Daily Devotional for Tuesday June 25, 2019

Liveprayer is a work of God to battle a culture in spiritual freefall!!!

(1 Corinthians 15:57)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, watch over your work here at Liveprayer and protect us from the minions of satan who seek to hamper and stop that work! Thank you for the dear friends you have brought to us to pray for your work here, and those who sacrificially give to enable Liveprayer to have our voice in the marketplace to battle satan for the souls of men! Help us to stay close to you, to be obedient and faithful each day, and empower us to guide lost souls to faith in Jesus Christ. It is in the name of Jesus we pray...AMEN!!!


Liveprayer is a work of God to battle a culture in spiritual freefall!!! As someone who is 61 years old, I have sadly lived through and given personal witness to the incredible spiritual erosion within our culture over the past 5 decades. Anyone who has been reading the Daily Devotional and/or watching the Liveprayer TV program for any period of time, knows that I have not only been warning about what was happening in our culture almost daily, but challenging Christians to take their stand or we could ultimately see the full wrath and judgment of God poured out on our land.

Lest you think like many have accused me over the past 2 decades that I am being over dramatic and speaking in hyperbole, just read the Old Testament! How many times did we see the children of Israel, God’s chosen people, turn away from God and His Truth and embrace the sin and evil of this world. More important, despite many warnings and His continual grace and mercy, God ultimately rained down His wrath on His people for their rebellion, their sin and wickedness!

Are we so arrogant to think that Almighty God, who spared not His wrath and judgement on the children of Israel would not also pour out his wrath and judgment on this nation?

Just under 3 years ago, God sent the nation a sign. You have to have virtually ZERO discernment not to see God allowing a lifetime hedonist who has demonstrated little moral or ethical restraint in 40 years of a very public life, a man who had never ran for or held any political office in his life, to become the 45th President of the United States!

Whatever your political or personal thoughts about President Trump may be, we know from God’s Word that it is God who allows men to rise to power, and God who takes men out of power. Understanding that truth, it is hard to know why God would allow such evil men as a Hitler or a Stalin or any number of pure satanically led rulers over the last 6,000 years of human history. So we know that each President of the United States has been divinely appointed to that office for the time they led our nation, and that includes the current President, Donald Trump!

I shared in a Daily Devotional in the days following the 2016 election that I believed in my heart God had allowed Donald Trump to become President for a brief slowdown or reprieve for 4 to 8 years from the spiritual freefall our nation was experiencing. It is simply a fact that under the 8 years of the Obama Administration, the nation was being governed by a man who was no friend of Christians, on top of opposing God on every spiritual issue of the day. Issues such as sexual deviancy, the perversion of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, life, Israel, and Christian liberties.

Again, regardless of your personal thoughts, in deeds not words, President Trump has been the most pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Christian liberties President in the history of our nation!!!

At this moment in time, Christians in the United States are also seeing very real and concerted efforts to not just silence, but eliminate all together Biblical Truth and the Gospel from being shared via the main outlets we use to bring information into people’s lives. The mainstream (non-Christian) media and social network giants are purposely working to minimize Biblical Truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ from being disseminated to the lost and hurting masses.

In a nation that embraces free speech and makes it a hallmark of our vast freedoms, those who oppose the work of God and His Truth aren’t interested in a debate, but in literally silencing those beliefs they disagree with. The vast percentage of the last 2 generations have never even been to church. A larger percentage of the population than ever before rejects God, the Bible, and faith in Jesus Christ. This makes reaching these lost and hurting masses more critical than ever, yet the challenges to do so via the mainstream information outlets have never been greater!

Sadly, a large part of the blame has to be on the Christian community and the church. Not surprisingly, the spiritual decline over the past 5 decades has coincided with the largest percentage of Christians retreating to the safety, profitability, and isolation of the Christian sub-culture they have created. Jesus questioned in the Gospels the lack of “salt and light.” During the past 50 years we have dramatically seen what removing the “salt and light” from the culture leads to.

In this void, satan has quickly moved in, much like Isis created their caliphate in Iraq and parts of Syria as the United States troops pulled out of that region. As the church left the culture, it was replaced by every sinful, life destroying trap satan has dreamed up. In filling that void, satan also birthed a “fake church” that I have spoken of in several recent Daily Devotionals. Satan has also filled that void with people who identify as “Christians,” yet live their lives in arrogant, unrepentant rebellion to God and the Truth of the Bible.

2018, the year satan thought Liveprayer would be gone, proved to be the most productive year of ministry Liveprayer has ever had. As the culture has become more Godless, as more people live their lives without ever having even been to church, we were being taxed daily with more requests for prayer and counseling than ever. We were also seeing more people come to faith in Jesus each month than at any other time in the history of Liveprayer. GOD IS GREAT!

So far, 2019 has been a continuation of 2018 in terms of the amount of people coming to Liveprayer each day for prayer and counsel. As much as our nation has deteriorated spiritually, it is literally happening before our very eyes each day in very visible ways. With most churches and ministries hiding in the Christian subculture, with the media and other major platforms used to reach the culture purposely working to silence the Truth of the Bible and Gospel, now more than ever the boldness, fearlessness, and clarity of our voice at Liveprayer is critical.


Every year since Liveprayer began, we have struggled to cover our monthly ministry operations in June, July, and August. It makes sense since this is the time of year many aren’t quite as plugged in, kids are out of school for the summer, and whether it is vacations or just enjoying the summer weather, people tend to live a more relaxed lifestyle. This is an issue most churches and other types of charities face each year as well.

***As we are just 5 days from the end of June, we just cleared up the balance of our May shortfall early last week. We have only been working on the $55,000 we require for our June ministry operations over the past few days and have received the first $8,000, leaving the final $47,000.

It is critical to cover $20,000 of that final amount IMMEDIATELY, and the final $27,000 by Friday to end the month with all of our June ministry operations paid in full. OUR GOD IS ABLE!!!

Of course this coming Monday begins the month of July, and then 31 days later we begin the 31 days of August. We require $55,000 for our July ministry operations and $55,000 for our August ministry operations. So over the next 67 days we require $157,000 to go into the final 4 months of 2019 with all of our basic ministry operation current!!!


TO GIVE A GIFT TO LIVEPRAYER, you can use your major credit card at: http://www.liveprayer.com/donate.cfm or you can mail your gift to: Liveprayer, 6660 46th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33709. All gifts to Liveprayer are 100% tax deductible!!!

I love you and care about you so much!!! I am asking everyone today to take 5 minutes, 300 seconds, and pray for Liveprayer. First, please thank God for the 20 years of His work here at Liveprayer. It has been such an incredible blessing to have a front row seat for 2 decades, literally EVERY DAY watching God work in the lives of people, many at the most desperate time in their lives.

Second, seek the Lord what He is leading YOU to do to help me to take care of the final $47,000 we require for our June ministry obligations over the next 6 days, as well as the $110,000 we will require to take care of July and August. Possibly some have sold a home or real estate and are praying about where to tithe some of those funds. Others might have had a business windfall or insurance settlement that you are praying about where to tithe some of those funds. Still others simply might have funds that you are being led to use for the Lord’s work and are seeking His guidance. Trust the Lord and be obedient since that is where our blessings flow from.

Thirdly, pray for the Lord to guide people in their time of need to “find” Liveprayer. Pray about how God can use YOU to share the TV program with people you know, the Daily Devotional to those who are at a time of great need in their life. Much of the great work God has done through Liveprayer over these past 2 decades has happened because friends like you knew people who needed the Lord in their life, often at a most difficult time.

Liveprayer has been a true work of God during this brief moment of human history to impact specific lives. As much as I have lived and breathed Liveprayer virtually every second of every day for the past 20 years, it is still IMPOSSIBLE for me to even remotely know more than 5%, at best, of the lives God has impacted here.

However, my Bible says the Lord knows the very number of hairs on your head! He knows EVERY PERSON INTIMATELY that has been spiritually fed through this work here at Liveprayer since we began. That is why many, many years ago I realized that I only had one real job. Wake up each day, plug in tightly to the Lord through prayer and the Word, walk by faith trusting Him every step, and be obedient and faithful. GOD WOULD DO THE REST!!!! AMEN!!!

“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:57

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller