Daily Devotional for Wednesday February 14, 2018

Valentin'e Day and Loving God's Way

(1 John 4:8)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Lord, grant me humility this day. Let me to humble myself before you and other men. Help me to begin and reconcile any relationships that are broken this day. Give me the wisdom and words to bring healing with those who I am currently estranged with. I know with you ALL things are possible. Help me this day to do my part to heal any strained or broken relationships I ask in the name of Jesus...AMEN!

Today is the day the world celebrates that powerful force known as love. The world focuses more on the romantic aspect of this emotion; I want to focus you on the true meaning of the word from God's perspective. You see, God's love, Biblical love called has an aspect that the world tries to copy but fails. That aspect is to be God's love, the love spoken of in the Bible known as “agape love,” is UNCONDITIONAL!!!

I can tell you right now that in our human condition, it is impossible to love anyone unconditionally. However, when you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, when you have the strength that God imparts to you, that type of love is not only possible but is required of His children.

One of the common threads you will find in my Devotionals is that when you live your life and operate according to God's plan, things will work out. However, when you rebel, ignore God's warnings, and do it your way instead of God's way, it never works long-term and you end up dealing with heartache and pain that could have been avoided.

For those like me who are hardheaded and stubborn, we usually have to find this out the hard way and endure some of the worst things life has to offer before we finally realize that if we would just submit our will to His and do it His way, we could avoid many unpleasant experiences.

Love, God's kind of love, is no different. In a romantic sense between a man and woman, it was intended for us to have one partner during this lifetime. While I realize that for many it is not the case, that doesn't alter or change what God's plan is. For those who have gone through the pain of divorce and broken relationships, you understand very well why God's plan is the best plan. I want to encourage those young adults today to not hurry into romantic relationships so early in life.

I cannot begin to tell you the mail I get daily from young adults 13, 14, 15, and 16, who are writing because of problems with boyfriends and girlfriends. In all honesty, you have no business being romantically involved at that age.

The biggest problem that I have seen in many years of ministry and dealing with literally tens of thousands of young adults "in love", is that the revolving door of relationships that start FAR too young. It gives people a mindset that when things don't work out the way you like, just move on. Sadly, this mindset is carried into marriage and when thing get difficult as they always do at times, it becomes much easier to just walk away, as opposed to honoring the vows to your spouse...and to God!

God's plan is one man, one woman for a lifetime. Again, those who have been through multiple relationships in their life understand why that plan works so well. Patience, faith, and trusting God is the key element in establishing that God-ordained union in your life. It then puts you in a position, with the power of God living in you, to love that person the way you should...unconditionally.

Outside of the romantic arena, unconditional love is the way God expects us to love others. How can you love someone you don't even know unconditionally? Think about the unconditional love God showed when He gave His only son on a cross 2000 years ago for the sins of all mankind, including those who mock and curse Him. That is the true test of unconditional love.

Loving someone who loves you is easy. Can you love, unconditionally love, someone who has been mean to you, done bad things to you, caused you pain and heartache? God did. How do you think God feels about those who defy Him, work against Him, and hate Him? These are the people God sacrificed His son for. Talk about unconditional love!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I pray that you will think of someone today, this Valentine's Day, who you might label as your enemy, someone you have had problems with in your life. I want you to get on your knees tonight before you go to bed and pray for that person. Pray for them and ask God to give you unconditional love for that person. The Bible tells us to "love our enemies." Again, that is God's kind of love, “agape” or unconditional love.

You will not even begin to know the feeling of joy and peace as you pray for that person, the blessings you will know as you love that person unconditionally. God loved you unconditionally even though you were a sinner, how can we do any less to others?

Make today a special day as you pray for that person in your life who has harmed you in some way, and God gives you the strength to love that person unconditionally. I will be praying today for God to give you the strength to take this step today to loving others God's way...UNCONDITIONALLY!!!

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller