Daily Devotional for Thursday February 28, 2019

Praising God in the valley!!!

(2 Chronicles 20:22)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, please help me to live this day honoring You in my thoughts, words, and deeds. Help me this day to live my life pleasing and acceptable to Jesus. Allow me to use my life to help someone else during this day, and be kind to everyone I come across no matter how they may treat me. Let Christ shine through me throughout this day oh Lord, be glorified through my life! In Jesus name I pray...AMEN!

What are you supposed to do when you are down, when the walls of life seem to be closing in, and you have no joy in your heart? Praise God! In my darkest moments, in those times when I am most down, I have always found the express lane out of the valley back to the mountaintop is by praising God. Trust me, I know that it is at those moments in life we least feel like praising God.

Our natural inclination is to curse God. That is a human reaction. But it is in our praise that we recognize who God is. It is in our praise that we realize how much He loves us. It is in our praise that we understand God is on our side. The quickest way out of the valley is by praising God!

The way we usually end up in the valley is because of our rebellion. We usually end up in the valley because we have been disobedient and tried to do it our way instead of God's way. Normally, there is no one to blame for being in the valley but ourselves. God understands our weaknesses. He understands our nature. He also loves us enough that even when we rebel and disobey Him, He doesn't abandon us. We abandon Him...He never leaves us.

It is that unconditional love He has for us that we must tap into when we are down and need to get the joy back into our life. The way we tap into that love is through our praise. Our praise tells God that we acknowledge Him. We thank Him for loving us and not leaving us. We may try, but we can never live a successful, happy, blessed life without Him. Our praise is our recognition that He is God and we are His creation.

I want to encourage you today that no matter what may be going on in your life, no matter how difficult things may be...take some time today to Praise God. Praise Him for all the good things, all the blessings. As bad as things may be, they could be much worse. His love and mercy has kept you and helped you through the difficult times, now praise Him for loving you so much. Show Him how much you love Him this day by your praise offering to our God and Creator.

I love you so much. I really do care about you. I want you to know the great joy and peace and blessing of this life. Don't let some bad decisions destroy the most important thing you have in this life..your relationship with God!!! You can reconcile that relationship right now, this very day. You can start on that road by simply giving God the praise He deserves.

Recognize Him for who He is...God Almighty...creator of Heaven and earth...your Father! Tell Him today how much you love Him through your praise. Remember, God is on your side and will restore your joy...your peace...your happiness, if you simply go to Him and let Him. Praise your way out of the valley and back onto the mountaintop today!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend, brother, and co-laborer in Christ,

Bill Keller