half dozen movies in recent years.... through his own connections as well as his brothers...he is close with some of the top people at Netflix...

...Paul has talked to me for years about doing my life story...we never found the right time..or angle..but we have met numerous times over the past few months..and he and his staff..all very accomplished people in the entertainment business..feel a docudrama would be perfect for Netflix or another streaming service like Prime..

.....it would be an initial episode....with the opportunity to add as many additional as they would want....content is a big thing for these streaming service..and with most Hollywood production shut down due to the coronavirus...with so many people staying home..they are dying for compelling content...

...so here is the deal..they can get the initial episode produced to pitch to Netflix for $50,000....they can get it done fairly quickly...within 60-75 days...if Netflix would take the pilot...we would certainly recoup that initial $50,000...and it would be based on how it did with their audience to determine if they bought additional episodes...obviously this could be a potential windfall for the ministry to take off much of the monthly funding pressures...

...worse-case scenario...just having the initial pilot on Netflix would be incredible exposure for the ministry...and the PR roll-out would bring in many new people to the ministry....

...I can send you the executed Letter of Intent to move the project forward..and would like you to take a look at this and pray if it is something you might be in a position to be part of...and would be open to whatever type of deal structure you would like propose..

...since this is time sensitive due to the fact so many people are at home right now and fresh content for the streaming services is at a premium...please contact me if you are interested @ bkeller@liveprayer.com

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“Pharaoh, let my people go!” Governor Cuomo, today I tell you, “let the babies live, let the babies live!” Friday, through a personal contact I have in the state of New York offices in Albany, the contents of this letter were hand delivered to the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This is as close as I could get to physically handing the letter to the Governor personally. Please be praying that he not only reads these words, but the Holy Spirit forces him to FOLLOW WHAT GOD IS TELLING HIM TO DO!!!

(contents of March 30, 20202 letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo)

Governor Cuomo, I am Rev. William Keller, a non-denominational Christian evangelist and founder of Liveprayer.com and the host of the Liveprayer TV program . Liveprayer is a 21-year-old internet ministry that currently has apx. 2.5 million subscribers worldwide who receive via email the Daily Devotional I have written since we began August 31, 1999 dealing with the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview. The TV program has aired “live” for an hour Monday thru Friday only on non-Christian secular network affiliates since 2003, moving exclusively to streaming Thanksgiving of 2018, again, dealing with the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview.

Liveprayer.com website: www.liveprayer.com

Fact! In January of 2019, you spearheaded and signed into law the Reproductive Health Act, one of the most progressive laws in the nation designed to murder innocent babies. It was deeply saddening to watch the members of the New York state legislature give a long and enthusiastic standing ovation as the bill was passed. If that wasn’t bad enough, you sir then ordered that One World Trade Center in New York City and several other New York state landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this law designed to slaughter babies.

I realize that you identify as a member of the Roman Catholic church. I certainly don’t need to educate you that your church has been a leader in the pro-life movement since Roe vs. Wade was passed by the Supreme Court in 1973. The Roman Catholic Church brought other Christian churches to the front lines of this war that has taken the lives of over 60 million people, 10x those who were exterminated during the Holocaust! The killing goes on each day! As we speak, apx. 4,000 innocent babies are being killed in this nation every 24 hours.

Trust me Governor, I am well aware of the weasel language politicians like yourself fall back on when being confronted with this issue. The Clintonian desire that abortion be safe, legal, and rare. That sir is no better than President Clinton’s now infamous parsing of “what the word is...is.” I can assure you that there is nothing “safe” for the baby being murdered, yes, at this moment in time it IS “legal” according to the prevailing Supreme Court opinion of 1973 and states like New York have affirmed its’ legality, and slaughtering apx. 1,000 more innocent babies every 24 hours than who died on 9/11 is hardly anyone’s definition of “rare.”

You brought up your dear mother Matilda recently in speaking about the current battle with COVID-19. I would love to hear your mother, unfiltered, reply to the question whether she agrees that innocent babies should be murdered in the womb. I am sure as a women who was married to a lifelong politician who like you held high office, as well as you, her son who has been in politics at the highest levels of government and the current Governor of New York, she is very prepared to give a great political answer. However, my gut as a pastor of nearly 30 years that with the cameras gone, no recording devices, your dear life-long Catholic mother would correctly condemn the practice of infanticide as her church (and yours) does!

Governor Cuomo, I am taking my precious time which is even more of a premium in these challenge days we are living through to send you this message that God wants you to hear. I fully understand your time is very valuable as well, even more so at this moment. That is how important and critical what I have to tell you is, since thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of lives hang in the balance on what you choose to do with what God is saying to you today.

I am fully aware of the population of the state of New York and of the greater New York City metropolitan area. Having acknowledge that, let me make sure you clearly understand that it is NOT AN ACCIDENT and NOT A COINCIDENCE that New York has faced the worst of this current COVID-19 pandemic. All disease on earth is a byproduct of man’s fall in the Garden of Eden that destroyed the perfect environment God created for man to life in forever, originally never to face physical or spiritual death. Man’s sin broke that perfection and not only was he now spiritually separated from God his Creator and would now physically die at some point, but his perfect environment was also corrupted which included the introduction of sickness and disease. This of course is basic Biblical orthodoxy all Christians believe and accept.

However, theology 101 also tells us that God is in control of all things and allows all things to occur, often for reasons we will never know or understand. Isaiah 55:8,9 tells us that, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

I can tell you this Governor Cuomo, your pursuit of the new law to kill babies, something your state was already doing, the cheering in the assembly upon its passage, and your celebration of infanticide by lighting up some of New York’s most iconic buildings was like sticking your middle finger in the air to the heavens and cursing God to His face!

Your state and the people God allowed you to govern for a season are suffering because of YOU Governor. It is not going to let up anytime soon. More and more people are going to suffer and die. Do you want it to be over? IMMEDIATELY PUT OUT AN ORDER AS GOVERNOR THAT AS LONG AS ALL ELECTIVE SURGERIES IN NEW YORK ARE BANNED, SO WILL ABOROTIONS! The only exception is that very rare case where the life of the mother is at stake, which isn’t an abortion to begin with, it is a physician ordered medical procedure.

I am sure you remember your CCD classes Governor, and no doubt know well the story of the exodus as Moses led his people out of Egyptian captivity. Do you remember what Moses told Pharaoh? “Pharaoh, let my people go!” Governor Cuomo, today I tell you, “let the babies live, let the babies live!” God will honor your act of compassion and have mercy on the people of New York!

You are beating your head on a rock every day with all of your experts, trying to beat this scourge that has been visited upon the people you have been given to govern for this season. The bottom line is you are doing everything humanly possible, to defeat an enemy that is not human! You can ignore this and laugh me off as some religious nut job, but you can’t ignore God my friend as much as you may want to. GOD, not you, will have the last word.

So your decision is very simple. Order an immediate halt to all abortions in the state of New York as long as you are not allowing any elective surgeries. You can either keep the flow of blood going, the blood of innocent babies and the blood of your citizens, or you can get on your knees and ask for God’s help. Show Him you are serious by putting a temporary halt to the sacrificing of innocent babies in the state of New York for this season!

Lastly, let me take a moment to ask you Governor if you have made the conscious decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Salvation isn’t something you are born into. It isn’t something you attain by going to a certain church or by doing so many good works. It is a gift you can never earn or never afford. It is a free gift from God that is available to ALL through a simple act of faith that each person much choose to exercise for themselves.

As we head into the fullness of the Easter season, what a better time to make that decision. We are all sinners, we will all die one day. At that moment, the only thing that matters is do we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by faith. If you would like to make that decision Governor, simply pray, “Dear Lord, I am a sinner. I ask you to forgive me of my sins. Today, I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is my Savior. From this day forward, my life belongs to Jesus. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!”

Words don’t save you, and works can’t save you, only a simple act of faith that is available to every person can save you. Jesus died on that cross, shed His precious blood for the sins of all mankind. God says it is His desire that NONE BE LOST, THAT ALL COME TO REPENTANCE.!

God bless you Governor Cuomo. Know I am praying for you and your family to be safe as God watches over you. I pray the Lord will speak to your heart today. Please, don’t listen to me. Get alone for 5 minutes, re-read this word I have sent you and ask God if this is true. LISTEN TO GOD, HE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!!!

All men in power were put there for a season by God. We don’t always know why God allows some people to be in a position of power, but that is where we have to trust Him. God put YOU in the position you are in at this time. The Bible is full of evil rulers who rebelled against God and he was punished, but so were their people. The Bible is also full of rulers who obeyed God and reaped the blessings of their obedience as did their people.


God Bless You!

In His love and service,

Rev. William H. Keller

Founder of Liveprayer.com

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller