Daily Devotional for Saturday September 15, 2018

A special message from the baby of Chelsea Clinton!

(Psalm 139:13-15, Jeremiah 1:4-5)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER: Dear Lord, I know I have only one life, one life to live for you. This is my moment in human history. Please Lord, let me make the most if it. Use my life to do great things for you as I surrender it afresh to you each morning. When I take my last breath, let there be no regrets, no sadness, that I didn't use my life fully for your Glory! In the name of Jesus I pray...AMEN!

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said in an interview this week that as a Christian, it is “unchristian” to go back to pre-Roe v. Wade America. As someone who spent 4 yrs of my life acquiring a formal theological education, having read the Bible cover to cover literally hundreds of times, perhaps I missed the passage of Scripture that commands God’s people to slaughter babies. Actually, the Word of God condemns the practice of infanticide as the evil and satanic act it is.

Of course it is not surprising since her father and mother, both who claim to be Christians, have advocated for, fought for, and supported killing innocent babies their entire political lives. Planned “how to kill your baby” Parenthood recently gave Hillary Clinton the Margret Sanger award, their highest award to those who have supported their baby killing business. Lest you didn’t know or forgot, Margaret Sanger was the founder of what is known today as Planned Parenthood, created as a premeditated plan to kill off the black race who she referred to as “human weeds.”

So please explain to me why the vast majority of black churches, meaning black pastors, support the Democratic Party who are the staunchest advocates and supporters of Planned Parenthood? Every black Democrat in office at the Federal, state, and local level, is in a party that makes the killing of babies their third rail. As a Democrat, you can probably get away with opposing the party on any issue except, INFANTICIDE!

Cecile Richards is the evil tool of satan who for the last 12 yrs has been the President of Planned Parenthood, overseeing the killing of babies and the selling of baby parts. She has stepped down and is being replaced by Dr. Leana Wen. Yes, I said DOCTOR. I thought doctors took the Hippocratic Oath, the oath to save life not take life! Like Richards, Wen is a liar about the real business of Planned Parenthood which is murdering innocent babies, and as we have learned in the last year, harvesting and selling baby parts.

It isn’t Biblical, and as an evangelist I have given my life the last 25 yrs to leading lost souls to faith in Christ no matter how vile the person may be since my sins are no better, but give me a moment of flesh to wish there is a special compartment in hell for those who kill babies!!!

Four years ago when Chelsea Clinton was pregnant with her second child, I wrote the following words. In light of her incredibly ignorant statement about abortion and her mother’s track record for supporting infanticide, I thought this would be the perfect word to share with you today!

Liveprayer Daily Devotional from Thursday April 24, 2014

A special message from the child of Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky:

“Hillary’s daughter Chelsea is pregnant with her second child, due the month before the 2016 election. If you think that is an accident, coincidence, I have some prime ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you!!!”

Hello! With so many people making such a big deal about me after only a few weeks since God did something only He can do, giving me life the moment the sperm of my father and the egg of my mother came together, I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts with you about my life so far. First, I want to thank my mother Chelsea for not doing to me what she has advocated for other women do, and killing me! I am NOT a "clump of cells" but a LIFE created by God Himself at the moment of conception with an eternal soul!

My mother was quoted last year as saying her maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents, who "did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide." Of course, those "crucial services" are primarily the slaughtering innocent babies just like me, something that happens to apx. 4,000 precious children every 24 hours in this nation alone.

Her father and mother, my new maternal grandparents have also been staunch advocates for the killing of innocent babies their entire public/political lives. Grandpa Bill and Grandma Hillary have tried to use clever language to distance themselves from the horrors of legalized infanticide that is practiced every day in this nation, but even at my very young age I know this is not an issue you can be on both sides of since there is no such thing as "pro-choice!"

Even someone only alive for a few weeks like myself knows if you really believe in life then you are called pro-life. The only "choice" is to kill your baby or not. So you are either pro-life or you are pro-death! The latest clever language people like my mother Chelsea and her Grandma Hillary like to use to soft-sell the slaughter of innocent babies are "women's health issues," "reproductive rights," "a woman's right to choose," or "the war on women." These are nothing but code phrases for killing babies and the real war is not on women, but on their babies in the womb they want the choice to kill!

In the past week, I watched with my mother the endless news coverage of the bombing by Muslim terrorists at the Boston Marathon last year. Being only a few weeks old, I don't understand why the same news organizations and politicians who are so somber and distraught over the 3 innocent people killed and the several hundred injured, when they openly promote and advocate for the killing innocent babies like me! In the year since that bombing in Boston, ONE AND A HALF MILLION innocent babies have been slaughtered in this nation, yet nobody says a word about those innocent lives!

Even in these few short weeks of life, I can already see that this is an evil nation. What kind of people who have a heart and conscience could allow innocent babies like me to be murdered when they did nothing wrong? My mother's favorite TV station is MSNBC which I learned is part of the NBC television network and is owned by the nation's largest media company, Comcast. I don't know why she watches this station since they have people on all day long like Rachel Maddow, a man who says he is a Catholic, Chris Matthews, someone who calls himself a "Reverend," and the rest of their hosts who actually cheerlead for, promote, and support killing innocent babies like me.

As I have watched this station with my mother, they have guests on their various programs who actually run organizations like NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood, who exist for the purpose of helping women to kill their innocent babies! I actually have bad dreams when I sleep that my mother Chelsea will wake up one morning and take me to one of these places I hear about on TV where women go to have a doctor kill their baby. One thing I don't understand is why men and women who went to school to learn how to make sick people better, would kill innocent babies, some who could live perfectly outside of their mother!

Please pray for me. I trust that the God who gave me life will watch over and protect me. I already know that I will be living in a very evil world, but I hope to grow up and give my life to help stop the slaughter of innocent babies. I don't know what those babies did to deserve to be put to death, but I know that God who creates life is the only one who has the right to end life. Please also pray for my mother Chelsea, Grandpa Bill, and Grandma Hillary, that because of me they will no longer support, promote, and advocate for the killing of innocent babies. Please ask God to open their hearts to see that just like me, ALL life is precious!

God Bless you, The yet to be named baby of Chelsea and Marc

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller