Daily Devotional for Wednesday June 5, 2019

Recent major events and news stories in the United States and around the world shaping the culture we live in! Part One of Three

(John 15:19)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, open my eyes to see this world clearly, and show me what You want me to do to serve You in these times we live. You and You alone will have the last word Lord. Let me see this lost world through Your eyes and with Your heart and help to lead the lost and hurting to find Your hope, strength, and peace! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

Part One of Three

“...but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world...” John 15:19

The world we are living in for this season. Today is Part One of a very special 3-PART Daily Devotional series on recent major events and news stories in the United States and around the world that are shaping the culture we live in today.

It is critical for Christians to clearly understand the culture around us so that we can be the Lord’s agents of change as He has commanded us to be. May the Lord guide us each day by His Spirit as we faithfully serve Him!!!

*They are building a mega mosque in Sweden. Muslims in Sweden are currently raising funds to build a mega mosque in that country, designed to handle over 1,000 people. The building of these mega mosques is a sign that there is a significant and growing Muslim population, and that they are planning to stay and continue to grow their numbers.

As Muslim migrants poured into Europe from war torn Syria and Northern Africa over the past 5 years, many have migrated into the Scandinavian countries. Some of the nations are actually paying Muslims $10,000 to leave, since in the end it is less expensive than the burden they become on the social service networks. Remember this, not one western nation has ever assimilated Muslims into the life of their country. ZERO!!!

*Pat Robertson continues to say things in his old age that only makes it more difficult for people trying to lead lost souls to Christ and stand for Biblical Truth. Robertson recently said that you have to stop believing that “6,000-year-old garbage.” I am well aware that some groups try to reconcile Genesis One to explain an earth that is millions of years old. This is done to try and reconcile findings of fossils said to be hundreds of thousands years old, and millions of years old. Carbon dating used by science to come up with these ages is flawed, since when God spoke the earth into existence, when God spoke man into existence, they were created at a mature age. Unless you know that age which is impossible, carbon dating becomes worthless.

The danger is, when you start trying to force the Bible to reconcile different issues you destroy the Truth it represents. If even one thing in the Bible is not true, NONE OF IT IS TRUE! God stated clearly that he created the world and all that is in it in 6 literal 24 hour days. Again, if you try to start saying “one day” is a million years when that is NOT what God says, you cause everything else to come into question! The Red Sea really didn’t “part” the way the Bible says. Joshua didn’t literally tear down the walls of Jericho marching around them and blowing some horns. Jesus really didn’t raise Lazarus from the dead, he was in a coma.

Do you see not just the danger, the but destruction of the Truth of God’s Word when you start down that slippery slope? Sorry Mr. Robertson, the earth is 6,000 years old...EXACTLY AS GOD SAID IT IS IN GENESIS CHAPTER ONE!!!

*Please be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in China. Ever since China’s leader Xi Jinping declared himself the leader for life, there has been a tremendous clampdown on Christianity. Xi incorrectly states that one Chines who is a Christian is one less Chinese. Like dictators throughout the past 2,000 year, Xi fears those who put their faith in something other than the state/government/leaders regime. Actually, Christians are the greatest citizens any government could ask for. While their faith is in God, they are taught to pray for their earthly leaders and obey the laws of the state.

Sadly, most Christian churches around China are being burned down. Believers are being beaten, jailed, even killed. While the great decision for many Christians in the United States on Sunday morning is to get out of bed and go to church or hit “snooze” and sleep in, our brothers and sisters in China go to their home church gatherings with the understanding they might end up beaten and jailed or even killed.

Also, over 2 million Muslims in China have been rounded up and put into what amounts to concentration camps for “re-orientation.” I will never stop warning people about the dangers of Islam, but I also know Jesus died for each one of them just like He died for you and me. So while we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, let us also remember those Muslims being persecuted in China and that they will be reached with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*I share often that satan can’t create, only take the perfection of God and pervert it. Sadly, the once great organization that made God a big part of their organization is about to be destroyed. The Boy Scouts have recently been in the news as tens of thousands of former scouts are involved in legal action stemming from their sexual abuse while in the Scouts. About a decade ago the Boy Scouts began to compromise this great organization that was a big part of the growth and maturity of millions of boys, teens, and young adults. It started with accepting boys who claimed they were gay.

Soon afterwards, they started accepting Scout leaders who claimed they were gay. Not long after that they began to accept girls. Like so many churches, once they began to embrace the sins of our culture it was only a matter of time before they would be destroyed. There is no doubt that the large numbers of former scouts claiming to have been sexually abused while in the Boy Scouts, it will bankrupt the organization.

*New Jersey is the latest state to be legalizing euthanasia/Dr. assisted suicide. As I have warned for the past 20 yrs, a nation that embraced death at one end of the life spectrum, would embrace death at the other end of the life spectrum, and soon after that would permeate throughout all age groups. More states are getting on board with this practice that is common place in much of Europe and Scandinavia. We have destroyed the fact that life is precious by legally killing apx. 4,000 innocent babies each day. The value of life at any age is no longer sacred.

*Africa is a continent on fire for Christ like no other place in the world. The proof? Africa is now sending missionaries to Europe and to the UNITED STATES!!!

*The Pope recently fed into the great lie that Christians and Muslims pray to the same God. THEY DO NOT! Christians pray to THE GOD OF THE BIBLE, the Creator of the universe! Muslims pray to a non-existent god. They might as well be praying to a black rock, which is actually what they literally do pray to on their pilgrimage to Mecca.

*The “church” with the most explosive growth percentage wise in the United States is the Church of Satan. This is sadly NOT A JOKE! To fill the spiritual void in the lives of the vast percentage of the past 2 generations who have never been church, they are literally turning to satan. These churches are acknowledged by the IRS as tax-exempt organizations. There is a large and growing market for books, jewelry, and all things satan.

There will always be people who sadly buy into the lies of the cults and other false religions. There will always be people who actually worship satan...literally. However, the growing numbers of people putting their faith in satan should be a HUGE BLACK EYE to Christian churches. We have abandoned evangelism and left those outside the four walls of the church literally for satan to devour!!!

I love you and care about you so much! Please, don’t miss Part Two tomorrow and Part Three Friday where I will be dealing with a whole range of issues currently in the news that are shaping this culture we are living in. This is a challenge to stay educated about the world we live in but are not part of, in order to the best ambassadors of Christ we can be as we share His love and hope with this lost and hurting world.

Don't miss Part Two of Three tomorrow!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller