Daily Devotional for Thursday March 26, 2020

We all need an Epaphras in our life!

(Colossians 4:12)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord! Today I come to You, asking You to bless the dear people who we faithfully minister to each day. I ask for Your protection, that you meet their every need, and bless them and their families richly. As I have each morning for 21 years now, I commit YOUR work to You this day. May Your Truth in the marketplace, lives be impacted, and souls saved….FOR YOUR GLORY! My life is in Your hands and I simply ask that You use me so You are glorified!!! In the name of Jesus my Lord I pray….AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: As Christians we don’t fear death, and this frustrates the lost world. Two targets of the media have been long-time network newsman and currently FOX News commentator Brit Hume and Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. Both men are in their 70s and recently stated that they would be fine with going back to work to help the nation’s economy even though they are both in the most dangerous demographic to be affected by the Wuhan Flu. Both Hume and Patrick are also very vocal about their Christian faith! These comments have outraged the mainstream media who have been using the fear of dying as their main tool to keep the general public hysterical over the outbreak of the Chinese flu. Since the vast majority of those infected will never be tested, as more and more are, the mortality rate continues to drop and will end up being far under 1% as the typical flu we deal with every year that takes between 29,000 and 69,000 lives. To frighten the public, the media continues to hype the “number of cases reported,” since it falsely implies these people will die, thus playing on the fear of death. As the President prepares to get the nation back to work in the coming weeks, the media is laying the foundation that every person who dies as people start back to work will be blamed on the President. Totally irrational but trust me that is the plan. They are already using the comments by Hume and Patrick to paint the Republican Party who largely supports getting the nation back to work as the “party of death.” The media strategy is unbelievably hypocritical when you realize they cheerlead for euthanasia, killing the same old people whose lives they now claim to defend, and the slaughter of innocent babies! What the media fails to comprehend is the fact that as Christians we don’t fear death. We understand that death is simply part of this brief journey called life and that we have an eternal life in Heaven with our Lord awaiting us. As the Bible states, death has no hold on the Believer! So we look at life in a very different way than a non-Believer does and thus look at an issue such as the Wuhan Flu from a much more logical and common sense perspective and in full context. WE ARE NOT MOVED BY THE FEAR-MONGERING OF DYING!!!

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We all need an Epaphras in our life. One of the best things about the Christian journey, is that we do not have to walk it alone. Nor did God ever intend that we try. Today, I am going to give you one of the best pieces of advice I know of. Find at least one, preferably more, mature Christians to help you pray through the difficult times in your life.

You CAN NOT carry the burden alone. God has given us brothers and sisters in this life to help us along the way. We all come to those difficult times when we need the prayers of others. None of us are immune from life's trials and tribulations. We have to have people in our life that we can call upon, who will pray for us during those difficult times.

The biggest reason we don't have others praying for us is because of our pride. We are too proud to admit we are having a problem. I understand that some issues are very private. I am not saying you have to go into all of the details. Remember, God knows what is going on, and just having someone calling out your name before the Lord can help more than you know.

Prayer is our most effective offensive weapon. Not having others pray for us, is like being in war and not putting the bullets in our gun. God gave us the tools to fight with, we need to use them.

Let me encourage you today. Get serious about recruiting several people to have in your life who you can count on to pray for you in times of trouble. There is a power in prayer that is greater than anything you can imagine. Prayer reaches right in to the throne room of God. It is our ability to communicate directly with the creator of the universe. You may not be able to call the White House and talk to President Bush, but you can talk to God any time you want.

We only know a bit about Epaphras, but we know he was a person who prayed for others. I want to encourage you today to have an Epaphras in your life that you can count on to pray for you. We all need special people who will stand in agreement with us to see victory over those challenges we all face in this life.

I love you and care about you so very much. Know that I am here to pray for you. Liveprayer.Com has become an Epaphras in many people's lives, and we are honored to be here to pray for you in your hour of need. Never hesitate to contact me with your requests so that I can be in agreement with you.

You are special and God loves you very much. He never expected you to have to go through the tough times by yourself, so use the resources He has given you and find renewed strength to see victory in whatever battles you may be facing. Prayer does work! We all need an Epaphras in our life!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller