Daily Devotional for Monday January 27, 2020

A most unlikely source of God’s Truth!

(Numbers 22:28)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, Thank You that even when the lies of satan seem to dominate the national conversation, You have vessels to shine the light of Truth on those lies. Often those vessels may seem like the least likely sources of God’s Truth, however we are ALL unworthy vessels. During this day, let me yield myself to be a vessel of Your Truth oh Lord. In a world that desperately needs REAL TRUTH, pour out Your Word thru me so that many may hear. In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: It is only right to give credit where credit is due. The Church of England released a “guidance” on sex last week. Now, before I continue, let me state what is obvious. GOD released His final and complete “guidance” on sex by the end of the first century BC. It was in His book that we know of today as The Bible! The Church of England was created in the 1530s by King Henry VIII after his split with the Pope. As the national church of England, it was both a very political institution as well as a spiritual one. Many great men of God who helped lay the spiritual foundation in this nation were from the Church of England. The Wesley brothers for example led an evangelistic effort in the 1730s here in the United States that ended up being the founding of the United Methodist Church. As the European nations have rejected God and His Truth leading to its’ current spiritual darkness, the Church of England has remained as a political organ in England while trading in Biblical Truth for the Godless cultural agenda. It was a Bishop in the Church of England who this past December eloquently stated the lie of satan that permeates not only the church of England, but a growing percentage of churches in this nation when he stated, “culture trumps the Bible!” So I was shocked to see this “guidance” last week that stated sex is strictly for men and women in the bonds of marriage, period! I was shocked because that is also what God says in His “guidance!” As you can imagine, the “tolerant” who reject Biblical Truth went crazy! It has always amused me how those who scream so loud for tolerance, are always the least tolerant of all. IT IS ACTUALLY REALLY SAD WHEN I HAVE TO MAKE SPECIAL MENTION OF A CHURCH THAT SIMPLY IS PUTTING OUT INTO THE PUBLIC WHAT GOD SAYS IN THE BIBLE!!!

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“Then the LORD gave the donkey the ability to speak. ‘What have I done to you that deserves your beating me three times?’ it asked Balaam.” Numbers 22:28

An unlikely source of God’s Truth! God has always poured out His Truth thru frail vessels. Most know of the Lord declaring His Word once through an ass, but He usually chooses to uses a human (ass in many cases). One of the sick byproducts of our current Godless culture has been what has become known as “drag queen story hour” for children. It always amazes me how satan creatively packages his lies for public consumption.

You now have public venues around the country, often in local libraries, where a mentally ill man dresses up as a woman and reads stories to the local children who come to the event. These stories are always propaganda to normalize sexual perversion for children who in many cases aren’t even old enough to understand what sexuality is about.

The fact these events exist is a symptom of a people who have thoroughly rejected God and His Truth. The fact you have parents who actually bring their children to such a grotesque setting is a glaring example of parenting by those who have replaced God’s Word with the lies of the world!

A self-described conservative drag queen Kitty Demure recently stated that he was amazed at why ‘woke’ parents are allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?” He went on to say, “We don’t need you to bring your kids around, so keep them at home or take them to Disneyland, take them to Chuck E. Cheese – but if you need your child to be entertained by a big human in costume or in make-up, take them to the circus or something!”

I never thought I would ever say this, but there is some truth to that saying “if you live long enough.” AMEN SIR! After initially blowing past this story, a few hours later I started to feel really angry about it. As I have aged, I try to stop whatever I am doing when I get angry or upset at something and get alone for a few minutes and pray. Anger is a healthy feeling IN CONTEXT! Anger is very destructive when we allow it alone to guide our thoughts, words, and deeds.

So my counsel to you today is that anger is a normal feeling, there is a reason for it, but it is so dangerous that you MUST take a few minutes to pray about it, get an understanding of why you are angry, and before you say or do anything, seek the Lord’s wisdom and direction!!!

My prayer time concluded with what I had assumed. This story had caused anger to rise up inside of me because you have tens of thousands of “pastors” all over the nation who preached a message Sunday. God bless that faithful remnant of John 10 shepherds who occupy church pulpits around the nation, and if your pastor is that John 10 shepherd, be thankful and pray for him!

In the midst of writing this Devotional for today, I asked the Lord for patience and actually listened to the weekly sermon from the pastor of the largest church in our nation, ear-tickler and cotton-candy preacher Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, a worldwide ministry founded by his deceased Gospel-preaching father John Osteen. Sadly, Osteen and the largest percentage of pastors Sunday delivered a sermon that didn’t even come close to this message to patents by a mentally ill man who has a perverse need to dress up as a woman!


It is a sad when you get more Biblical Truth for parents from a “drag queen” than most pastors. I fully understand Christian parents who think this is such a foolish topic today and wonder, “WHAT PARENT DOESN’T KNOW THEY SHOULDN’T EXPOSE THEIR CHILDREN TO SUCH GROSS BEHAVIOR?” Over 20+ years of ministry, having literally watched the spiritual decline of our culture from a front row seat, I can assure you that there is a large and growing percentage of parents today who have never been to church and think you and I are evil hate-mongers to even question these “drag queen story hours” for children!!!

For you Godly parents who would never dream of exposing your children to such gross perversion, the fact is there is a majority of parents in our nation at this very moment who find absolutely NOTHING wrong with their children being fed sexual propaganda by a mentally ill man dressed-up as a woman!!!

Also, please understand that just like the pro-homosexual movement normalized and mainstreamed that sexual perversion through their tireless efforts to reach your children in their schools, the current sexual perversion of transgenderism is being pushed in school curriculum around the nation to children as young as kindergarten age! Today, moms and dads need to know everything your child is being exposed to at their schools!

I love and care about you so much. So Godly moms and dads must continue to fight having such dangerous and harmful examples of our perverse culture exposed to your children, attempting to brainwash them that this is normal and acceptable behavior. We must never forget that leading lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ that changes hearts and lives is the only way we can really lead this culture back to God and His Truth.

In the meantime, due to the compromise and rejection of God’s Truth in the Bible by such a large percentage of pastors, I am grateful for whatever vessels God uses to bring that much needed Truth to the lost masses no matter how odd they may be. I am also praying for “Kitty Demure” to turn from the lies and bondage he has bought into, and find freedom and everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ. I am asking that you pray for him too!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller